If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Fri 4/11
Access Email Seminar UpdateAccess Email Seminar Update by Jerry P: It not working with 64bit is a deal breaker. I am only interested in 64bit applications, including Office 2010.
Fri 4/11
Microsoft Access ForumError in Coding by Bob Lilly: Hi Richard, when I click on The High Lighted Button, the curser goes to the VoterID and appears to scan in the information, but nothing happen at that point. The OpenIndividualDataF does not open. Can you help me resolve this problem? Thanks Bob Lilly Private Sub Open_The_High_Lighted_Record_Button_Click() 'On Error GoTo  more...
Fri 4/11
Microsoft Access ForumTotals Query by Bryant: I have a TV show database that lists TV shows along with other info such as episode title, air date, Season, Episode Number.... I created a Totals query to show only the highest number episode per show title. But, anytime I try to add all the additional information to the query or a form, I get all the episodes from that show title again. What should I  more...
Fri 4/11
Microsoft Access ForumSteel Data by James M: Also, I have the burden of trying to link all the companies that use the specific products, grades, finishes ans sizes. In the end, I need to be able to find companies by what they use and find products used by each company. For example: ABC Corp uses: Prod Fin Grd Thk Wdth Length Sheet, HR, A1011, .078 48 120 There are thousands of companies using or  more...
Fri 4/11
Microsoft Access ForumSteel Data by James M: Thank you for the feedback. I'll take a shot at it. I've learned a lot from these courses.
Fri 4/11
Microsoft Access ForumEmails and Access by Selby H: If your interested in Emails and all that involves then please do not miss Richard and his latest seminar on Emails, it is a must see.
Fri 4/11
Updated Production ScheduleUpdated Production Schedule by Daniel: Please i will like to buy some of your product but am in Ghana (West Africa)where can i purchase it? Daniel
Fri 4/11
Microsoft Access ForumDelete Record Header and Report Footer by Lorenzo: Oh I just figured it out, just needed to right click in design view, and turn off the view for 'record header/footer'. Hmm Richard but you are right I can't truly delete it
Fri 4/11
Microsoft Access ForumDelete Record Header and Report Footer by Lorenzo: Hi, I wish to delete the "Report Header" and "Report footer" as I realize it messes with certain report properties. Anyone has any idea how to do this?
Thu 4/10
Microsoft Access ForumSteel Data by Jim McKane: As a steel broker, buying and selling steel worldwide but mostly in the US, I have many customers. Those customer use many products, those products have many grades, many shapes, many manufacturing distinctions and many finishes. All of these manys get compounded by the fact that they reciprocate within categories. In other words, a product like pipe could  more...
Thu 4/10
Microsoft Access Email SeminarI am unable to access your code by Jim U: I don.t seen able to access any of the code for copying and. Pasting. I am just getting error message page cannot be displayed. I have tried it at to locations.
Thu 4/10
Microsoft Access ForumCheck Book Register Calculations by Dennis: QUESTION: Access 2010 version 14.0.7106.5003 (32-bit) I have an assignment involving math calculations. I know how to create simple formulas in Excel but am lost in Access. I just took your entire Beginners Course and as you know it does not cover formulas or rather expressions. I am simply trying to create a  more...
Thu 4/10
Microsoft Excel ForumTiered pricing formula by Carmen: I am working on a spreadsheet that needs to calculate cost which is dependent on the total number of items ordered. This information is in a cell of its own. This sheet has over 100 total items on it and I believe this formula, if it exists, will need to be applied to each product line. Product 1-12 pcs 13-25 pcs 26-50 pcs 51+ pcs 1234  more...
Thu 4/10
Microsoft Access Email SeminarI am unable to access your code by Jim Upton: I am unable to access your code. Would it be different in uk
Wed 4/9
Microsoft Access ForumCategories of products by Jo: Yes, I agree that I would also just have one product table. And in fact, I did that for one assignment and was marked low. It's his way or the highway! So would there be NO way to connect one manufacturer to the different tables? I haven't found one. I found that other students in the class just didn't make a separate amanufacturer table.  more...
Wed 4/9
Microsoft Access ForumBarcodes by Amy M: I'm wondering about the possibility of using bar codes (and scanners) for entering data - ie. student numbers on student cards for attendance in an educational program. And how you might have the database interface with the scanner
Wed 4/9
Microsoft Access ForumMultiple Entries in a Date Field by Stuart: Richard, thank you for the reply. Which specific tutorial should I look for to see how to do this?
Wed 4/9
Microsoft Access 307Cascading Combo Boxes by Jyotsana Jaswal: Hi I studied the Access 2003 lesson 307 about dynamic combo and created one for my situation as stated in video. But what's happening is combo Box 1 is saving ID instead of its description in the back end table. I am not understanding the reason for it. JJ
Wed 4/9
Microsoft Access Forummany to many inventory by Peter K: I would also be interested in this, even though I'm already working on an inventory system right now. But any input on this topic would be great. The plan for us is to implement barcodes, so we could use barcode scanners to check in and check out parts from our inventory system. It's a long shot for a novice user, but I'm going through it  more...
Wed 4/9
Microsoft Access Forummany to many inventory by Peter K: Hi Richard. Thank you for the reply. I actually figured out with the help of another forum. Your information is great and it works for a certain type of situation, but what I was going for was a form where I have concatinating combo boxes for many-to-many tables. Where I went wrong was that my inventory table didn't have a VendorID,  more...

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