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Richard Rost MVPWelcome to TechHelp

TechHelp is my popular video series where I answer questions about mostly Microsoft Access but also Excel, Word, and lots of other computer-related topics that come to me from my students, members, and across the Internet. If you'd like to check out the complete directory of my TechHelp videos, click on the button here:

This has become somewhat of a daily video blog where I post answers to questions that my students send in. I enjoy it tremendously. I hope you do, too. TechHelp is completely free, however most of the videos come with an Extended Cut where I go into more depth, or explore additional topics related to the free video. Extended Cut videos are available to Members.

Asking a Question

If you are currently one of my students, or a Member, you can ask your question by posting in the appropriate Forum. I've got Forums for all of the topics I teach, including Access, Excel, Word, Windows, and more. While I don't guarantee that your question will be answered in a TechHelp video, chances are you'll get some kind of help. I've got lots of fantastic advanced Developer students and Forum Admins and Moderators who love to help people out. I do my best to help people in the Forums too, but there are only so many hours in the day.

If you are not currently a Member or a student of mine, you can become a student for as little as $1 by enrolling in one of my Beginner classes. Then you can post your question in the Forums. If you do not wish to become a Member or a student, you can post your question in the Visitor Forum, however members get priority.

Types of Questions

Questions I usually select for TechHelp videos should be generic "how to" questions that will help a wide variety of users in different situations. Generally, your question should start with "how can I?" Questions also need to have mass appeal. It needs to be something that other people will find of value as well. Some examples include:

  • How can I calculate a date that is 15 days in the future?
  • How can I hide the ShipDate field when it's an online order?
  • How can I calculate someone's age?
  • How can I store multiple phone numbers or addresses for each customer?

Be sure to read this article on Context when asking a question. Very important. If you ask me questions specific to your database and I don't understand what the forms, fields, and tables all mean, I won't be able to help you. If possible, phrase your question as something that everyone will understand: customers, orders, products, etc.

Technical Support for Access

If you have questions about how to do things specific to your database, or you need someone to look at your code to fix a problem, then you should post your question in my Access Developer Network. I no longer provide Technical Support service myself. You can try posting your question in the regular Forums, but if you need detailed, specific help, the Developer Network is the best option.

Members Have Priority

You can sign up for TechHelp memberships right here on my web site. Just visit the Memberships Page for details. Remember, members get priority when it comes to having their questions answered! TechHelp questions are answered in this priority. For more information on the different types of membership, please see my Membership Types page.

  • Insider Circle Members
  • MYOLP Members
  • Platinum, Gold, Silver TechHelp Members
  • Learning Connection Members
  • Developer Students
  • Expert Students
  • All other paid students
  • Non-students

My list of questions for TechHelp is quite long. Members get priority, but even if you're a member you can expect to wait a week or two for me to even consider your question. That's why I have you post TechHelp questions in my Forums. I've got a lot of advanced students who love helping people out! If you're willing to pay for someone to help you with your problem, you can try posting in my Access Developer Network.


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