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Fri 6/24
Microsoft Access ForumPercentage values not showing up by Simon K: It is not just percentages that are the problem for Access 2016. Where the data type is Number the Field Size drop down menu only gives one choice instead of the full list. Reply from Alex Hedley: Are you on the latest patch?
Fri 6/24
Microsoft Access ForumPercentage values not showing up by Simon K: I am having this issue. It relates to Access 2016 showing a Number size of Long Integer rather than Double as it was in 2008 and 2013. I have tried asking Microsoft but without success so far. Reply from Alex Hedley: What did they say?
Fri 6/24
Learning Access VBA ProgrammingLearning Access VBA Programming by Gabriel: I've been through almost all the 300 Level courses. I'm interested in two specific matters: 1. how to concatenate all the values from a specific field into a querry into a new value and 2. is it possible to use together word and access via mail-merge to generate a single document that is conected to two different  more...
Thu 6/23
Microsoft Access ForumReport based on Query by Charlotte: have built a Query based on a table. Now I want to build a Report based on the Query. However, I do not know how to list the Queries so that I might get the fields from it? I only get a list of tables. Reply from Alex Hedley: You can select the Query then click on the Report button.
Thu 6/23
Microsoft Access ForumTracking Student Attendance in Access 2010 by Keri N: I'm thrilled to find this specific attendance tutorial as it is the exact solution I need for my application. HOWEVER, when I try to edit the Visual Basic (11:28 in the video) my Convert Macros to  more...
Thu 6/23
Microsoft Access Expert 32Microsoft Access Expert 32 by Robert S: When will the handbook be available? Reply from Alex Hedley: When I write it :p Hopefully I'll have time in an upcoming weekend. Do you have any feedback on the handbooks?
Wed 6/22
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2010 hangs if used with o 365 by Leo Polla Psemata: Hi I am using an Access 2010. Recently we installed office 365. Unfortunately the DoCmd.SendObject method hangs Access 2010 if we have to use the Outlook 2016 Is there any way we can work around this problem ? In our office Access was giving the working pace and make a our emails easy to  more...
Wed 6/22
Microsoft Access ForumBuy Access 2016 by Leo Polla Psemata: Where can someone find ACCESS 2016 in CD/DVD and buy it ? Reply from Alex Hedley: I'm not even sure this is possible anymore, Office365 and a subscription model seems to be the way MS would prefer to distribute.
Tue 6/21
Microsoft Access ForumHow to reduce space by George C: Hi, I just finished Beginner Lesson 7. Everything went without a hitch when I built the Customer List Form with one exception. There is a lot of space between the bottom of the form and the "Open Selected Customer" button. I put the button right up against the left/top corner of the bottom footer and it still gives me a lot of space. How  more...
Tue 6/21
iOS App for 599CDiOS App for 599CD by Richard W: I have been using my iPad for a couple of years to watch your tutorials via the Chrome browser. No problems so far. I used it when I was away from home and had only that and my PC laptop to work with. Reply from Alex Hedley: Yeah, I convinced Rich to convert all his videos to MP4s a few years back for this very reason. I'm a Mac fan  more...
Tue 6/21
Microsoft Access ForumGoto by June P: The lesson where you are setting the button up on the customer list form to go to the customer form. If go into the properties for this button, go to the macro. I added an equal sign in the macro on the line looking at the customer number. It workked.
Tue 6/21
Microsoft Access ForumShow Form by Yakubu Badarawa: How can I create a custom button to show (display) data from a particular table. Reply from Alex Hedley: Beginner Level 1covers basic Form Design. You can use the wizard to create a button and pick the Form you wish to open.
Mon 6/20
Access Work Order Seminarsound fades in and out 40 and other spots by Matthew Pattison: sound fades in and oout :40 annd other spots Reply from Alex Hedley: Does it happen if you replay the video?
Mon 6/20
Microsoft Access ForumConditional formatting by Tiziano F: I have a very simply database with this structure: ID, primary key; Name, short text; Major, Boolean and a form with these 3 fields. I want that the background of the text box associated to the Name becomes red instead of white if the value of the field Major is false. I need some help. How can I do it? Best regards. FT Reply from  more...
Mon 6/20
Microsoft Access ForumUpdating Access Front End by Colin Michaud: I have developed an Access desktop database in Access 2013 which I wish to sell, and wish to be able to sell/provide future updates to the database which add new features, etc. without changing the customers tables. The database is designed to be installed on only one computer. I plan to lock down the front end of my app as  more...
Sun 6/19
iOS App for 599CDiOS App for 599CD by RICHARD A: I am in for the TestFlight. I just downloaded the APP on my iPad. When I click on the APP, the request to redeem a code shows up. What do I do next? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Richard Reply from Alex Hedley: I'll be sending out an email, hopefully this weekend. Redeem is an option but I'll just manually add each of  more...
Sun 6/19
Access Relationship SeminarDLookUp by Richard W: The information is already in a subform. Rick said it is possible to put a subform in a subform but is a problem. Further I was trying to learn DLookup since he talks about its power. But if I have to use a query and a sub-subform, I guess I need to know where I can learn to do that! Thanks for the answer. I am trying to use the DLookup approach since I have, in  more...
Sun 6/19
Microsoft Access ForumSmart Tags by Raya F: Hi! In the lesson of Access 2010 beginner 4, you mentioned Smart Tags, but i didn't found this property field in Microsoft Access 2016 which i am currently using. Is there any way to add it to my Access sheet? Reply from Alex Hedley: more...
Sun 6/19
Microsoft Access ForumPrint Tickets by Dennis O: I am up to Access Expert 32. I'm working on a project where I will print 3 tickets that are perforated into 3 tickets 1and 1/2 inch by 4 inch. I do have this project that works okay but I would like to take this to the next level. Each ticket displays a registration number, Event Name, Date and Time, Room, etc. I would also need each ticket a different  more...
Sat 6/18
Microsoft Access ForumSubForm by MICHAEL J: Hi Alex Thank you for your reply. Yes to both your question. On the SubF which is a Continuous Form. I have put the StartDate field in the Form Header as I don,t need to see it against each line, would that create a problem? All the records and Query Table have the StartDate showing.The error occurs on all fields that need date. Again thanks for your help and time  more...

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