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You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.

-Richard Branson
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Quick Queries #17
5/17: Microsoft Access Quick Queries #17: Avoid Beginner Mistakes, Align Forms, Chart Tips, and More
Account Statements 3
5/16: Create Account Statements for Microsoft Access Check Register with Separate Credit & Debit, Part 3
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AI Customer Service Bot
5/15: I Built an AI Customer Service Bot
Account Statements 2
5/15: Create Account Statements for Microsoft Access Check Register with Separate Credit & Debit, Part 2
Account Statements
5/14: Create Account Statements for Microsoft Access Check Register with Separate Credit & Debit Sections
Database Documenter
5/13: How to Use the Database Documenter in Microsoft Access to Discover Hidden Object Dependencies
Week in Review
5/12: Mike Wolfe's Week in Review for Microsoft Access
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Richard's Status: Got some recording done today - another TechHelp video. Did a few more tweaks to the AI Chatbot and added a second bot programmed with all of the Access TechHelp videos. Give it a try. Still working on finishing up Access Developer 45. See the Captain's Log for more.
More News    
 05/14: AskOpenAI ASP
 05/14: Export SQL via QueryDef
 05/10: Find Replace VBA Code
 05/10: Object Dependencies
 05/09: Open Report 2 Ways
 05/08: Blackout Times
 05/07: Billing Statements 3
 05/06: Billing Statements 2
 05/03: Billing Statements
 05/02: Zip Unzip Files 2
 05/01: Zip Unzip Files
 04/30: Zip Unzip w VBA Only
 04/30: A-Z Jump Buttons
 04/29: Zip Unzip w PowerShell
 04/29: Multiple Addresses 5
 04/26: Multiple Addresses 4
 04/25: Multiple Addresses 3
 04/24: Multiple Addresses 2
 04/23: Multiple Addresses
 04/22: Extract OLE Image 3
 04/21: New QR Code Site
 04/20: Access Beginner 2 Quiz
 04/20: Cell Number
 04/19: Extract OLE Image 2
 04/18: Extract OLE Image
 04/17: Immediate Refresh
 04/16: Export to Word 2
 04/15: Lock Subform
 04/12: Quick Queries #16
 04/11: Vertical Lines

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