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Quick Queries #5
7/27: Microsoft Access TechHelp Quick Queries #5 - VBA, OOP, Secure Back End, Receive Email, Lots More!
First Monday
7/26: How to Find the First Monday of the Month in Microsoft Access - DateSerial, WeekDay Functions
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Missing Months
7/25: Missing Months: Show All Months for a Yearly Sales Report in Microsoft Access Even if Missing Sales
Center Vertically
7/24: How to Center Text Vertically in Labels and Text Boxes in Microsoft Access (Vertical Alignment)
7/23: DCount in Microsoft Access: Count Records in a Table or Query. Show Order Count on Customer Form
Buy Access
7/22: How to Buy Microsoft Access. Do you need Microsoft Office Professional or Microsoft 365?
64-Bit Access
7/21: Make Your Microsoft Access Databases Safe with 32-Bit and 64-Bit Versions of Office, PtrSafe
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 06/27: Print Documents

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