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Richard Rost MVP

TechHelp is the place to ask your question if you are looking for FREE support. Answers to these questions are either posted in my Forums or even made into video tutorials. 

If you are looking for personalized support, with a guaranteed response, I now offer Paid TechHelp videos for generic questions with broad appeal. For specific help with your database or other issues, visit my Consulting page.

Memberships Available Here!

NEW: As of January 2021, you can now sign up for TechHelp memberships right here on my web site. Just visit the Memberships Page for details. Remember, members get priority when it comes to having their questions answered!

Welcome to TechHelp

Hello. My name is Richard Rost and I'm the president of Computer Learning Zone. Do you have a technical problem you need help with?

Of course, my specific area of expertise is Microsoft Access, however I am also an expert in Excel (you could say I wrote the book on it), Word, and all the other Microsoft Office products, as well as Windows, Visual Basic, Web Design, and computer technology in general.

TechHelp Video Directory

If you'd like to watch the entire list of my FREE TechHelp videos, click here for the complete playlist: TechHelp. This has become somewhat of a daily video blog where I post answers to questions that my students send in. I enjoy it tremendously. I hope you to, too.

Asking Your Question

If you're currently a student (customer) then you can post your question to the Forums on the web site, or even below on the bottom of this page. I try to answer as many questions as I can, and I'll post the answers in the Forum for all to enjoy. I'll be taking ones that I really like and turning them into TechHelp videos if I think they're a good match!

If it's something I've already covered in one of my previous videos, I'll point you in the right direction. If not, I'll do my best to answer it, if possible. I may even select your question to be featured as one of my TechHelp videos. I try to make a few new videos like this every week to answer questions.

TechHelp questions are NOT for troubleshooting your database or fixing your code. If you need me to look at your database to fix a problem, then you need Paid Support & Consulting (see below). TechHelp questions should be generic "how to" questions that will help a wide variety of Access users in different situations. See my Directory of previous answers for an idea of what types of questions I will accept. Generally, your question should start with "how can I?" Some examples include:

  • How can I calculate a date that is 15 days in the future?
  • How can I hide the ShipDate field when it's an online order?
  • How can I canculate someone's age?
  • How can I store multiple phone numbers or addresses for each customer?

Paid TechHelp Videos

My TechHelp videos have become very popular since I started them earlier this year. The list to have a TechHelp video made is very long. The current wait time is about 2 to 3 months. If you'd like to jump to the head of the queue, I now offer Paid TechHelp Videos. This will put you at the top of the list. Also Gold and Platinum Members on my YouTube channel get priority as well. Consider joining if you have questions you'd like to see answered on a regular basis.

Non Students

If you are not a current student of mine, then you will not be able to post in the Forums or the Comments Box below. In that case, feel free to email me. My email address is on my Contact Page. However, students have a much better chance of getting their questions answered first. Click here for more information on becoming a student. You can enroll for just $1.

Paid Support & Consulting

TechHelp only covers short questions, meaning something I can read and respond to in a few minutes and possibly make a short video about if it's something that has wide appeal. If you have complex issues that can't be answered with a short email, or is too specific for me to make a TechHelp video about, then you need custom one-on-one consulting help. If you want me to download and look at your database and try to fix it, then this is definitely the option you'll need. Click here for my Consulting Rates.

Question Priority

TechHelp questions are answered in this priority. For more information on the different types of membership, please see my Membership Types page.

  • Insider Circle Members
  • MYOLP Members
  • Platinum, Gold, Silver TechHelp Members
  • Learning Connection Members
  • Developer Students
  • Expert Students
  • All other paid students
  • Non-students

If you're looking to have a TechHelp question answered more quickly, I do offer Paid TechHelp videos as an option. You'll go to the top of the list.


Time Entry Validation Link 
Sharon Esdaille      
24 days ago
I'm creating a timecard in MS access. How do I restrict time entry to 15-minute increments? Time is entered in military time and converted to hours/minutes with a calculated field.
Richard Rost        
24 days ago
Oooh... that's a good one. So you're using a DateTime field. Someone will enter 18:07 (which is 6:07pm) and you want that to be rounded UP or DOWN to the nearest 15 minute increment? I already cover converting a difference in times to hours:minutes in my Calculate Total Time video, but the rounding part is new.
Alex Hedley         
24 days ago
Round to nearest
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Downloads Link 
William Dowler       
33 days ago
Where do I find the database files that you download in your Tech Help videos?
Richard Rost        
33 days ago
Each TechHelp video will have any available downloads listed below it in the description text. For example, my Blank Customer Template.
William Dowler      
33 days ago
In the last Tech Help, adding records automatically, you save a copy of the database.
Where do I find it? It's not in the Description text for that article.

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