Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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04/20System Maintenance Today
Performing system maintenance. Users may not be able to log on at this time. Im fixing the problems that weve been having with the user logon system. Sorry for the inconvenience. The site may go up and down so TRY logging on. Once you get on, you should be able to download your lessons. [more...]
11/20Microsoft Access Developer 12
Access Developer 12 continues our in-depth study of Visual Basic for Applications programming with Microsoft Access (Access VBA). Were continuing on with the Test Taker database and the Universal Dialog Box that we started in Developer 9. If youre serious about building quality databases with Access, and you want to learn how to automate your database with VBA, then dont miss out on this course. Contents include: - Universal Dialog Box, Parts 2 & 3 - Add OK, Cancel Buttons - DoEvents in [more...]
10/17New Releases
Hey folks. Sorry I slowed down on the new releases. Ive been fighting a battle against pneumonia for the past few weeks. I feel a lot better now, but my chest still feels like its full and my voice is hoarse, which has kept me from recording new videos. Nevertheless, Im going to get some new lessons out hopefully by this weekend - scratchy voice or not. So, stay tuned! [more...]
09/22New Handbook Releases
I just received a batch of handbooks from my authors. Access Advanced 1-6 and Developer 1-5 are now available online. If youve previously purchased them, theyre now available for download, or you can find them in the Theater at the bottom of the video listing. If you have not purchased them yet and youre on the Waiting List, youll be getting your copy soon. [more...]
09/22Updated Production Schedule
Updated 22 September 2018 This is a guide to whats coming up next, in order of release. JUST FINISHED: I just finished Access Developer 11. UP NEXT: Right now Im doing my best to release one new Access Developer lesson per week. Im just now getting over bronchitis, so Ive been a little delayed, but I hope to have D12 and D13 ready to go by the middle of next week. During this time, Im also going to be updating my Level 1 Beginner courses for all of the Office apps: Word, [more...]
09/18Dev 12 and 13 on the way
Hey folks. Sorry for the delay in releasing Access Developer 12 and 13. Ive been down with strep throat and bronchitis for almost two weeks now. Im feeling much better, thank you, but I still have no voice. I expect to be able to get back to recording in the next day or two. Drinking lots of tea with honey. In the mean time, I did just receive a bunch of handbooks from my author, so Ill be getting those online. As always, if you need anything, contact me. [more...]
08/25NEW: Access Dev 9, 10, 11
I just released THREE new Microsoft Access classes: - Access Developer 9 - Access Developer 10 - Access Developer 11 In these classes we finish up working on the Partial Payments system in our customer order entry database. We build a Test Taker database, and we begin work on a Universal Dialog Box. There are tons of new tips, tricks, and techniques covered in these classes, so click on the link to each class above for more information on them. Im working my best to complete one new [more...]

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