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It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well.

-Rene Descartes
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Sun 12/13/15 04:44Windows 8 Beginner 1Charlotte KIs a Windows 10 tutorial coming SOON
Tue 10/20/15 13:53Windows 8 Beginner 1Doris RosenhausIs a Windows 10 tutorial coming SOON
Tue 10/20/15 08:10Windows 8 Beginner 1Doris RosenhausWill the Classic Shell work for Windows 10 Thank
Mon 10/19/15 01:42Windows 8 Beginner 1musa Tanko Abdullahi
Sat 2/21/15 17:38Windows 8 Beginner 1SimpliceMAP App
Fri 2/20/15 20:02Windows 8 Beginner 1SIMPLICE ZIRIGAMAP App
Sun 1/25/15 16:07Windows 8 Beginner 1James RayRight Click Issues
Fri 11/28/14 16:24Windows 8 Beginner 1peterWindows 8 1
Thu 7/31/14 13:58Windows 8 Beginner 1Zachary PopeWhat about Windows ME Mistake Edition Who was it
Thu 6/12/14 22:15Windows 8 Beginner 1peter taconthe next level
Wed 5/21/14 17:31Windows 8 Beginner 1SharonWindows 8 Beginner 1
Sat 5/3/14 21:19Windows 8 Beginner 1Betty LangWindows 8 Beginner 1
Fri 5/2/14 19:56Windows 8 Beginner 1Betty Lang
Mon 3/24/14 17:33Windows 8 Beginner 1Peggie SuttererWindows 8 1
Fri 3/14/14 14:20Windows 8 Beginner 1Wallace Coflin
Fri 2/21/14 10:05Windows 8 Beginner 1James Gray
Thu 1/9/14 19:24Windows 8 Beginner 1Robert Maddox
Thu 10/24/13 18:20Windows 8 Beginner 1lwm
Sun 10/20/13 07:55Windows 8 Beginner 1Fred GordonWindows 8.1
Mon 10/14/13 19:11Windows 8 Beginner 1Mubeezi MLocked out of PC
Sat 10/12/13 12:11Windows 8 Beginner 1MUBEEZI MICAHLocked out of PC
Sat 10/5/13 05:59Windows 8 Beginner 1ann gatcombwindow 8
Mon 8/26/13 07:11Windows 8 Beginner 1Tom LehmannWindows 8
Sat 8/17/13 23:31Windows 8 Beginner 1Kevin WrattWindows 8 Lessons
Fri 5/31/13 10:05Windows 8 Beginner 1Alex Hedleylinux under windows 8
Thu 5/30/13 23:22Windows 8 Beginner 1brianlinux under windows 8
Sat 5/25/13 14:08Windows 8 Beginner 1Brian Dyou are a talented teacher
Tue 4/16/13 15:36Windows 8 Beginner 1Mike Benttransitioning from Windows XP
Fri 4/5/13 17:10Windows 8 Beginner 1Rubens DorivalWindows 7 and Vista
Sun 3/31/13 19:53Windows 8 Beginner 1Lynn DorrisThis is great

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