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-Nelson Mandela
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01/17Microsoft Access Advanced 2
I actually released Access Advanced 2 a month ago, but I never got around to posting the full outline on the web site, so only people on the Waiting List knew about it. For the rest of you, here goes... Access Advanced 2 continues our in-depth study of Macros and Event Programming. This is the 2nd class in the Access Advanced series. If youre serious about building quality databases with Access, and you want to learn how to automate your database with Macros and Events, which is a good [more...]
09/20Microsoft Access Advanced 1
Access Advanced 1 begins our in-depth study of Macros and Event Programming. This is the 1st class in the Access Advanced series. If youre serious about building quality databases with Access, and you want to begin learning how to automate your database with Macros and Events, which is a good pre-cursor to VBA programming then dont miss out on this course. Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this class is for you, please contact me. Contents include: - Benefits & [more...]
06/11Microsoft Access Expert 32
Access Expert 32 covers a bunch of random topics that we didnt get to in any of our other Expert courses, including single letter report groupings, statistics like MEDIAN and MODE, plus an Intro to Macros. - Report Grouping Headers - Display a List of All Reports in Database - Generate a Custom List of Reports - Report List Form, Click to Open - Subqueries, Rank, Median, Mode - Insert Blank Mailing Labels at Top - Introduction to Macro Programming - GoToRecord, SetValue Commands - [more...]
03/09Microsoft Access Expert 31
Access Expert 31 focuses on everything you wanted to know about charts and graphs in Access. Learn how to build, format and work with lots of different types of charts. Build a dashboard form for your Access database.��Topics include: - Charting Basics - Chart Components - Formatting Charts - Multiple Data Series Charts - 3D Charts - Forecasting with Trendlines - Pie Charts - Creating a Chart Dashboard - Chart Reports - Lots more Click here for more information on Access Expert [more...]
08/16Access Registration Seminar
In the Access Registration Seminar you will learn how to protect your Access database so you can give or sell it to others, and they will be required to register their copy of the database with you. This prevents theft and piracy, and protects your intellectual property. Topics include: - Discussion of database security concepts and our registration scheme - How to create a startup form that autoruns when the database opens - How to read and write values to the Windows Registry for a [more...]
08/02Microsoft Access Expert 30
Access Expert 30 is Part 6 of our Comprehensive Guide to Access Functions. Todays class focuses on Financial Functions. Even if you are not a financial professional, you will find the topics in todays class of interest. Anyone who has a home mortgage or an auto loan will benefit from these lessons. You will learn all of the popular financial functions, how simple and compound interest work, how to calculate a monthly loan payment, and lots more. Topics include: - Financial Functions - [more...]
06/06Microsoft Access Expert 29
Access Expert 29 is Part 5 of our Comprehensive Guide to Access Functions. Todays class focuses on Aggregate and Domain Aggregate (Lookup) Functions. You will learn about lots of different functions, such as Sum, Avg, Count, Max, Min, DLookup, DCount, DMax, DSum, and many more. Weve briefly covered some of these functions in previous classes, but only a little bit. Todays class dives deep into this very important topic. You will learn: - Aggregate Functions - Sum, Avg, Count, Max, Min, [more...]
02/05Asset Management Seminar Part 1
In the Microsoft Access Asset Management Seminar, Part 1 you will learn how to build a database to manage your assets. You will learn how to create grouped assets (with unlimited grouping levels), track locations, owners, values, and keep a complete log of changes to the assets history. - Develop proper asset management tables, queries, and forms - Create asset groupings (unlimited parent / child relationships) - Track asset owner, location, condition, values, serial number, more. - [more...]
01/20Access Advanced DateTime Seminar
In the Access Advanced DateTime Seminar, you will learn how to count the number of work days between two dates, determine if a date is a week day or a weekend day, calculate holidays, time stamp edited records, use event timers in your database to create popup notifications for reminders, generate recurring appointments, and calculate the number of a particular weekday (Friday) in any period (January). Topics include: - Calculate Work Days Between Two Dates - Duplicate the Excel [more...]
01/19Microsoft Access Expert 28
Access Expert 28 is Part 4 of our Comprehensive Guide to Access Functions. Todays class is part 2 of our focus on Date/Time Functions. You will learn about many new functions including WeekDay, DateAdd, DateDiff, DateSerial, DatePart, and more. Topics include: - Date/Time Functions Part 2 - Break Apart Dates with Day, Month, Year - Calculate Day of the Week with WeekDay - DateAdd - Whats 2 months from today? - DateDiff - How long until loan paid? - DatePart - Is order from last quarter? [more...]


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