Learning is not attained by chance, it must
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-Abigail Adams
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Wed 4/23
Microsoft Access ForumDisable based on combo box by Paul Do: Hi, I have a Status combo box. It contains Cancelled, Completed and Open. I would like all the fields on the form are completely disable (not allow to edit, read only) if the user pick Completed. Could someone kindly provide me a code along with instruction for my request? Thank you. Paul
Wed 4/23
Microsoft Access Email SeminarCannot connect to Gmail two factor auth by Larisa K: Hi Rick- Thank you so much for such a good seminar. But I need your help, I can't access to my gmail account. it show me only one general error "overflow" which is hard to figure out where is the problem. Is any way I can specify error description to see what's wrong? I did try "smtpserverport" = 25  more...
Wed 4/23
Access Split Database Seminarinput mask by Robert Baxter: Great, practical tutorial! But I have one question. Pardon me if this has already been asked: At 9:20 you purposely try to input the wrong password to check the code. But pw is visible. Is there a way to add an input mask, like "****" to prevent anyone looking over the users shoulder from reading the pw they just typed in? Thanks!
Tue 4/22
Microsoft Excel ForumRecorded Macro by Michelle C: I'm creating worksheets by double-clicking on a total on a pivot table. I've recorded a macro for repetitive tasks that I perform on every new worksheet. The problem is that the macro is specifying the specific worksheet name of the w/s I recorded the macro on so the macro won't work on new worksheets. Is there a way of changing the macro so that it  more...
Tue 4/22
Microsoft Access ForumWeb Link by Willem: This works for me. Dim MyWebLink As String MyWebLink = "http://www.gmail.com" Application.FollowHyperlink MyWebLink Or Dim MyWebLink As String MyWebLink = me.Fieldname Application.FollowHyperlink MyWebLink
Mon 4/21
Access 2010 Beginner 3Comment by Marcia Hall: On my form under Num Employees, the numbers entered are not showing on the form only #NAME? What have I done wrong? Also, since I shortened the fields, Discount Rate is no longer tranferring. I am using Access 2013.
Mon 4/21
Microsoft Access Foruminserting strings by Gary: Fred, I think I can help you but I need more information. First off where does the string of 10 numbers come from? are you trying to calculate this in a field on a form or update a field on all the records in your database? and lastly are you familiar with visual basic? To accomplish this you are going to first have to familiarize your self with  more...
Mon 4/21
Access 2010 Beginner 5If I wanted to use a parameter query by Alice Morgan: Hi, Richard, If I wanted to use a parameter query to isolate all records falling under that parameter, and that also match criteria in one of 2 other fields (an OR situation), how would I line that up?
Mon 4/21
Access 2010 Beginner 6Comment by David Sprecher: Sorry for this excessive posting but I have now found a work around (altho there must be an easier way). Right click on empty container, chose insert object, chose "Bitmap Image" option BUT chose option "Create New". That will take you to a blank sheet in Paint. Using the "Paste" tool, chose "Paste From" and then navigate to the file you want to use (jpg's are fine). It  more...
Mon 4/21
Access 2010 Beginner 2Comment by Steven Malicki: I created my own form by watching the great lessons, but I have one problem. I have one textbox that is selected as short text in my field table lets me type in that text box without seeing what I am typing. The information shows on the table.
Mon 4/21
Access 2010 Beginner 6Comment by David Sprecher: Cancel my last post. That only works in design view to insert a picture and that self same picture is then on each record. Needs more thought. Sorry.
Mon 4/21
Access 2010 Beginner 6Comment by David Sprecher: I have had same problem as everyone else BUT I have resolved it (Access 2013). If you create the picture frame by using the "image" tool on the Design tab (just to the left of the "Insert Image" tool and to the right of the bound object frame)then the picture displays fine. In fact in that case you can insert a jpg and save on a LOT of space and some time. Hope that is  more...
Mon 4/21
Microsoft Word ForumHandbooks by Julie B: I love your handbooks & am looking to recreate some like this myself. I used to create manuals in a previous role & we used information mapping. Can you tell me how you created these handbooks, especially can you create a table of contents with hyperlinks to the pages? thanks.
Mon 4/21
Microsoft Access ForumUnsure what database design by Julie Burr: Hello, I would like some help in where best to start here or if anyone can point me to which training sessions I could purchase/view to aid me. I work with a charity that offers several extra curricular sporting activities to kids i.e. swimming lessons, sports clubs etc. I have started this new role & everything was kept on  more...
Mon 4/21
Database has been placed in a state...Database has been placed in a state by Jim Gray: Rick, Just a simple question on adding tables to an already split database. I do, as you suggested earlier, keep a copy of the database for development on my machine. If new tables are a part of that development, do you need to resplit the database using the wizard or just use manually place the new tables  more...
Mon 4/21
Access 2010 Beginner 6grid lines by David Sprecher: Great courses, thank you. I am on Access 2013. In design view I have the grid as squares with lines but no dots between. I have searched in vain for a fix in Options. Thank you.
Sun 4/20
Microsoft Access ForumUnique records by Kelly Rosal: I figured it out. It was some visual basic code that I had in the form that once removed, changed the way my form worked. Sorry for that. Kelly
Sun 4/20
Microsoft Access ForumAutoadjusting Screen resolutions by Joseph M: I too have been looking for some solution for this and I haven't found anything or anyone who can really explain how to make this work. I would like my forms to look good on a large screen as well as a laptop without having to shrink the form so it looks good on one media and difficult to read on another. I'd like  more...
Sun 4/20
Access Relationship SeminarAccess Relationship Seminar by Caryn mellom: I was able to figure it out. For some reason the forms were pointing to the wrong tables.
Fri 4/18
Microsoft Access ForumSecurity by Richard L: Security Seminar... I am currently using 2010 Access (not 2007) there are some differences, I searched on web to find out how to encrypt w/password. BUT there are a few differences I can't do. I tried to install a disable enable bypass key and now I can't get rid of the login form. Also I wanted to use SQL for Back up tables but they don't create them in the  more...

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