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Microsoft Access Templates

Welcome to the Access Templates section. These are pre-designed database templates that you can use to accomplish your goals. Most of them (but not all) include a video tutorial explaining how the template was built. Some are free. Others are available for a small price. For a complete description of each template, click on the links below. Templates work with Access 2007 and later, unless otherwise noted.

Got a template you'd like to sell on my site? Contact me.

Have an idea for a template you'd lke to see built? Post it below!


Appointment Template Upload Images   Link 
Tim Schmidt 
6 days ago
You wouldnt happen to have a template for Appointments.  I am now a silver member in case  that should happen to be an issue
Richard Rost
5 days ago
Yep. Always check the SEARCH box for stuff you're looking for. I don't always update stuff as much as I should (like the Templates listing) but the search engine will usually find it. Appointments
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Extra Templates Upload Images   Link 
Alex Hedley 
24 days ago
- Access Gantt Chart Planner
- Invoicing
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Sample Templates Upload Images   Link 
Tim Schmidt 
3 months ago
I was wondering if I did something wrong in downloading the sample databases.  I get an error mssage as below:

Potential security concern has been indendy.

I can get in but the meagre appears every time I go in.  I tried to turn off these menace under FILE TRUST CENTER but I must being doing something wrong here also. Read More...
Richard Rost
3 months ago
If a template is listed as a SAMPLE that means it's a full working copy of the final database, but as an ACCDE file you cannot modify its structure. You should still be able to add/edit data. You must run ANY database from a Trusted Location in order for it to work fully.
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Templates Instructions Upload Images   Link 
Tim Schmidt 
3 months ago
Are there any instructions on how to download and what to do with the sample templates so I might be able to use them?
  Am I able to enter my data into these sample templates?
Alex Hedley
3 months ago
Is there a particular Template you were wanting to try.

Just click the link and it should just download. There are also links to some of the templates on the course pages.

All will allow data entry.
If it's an ".accdb" file you can edit the tables, add fields etc
If it's an ".accde" then just data entry.
Richard Rost
3 months ago
That all depends on the template. They're all different. Check the specific page for each template for instructions and details. Some are free. Some are for sale. Some have video instructions, while others do not. Some have an associated Seminar that go with them. For example, the Mailing Labels Template can be purchased by itself for one price if you just want to use the template and don't need the instructional videos (Seminar) that go with it. A lot of the paid templates have free "sample" databases you can download to test them and enter data, but since they're ACCDE files you can't modify the design unless you purchase them. So, the short answer to your question is: it depends. :)
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