Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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Sat 10/15
Microsoft Access ForumNetwork Access was interrupted by Dennis Owens: No, I don't have a network Reply from Alex Hedley: Did you try closing and opening the db? Or restarting the machine after saving and closing everything you're working on.
Fri 10/14
Access Work Order SeminarCan you make overlapping windows a default for new by Matthew Pattison: Can you make overlapping windows a default for new databases? Reply from Alex Hedley: Don't think so, unless it's a Reg key I don't know about.
Fri 10/14
Microsoft Access Expert 29Microsoft Access beginner level 2 by Trina Barnwell: Please give me instruction on how to get my training videos I purchased for level 2 and 3 of Access. Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: Check out the WalkThru When you're logged in there is a link to the more...
Fri 10/14
QuickBooks ForumQuickBooks Forum by Anand Mishra: I have also purchase quick book account. My Business account are so much easy with this quick book.
Fri 10/14
Microsoft Access ForumCustomers by Tasha: am using Access 2010 We run a service company that has many customers and do many jobs for those customers. Is the best thing to create a Customer Database then a Job Pack database with all the jobs listed? If so then do I create one form for all customers from the Customer Database then use this form to log all incoming calls by using the search option to also log  more...
Thu 10/13
iOS App for 599CDtest flight downloaded by gaurang s: test flight downloaded Reply from Alex Hedley: I've added you to the testflight group
Thu 10/13
Microsoft Access ForumAutonumbers by Masih Ostad: I would like to know more about autonumbers. I have a database sorted alphabetically. Now I want to add a record, what happens to the order of autonumbers. Thanks Masih Reply from Alex Hedley: The next record added to the Table gets the next auto number. If you want sequential numbers with no skipping you could use more...
Thu 10/13
Microsoft Access ForumRelational Tables by Stephen B: I tried creating a few simple tables to monitor the allocation of equipment to clients. It is returned at the end of two weeks and can then be re-allocated to the next course. One table identifies the clients, with all personal details. The second identifies the equipment. The third deals with the actual allocation, recording issue and return  more...
Thu 10/13
Microsoft Access ForumUsing Access 2010 Runtime by Ken: I have completed the Beginner s videos of Access 2010. What I now would like to do is to launch a sample database that I have created using Access 2010 Runtime. This will be on a computer that does not have any version of Access installed. Eventually, I would like to have a user be able to add new records through the forms I have  more...
Wed 10/12
Microsoft Access ForumAutomatic Subtitles on Youtube by Felipe G: Please, I'm brazilian and I ask that yours videos are placed on youtube, because there are a automatic generation of subtitles. This way, I can read and listen your video and I can get a better understanding them. Is that possible ? There is a payment system on youtube that allows pay for your videos and I can use it  more...
Tue 10/11
Microsoft Access ForumCalendar Seminar by Henry P: I purchased the Access calendar seminar, and it mentions that I should get the calendar ActiveX, which is non existent in Access 2010. Can you please give me a substitute way? Reply from Alex Hedley: There's a list of Addendums on the Course page that mention  more...
Mon 10/10
Microsoft Excel ForumExcel VBA by Robert Wathen: Richard, I have been checking on and off to see if you have had time to post a guide for Excel VBA. I learned A LOT from your Access tutorial and feel that I would benefit from your style if you created a module for xl VBA. Reply from Alex Hedley: I think he's focused on the Access updates currently. Is there anything in particular you're  more...
Sun 10/9
Microsoft Access ForumLock the forms by Masih O: How can I lock my forms that no one can change the content inside the boxes? Reply from Alex Hedley: Could use concepts from the Security Seminar. There are .Locked and .Enabled Properties you could look into.
Sun 10/9
Microsoft Access ForumAutoNumber in between by Masih O: I have a list of cities in my table alphabetically. How can I add a new record between those? What happens to the autonumber? For example, I have Abilene, Akron and Austin. I want to add Atlanta before Austin. Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: No, that's not possible (easily). You could have an auto number for your backend joins  more...
Sat 10/8
Microsoft Access ForumCan I create a calendar by Henry P: Can I create a form that resembles a calendar (month, week, day) and show the activities that have been scheduled and the free time? Reply from Alex Hedley: There's a Calendar Seminar that covers exactly this.
Fri 10/7
Microsoft Access Forumauto filling data fields on a word document by Ed B: I have a word doc template (A blank contract). I want to fill in those blank fields in the document with fields from the table and then print the entire completed document for signature. How can I get that done. Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: more...
Fri 10/7
Microsoft Access ForumMultiple Tables attached to one Form by Norma K: Hi, When I create the query, the form then shows "The recordset is not updateable". What am I doing wrong? Reply from Alex Hedley: How complex is the Query, add a join at a time checking if it's still editable.
Fri 10/7
Microsoft Access ForumAccess database by zac: guys i have a form with a subform that contains fields "width,height ,sqm=width*height,and itemprice,"which is a lookup field that displays the items with their prices and each item has two price categories of size for example window has a prices for sizes less than 1sqm and prices for size above 1sqm. So this how i want it to work; wen i feed in the  more...
Thu 10/6
Four New Access Handbooks OnlineFour New Access Handbooks Online by Sreedhar MS: I would like to subscribe for this book Reply from Alex Hedley: You need to buy the course to get the handbook (if it's been written)
Thu 10/6
Microsoft Access ForumLesson 3 Collection Letters 3 Access Expert 6 by MICHAEL J: I am also having the same problem would appreciate a solution Reply from Alex Hedley: What is your Query returning? Could you answer the original question too.

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