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Word 2007 Basic Level 3
Beginner Microsoft Word Tutorial - 67 Minutes

This course picks up where Word 2007 Basic 2 left off. In this course, we will focus on the font group commands, paragraph formatting, styles, and themes. Here's a look at what you will learn:

Word2007   - Page Setup & Background
  - Paragraph Layout
  - Insert Pages
  - Hyperlinks
  - Headers & Footers
  - Page Numbering
  - Tables
Word 2007
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If you would like a preview of what's covered in this class, click here to watch the video introduction for this course (free of charge), or scroll down for more information.


Word 2007 Basic Level 3
Description: Word 2007 Basic Level 3
Versions: Microsoft Office Word 2007
Pre-Requisites: Word 2007 Basic 2 strongly recommended
Running Time: 67 Minutes
Cost: $9.99

This course is for the novice user who has little or no experience with Microsoft Word except for our Word 2007 Basic 1 and Basic 2 courses. We will begin by learning about Page Setup. You will see how to adjust your margins, change the page orientation, paper size, and setup columns.


Next, you'll learn how to use page breaks to force the end of a page, and column breaks to force the end of a column.


You will learn how to add line numbering to your documents, as well as hyphenation. You'll also see how to give your columns that nice, clean newspaper look.


Next, we'll add a watermark to our document, change the page color, and add a page border.


In the next lesson, we'll learn how to fine tune our paragraph indenting, see how to indent the right side of a paragraph (so we can create direct quotes), and change the spacing before and after a paragraph.


Next we'll learn about the Cover Page Gallery, how to insert an automatic blank page in our document, and another way to insert a page break.


In the next lesson, you'll learn how to add hyperlinks to your documents. You'll see how automatic hyperlinks work, and how to create manual hyperlinks to Web pages, email addresses, and even other documents on your computer.


Next, you'll learn about adding headers and footers to your pages, as well as adding page numbering.


Finally, you'll learn about one of my favorite features: Tables. You can use this to display data in a nice, neat fashion. We'll make a sample price listing. You'll see how to insert a table, use the Table Styles Gallery, change the table color, insert and delete rows and columns, and change the cell alignment.


Again, this is the perfect class for anyone who is new to Microsoft Word 2007, and has finished my Word 2007 Basic 1 and Basic 2 courses. If you have little or no experience with word processing, or you just want to get familiar with how Word 2007 works, this class is for you.

Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this class is for you, please contact me.


Complete Outline - Word 2007 Basic 3

0. Intro (7:24)
Topics Covered
Version Used
Who is This Class For?
How to Learn

1. Page Setup, Part 1 (7:16)
Insert Random Text
Page Layout Tab
Page Setup Group
Normal, Narrow, Wide
Mirrored Margins
Portrait v. Landscape
Paper Size
Letter v. Legal
One, Two, Three, Left, Right
Multiple Column Settings
Different Columns in One Document

2. Page Setup, Part 2 (4:11)
Page Break
Deleting a Page Break
CTRL-ENTER for Page Break
Column Break

3. Page Setup, Part 3 (3:25)
Line Numbers
Restart Each Page
Suppress For Current Paragraph
Automatic Hyphenation

4. Page Background (5:24)
Remove Watermark
Page Color for Backgrounds
Page Border
Box, Shadow, 3D Borders
Border Style, Color, Width

5. Paragraph Layout (4:18)
Page Layout, Paragraph Group
Indent Fine Tuning
Indent Right Side Paragraph
Direct Quote Formatting
Spacing Before, After
6. Insert Pages (5:23)
Cover Page Gallery
Filling in Cover Page Fields
Blank Page
Page Break

7. Insert Hyperlinks (7:04)
Automatic Hyperlinks When You Type
Undo Stops Auto Hyperlink
Email Addresses
Web Page Addresses
CTRL-Click to Follow Link
Creating Your Own Hyperlinks
Links to Documents

8. Header & Footer (9:30)
Insert Header
Header Gallery
Header Section of the Page
Header & Footer Tools
Design Tab
Editing Your Header
Three Column Header
Fancy Headers
Insert Footer
Insert Page Number

9. Tables (10:20)
Inserting a Table
Table Tools Design, Layout
Table Styles Gallery
Banded Rows, Columns
Cell Shading
Change Font Color in Cells
Add a Row at the Bottom
Rows & Columns
Insert & Delete Rows
Insert & Delete Columns
Insert Above, Below
Insert Left, Right
Cell Alignment
Vertical Alignment
Horizontal Alignment
Manual Resize Rows, Columns

10. Review (2:38)
Review Topics
What's Next?



Student Interaction: Word 2007 Basic 3

Richard on 1/3/2009:  This course covers Page Setup & Background, Paragraph Layout, Insert Pages, Hyperlinks, Headers & Footers, Page Numbering, Tables
Richard Rost on 9/4/2009: One important thing that I forgot to mention in the video is that if you create a hyperlink to a document on YOUR computer, such as C:\MyFile.txt, and you send that document to someone else, the hyperlink will probably NOT work on their computer, since they don't have that C:\MyFile.txt file.

Likewise, if you're on a network, and you link to H:\MyFile.txt, then the link won't work unless the person you're sending the document to ALSO has the same drive mapped as H:\ (such as a public share).

When in doubt, you can use UNC paths (universal naming convention) such as \\SERVER\Shared\File.TXT.

Hope this helps.

avi  barhom on 6/2/2011: I understood that inserting a page number will eliminate the current Header. What is the best way to make them co exist ?
Edit Header seems an option but maybe not the best one ? I can see a similar issue with replacing the Header style while the Page Number is there. Sorry I just need to clarify that.
Thanks so much.

 Chris Daniggelis on 8/3/2011: RE: Columns
Is there a method for creating columns on a page and have the columns work independently from one another?

Reply from Richard Rost:

What exactly do you mean by "work independently from one another?"

Chris Daniggelis on 8/4/2011: Work Independently?
If you have Two Columns. If I add two the left or subtract from the right, this action causes an activity in the other. I would like two fixed columns
as if the other did mot exist. Like I was printing two unrelated advertisements, as an example.
Please advise

Delilah Orloff on 1/31/2012: Love your insturctions so far,but in this lesson, video is stuck on the Cover scene and not showing your instructions, audio however is on.
kim on 12/8/2012: dear Richard

I've created a document with a blue "Page Color". But when I view the page in "Print Preview"(and print the page later), the background color turned out to be plain white, and not blue. Why is this so? Why is it that the printed page background is not blue as I intended? What has gone wrong?
Also, when I convert the page to PDF format, the page background is also plain white. Why is this so?

Appreciate your comments, thanks.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Normally the page background color does NOT print. This is the default setting in Word. I guess Microsoft thinks that if you set a background color you just want to see that on the screen and not blow through tons of toner.

In any case, you can change the option by going to:

FILE (or Office Button in 2007) > Options > Display

Under the Print Options section, check "print background colors and images."

That ought to do it.

Kim on 12/8/2012: hi Richard

I refer to my earlier query regarding page background color. I have found the answers to both questions from the internet. You don't have to answer to my query. Thx & rgds, kim

Reply from Richard Rost:

Glad you figured it out.

You should have checked Google first, and I should have read through ALL of the questions posted before answering them. :) Ha ha.

jenny fernandez on 2/4/2013: Thanks for your great teaching! I made a table, with text inside each one, but I want to delete just the table, and leave text. I've tried everything! Jenny

Reply from Richard Rost:

Copy the text, paste it into NOTEPAD (Windows Accessories) and then copy and paste it back into Word. That will drop all formatting and keep the text.

Jerry Fordyce on 1/11/2014: How do I avoid tiny pages towards the middle of the blank window area? I can just get a few legible words on a page! Please, help.
Marian O'Dwyer on 1/19/2014: How do you put a box around each individual paragraph, i.e 3 paragraphs, 3 boxes
Jackie on 12/1/2014: I can't seem to get this video to play? It's just a dark screen?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

I've just tried and it's playing for me.
Can you try logging out and logging back in again.
Or try a different web browser
There is further troubleshooting advice here.

Padma Velaga on 1/29/2015: I am so exited to know about hyperlink that can take you to other documents and files. I have been waiting for this lesson. Your classes are very informative.
Gwendolyn Branch on 4/12/2015: I am trying to purchas Word Basic 3.The system doesnt show that level available for purchase. Please tell me what to do. I am able to view the introduction for level 3, but when i go to the purchase page it only show the beginners levels to select.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Did you try the Order button on the Outline page

Chrystal Combitsis on 8/5/2016: Hello, I am trying to add a header to the first page in my document (a mirror of what you have in your course) but it is not carrying over to the next page. My husband said it is because it is a different section, but he is not sure how to get rid of sections. I am using Word 2010 on my home computer but I will be using the 2007 version at my job. Can you tell me how to remove sections? I am looking online but it is way over my head.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There are buttons when you are in the Header.
Check Link to Previous is enabled.


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