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Microsoft Access Outlines
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Access Index Old Page
Here is a link to the Old Course Index.

There you will find outlines for courses made before June 2020.

I'm slowly moving them all over to the new system, but it's a slow process. Bear with me.


Access Developer 14
01. The Database Structure (30:14)
The Easy Access POS
Planning the Database
Discussing Features to be Built
Groups & People (Family & Students)
Products & Categories
Discounts, Adjustments, Tax, Tip
Unbound Modal Popup Forms
Barcode Scanner Capable
Avoiding Multi-User Problems
Touch-Screen Friendly
Payment & Payment Types
Credit Cards, Cash
Popup Keypad for Numeric Entry
Calculate Change
Voiding Sales
Multiple Locations
Manager Menu
Edit Lists, System Settings
Edit Orders & Payments
Sales Charts & Graphs
List of Groups with Open Balances
Mail Statements
Detailed Sales Reporting
Possible Future Upgrades

02. Building the Tables, Part 1 (31:37)
Review of Comments from Lesson 1
Changes to be made
Table Design

03. Building the Tables, Part 2 (34:15)

04. Order Form, Part 1 (21:30)
Create New Form
Modal, Popup
Note design view bug for Popup Forms
Make NOT Modal / Popup For Now
No Scrollbars, Navigation Buttons, Record Selectors
No Control Source
Create CategoryList
Make text large enough for touch screens
Create ProductList
Delete RowSource
AfterUpdate Event in CategoryList
Populate ProductList
Create OptionList
Populate OptionList

05. Group and Person Select (30:42)
GroupName, PersonName on OrderF
Hidden PersonID


Access Developer 15
Lesson 1: Move Between List Boxes (20:15)
Active / Inactive Customer List Boxes
Move Between Boxes
UPDATE SQL Statement
Passing a Control as a Parameter

Lesson 2: Debugging Level 2 (31:55)
On Error Resume Next
Invalid Use of Null
Debug Toolbar
On Error Goto 0
On Error Goto MyErr
Custom Error Messages
Exit Sub Before Error Handler
Immediate Window
Show Debug.Print
Immediate Window
Basic Math ?5+9
Checking Variables ?X
Set a Breakpoint
Testing Function Return Values
Test a DLookup
I prefer StatusBox for Users to See
Status Function
Step Over, Step Into, Step Out
Watch Window
Global Const

Lesson 3: Multi-Select List Boxes (42:34)
Change to Multi Select
Simple v. Extended
.ListCount Property
.ItemData(Row) Property
Don't Use Column Headers
Loop Through All Items
For X=0 to Count-1 (For Loop)
With / End With (Dev 11)
.Column(0,x) Property - Row is New!
How to Tell What is Selected
.Selected(Row) Property
Status Selected Items Only 
For Each Loop
For Each I in .ItemsSelected
Control variable must be Variant or Object
ChangeCustomerStatus Update
Call ChangeCustomerStatus in Loop
For Each Form in Forms Collection
Write ButtonCode Sub
Change IsActive to IIF Function
CTRL-Y to Delete a Line
db.Execute vs. DoCmd.RunSQL
Select All / Deselect All buttons


Access Developer 16
01. Homework Plus (13:16)
Select & Deselect All Buttons
Both List Boxes
One Sub Handles All 4 Cases
Count of Records Selected
IIF for Customer or Customers

02. Bug Fix, Visual Glitch (18:05)
Bug in List Box Form
Deselect Items as you Change Table Value
Visual Glitch in Listbox Selection

03. Formatting, Colors in a List Box (34:31)
Make a Continuous Subform Instead
Sales Rep Table
Conditional Formatting Expression Is
Make SubForm
No Link Master or Link Child Fields
Expression = SalesRepID
Requery On Current
CustomerID.SetFocus Get Rid of Selection
On Mouse Move
Change Screen Pointer

04. Recordsets Part 1 (19:36)
What is a Recordset
Why use Recordsets?
Talk about DAO v ADO
Create our First Recordset
Dim Database, Recordset Objects
Close Objects
Set to Nothing
Display DB and RS Names

05. Recordsets, Part 2 (32:00)
Displaying FirstName
While Wend Loop Thru Records
Avoid Endless Loops
Add a Loop Counter
Don't Use Spaces!
rs.EOF rs.BOF
Dealing with No Records
Creating Unbound Text Box
Value List
Adding Records
Ampersand Button Caption Alt-A
Default Button for Form
Add from RecordSet to ListBox
RemoveItem from Single ListBox


Access Developer 17
01. Remove Items Unbound Multi-Select List Box (23:16)
Remove From Single Column Box
Remove From Multiple Column Box

02. Export Individual Customer PDF Files (18:22)
Create Customer Report
Get Rid of Alternating Background Color
Force New Page After Detail Section
Export Report to PDF
Export Individual Customer Reports
Open Report to Specific Customer
View Individual PDF Files

03. DLookupPlus Function (34:43)
Use Recordset to Return List of Items
Example: Sales Reps & States they Cover
Joe: NY, TX, FL
Sue: PA, CA


Access Developer 18
01. Progress Bar Part 1 (32:26)
Microsoft ProgressBar Control v 6.0
Problems with ActiveX Controls
For Loop with Progress Bar
Multiple Running Queries
Simulated Action with Sleep
Text Box with XXXXX
String Function

02. Progress Bar Part 2 (15:46)
Two Textbox Progress Bar
Overflow Error

03. Progress Bar Part 3 (46:12)
Option Explicit
Loop Time with SQL Insert
Calculate Elapsed Seconds
Loop Time with Recordset
Show Seconds Remaining
Set Caption "Speed Test"
Recordsets Faster than SQL INSERT

04. RS Edit AddNew (53:20)
Create Unbound Customer Form
Error Handling CustomerT Not Exist
Load Current Record
Talk About Needing MoveLast with Snapshots
Lock Down the Controls
Edit Button

05. Delete & Sort (12:09)
rs.Sort Discussion Of
Sort by Changing Recordset SQL


Access Developer 19
01. Bound Multi-Select Listbox 1 (29:28)
Recordset Types
dbOpenTable, dbOpenDynamic
dbOpenDynaset, dbOpenSnapshot 
Multi-Select Option Listbox
Product Interest Junction Table
Subform to Select Products
Replace with Multi-Select Listbox
Load Values OnCurrent

02. Bound Multi-Select Listbox 2 (11:15)
Save on AfterUpdate of Listbox
Save on AfterUpdate of Form Once




Access Check Register Seminar
Lesson 1. Basic Check Register (22:43)
Check Reg Table Design
Query Calculate Amount
Cleared Amount
Check Register Form
Footer Totals

Lesson 2. Running Balance (13:08)
Check Register Report
Running Sum
Query Running Sum
DSUM Function
Running Sum in Form

Lesson 3. Printing Checks (35:49)
Print Single Check
Currency to English Function
Find Next Available Check Number
Hide Print Check Button on Non-Check Items
Has Been Printed

Lesson 4. Batch Printing Checks (22:16)
Batch Print Check Form
Mark To Be Printed
Calculate Amount to be Printed
Update Checks Mark Printed
Select/Unselect All Buttons

Lesson 5. Payees & Categories (37:58)
Main Menu Form
Payee Table & Form
Category List
Add Address Info to Checks
Can't Edit Cleared or Printed Records

Lesson 6. Multiple Accounts (45:11)
Set Up Accounts
Account Summary on Main Menu
Open Single Account Register
Open to Single Account, Default
Batch Print Checks One Account

Lesson 7. Misc Enhancements (51:10)
Debit OR Credit, Not Both
Conditional Format
Cleared Filter Triple State Checkbox
Filter By Date Text Boxes
Sort AZ Buttons
Hide Batch Print Button if No Checks to Print
Select 1-Up or 3-Up Checks
Show Checks To Print on Menu

Lesson 8. Reporting Part 1 (23:15)
Report Menu
Expenses by Category by Dates
Account, Date Filters
Classic Chart Object
Modern Charts
Expenses Pie Chart
Pie Chart Properties

Lesson 9. Reporting Part 2 (56:28)
Expenses by Category by Date Report
Sorting and Grouping Levels
Adding Group Footers & Totals
Report Build Events
Changing Captions Dynamically
Date Printed, Page 1 of X
All Transactions Report
Running Sum Property


Access SharePoint Seminar Outline
Lesson 1. Requirements
What you can do
What SharePoint is good for
What SharePoint is NOT good for
What YOU need
What THEY need

Lesson 2. Create Sharepoint Site & List
Create a New SharePoint Site
Create a SharePoint List for Customers
Add and Edit Data
Hide Title Field
Make Title Field Not Required
Display ID Field

Lesson 3. Connecting Access to SharePoint
Connect to New Site from Access
External Data > New Data Source >
From Online Services > SharePoint List
Log in to SharePoint in Access
Export CustomerT to SharePoint
Back Up Your Data!
Link to CustomerT On SharePoint

Lesson 4. Permissions & Distribution
Giving Others Access to your SharePoint
Granting Permissions to a List
Sending Invites
Your End User Creating a Microsoft Account
Compact & Repair
Distribute ACCDE File
Creating a ZIP File

Lesson 5.
Seeing Who Edited / Modified Records
Hidden Fields in Table
Display CustomerT on Quick Launch
Removing Permission
Requiring Permission to Change



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