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Microsoft Access Templates

Templates are pre-designed database templates that you can use to accomplish your goals. Some include a video tutorial explaining how the template was built. Some are the database-only version of a longer Seminar, and you will need to purchase the Seminar to get instructions. Some are free. Some are not. For a complete description of each template, click on the links below. Templates work with Access 2007 and later, unless otherwise noted.

New Releases

Time & Billing Template

Invoice your customers for every minute spent working for them. Batch print or email. 


Record Locks Template

Prevent two users from editing a record at the same time.


Backup Template

Properly backup your Microsoft Access databases


Barcode & Inventory Template

Scan & Print Barcodes in your Access Databases


ABCD Part 5

Access Business & Contact Database Core, Part 5

Popular Templates


Access Business & Contact Database Core


Access Updater

Automatically Update Microsoft Access Front End Database Files


Check Register Template

Everything you need to manage and maintain your checking, credit card, and other accounts.


Genealogy Template

Everything you need to track genealogy with Microsoft Access.


Blank Database Template

A blank database template setup with all of Richard's favorite modifications and settings. Includes customers and contacts. 



Invoicing Template

A basic order entry database complete with invoicing.


Other Templates

Map Overlay Template

Display Data Overlayed on Maps or Images in your Database


Mailing Label Template

Create mailing labels, add blanks, duplicates, add from customers, and more.


ZIP Code Lookup Template

Create mailing labels, add blanks, duplicates, add from customers, and more.


Loan Amortization Template

Create complete loan amortization schedules


Date Picker Template

Replacement Calendar Control Date Picker


Time Clock Picker Template

Select a time graphically. Includes analog and digital.

Older Templates

Got a template you'd like to sell on my site? Contact me.

Have an idea for a template you'd lke to see built? Post it below!


Vacation Time Template Upload Images   Link 
John Desselle 
5 months ago
I've been looking but haven't found a good Vacation Time template. Looked for databases and/or Excel documents.
Say employee gets 40 hrs PTO on Jan 1, if it isn't all used, it is lost. They also accrue Vacation time over the years, this balance carries over (At company less than 5 years, carry over 40 hrs, at company more than 5 years, carry over 80 hrs. Vacation is added every two weeks at 3.08 hrs. When time is taken, it is subtracted from PTS until that = 0, then it is taken from Vacation amount.
Richard Rost
5 months ago
That would definitely be a good idea for a template/seminar. I'll add it to the list. I'm sure you COULD build something like that after having completed my course - even just up through the Expert series. But yeah, I could see that being a helpful template.

If anyone else is interested, click the LIKE button on this comment. That's how I gauge user interest. More likes = more likely I'll build it soon. :)
John Desselle
5 months ago
I've been working in Access for around 20 years now. I've just found your site about a year ago. I've just begun watching your Access 2010 Beginner Series. Figured it would be a good refresher and I might even be reminded of things I'm not doing in the best manner. A way to clean up any bad habits I may have developed over the years.

Thanks for putting the idea on your list. Here's to hoping it gets lots of likes and becomes a seminar.
Lisa Messer
16 days ago
I have changed careers and was hired to maintain an Access DB but that quickly changed to "we need you to Develop".  I had never worked with Access. Now we all know that takes time, more than 8 months of working with Access. I have had no training from the person who built the DB. I took a couple of classes and have been doing your videos. One of the projects that I have been handed is developing a Vacation DB for about 1000 employees. I have pecked around with this for several months and have only gotten a few tables and forms and queries to work together. My boss who is not a DB or IT person, is expecting me to produce something by the end of the year.
Adam Schwanz
16 days ago
Hey Lisa, you should be able to do this with either a module + an update query manually or with record sets. Record sets are probably out of your current scope.

Update Queries may be able to help you. Basically just make an if/then statement in a module to tell it how many hours to give to all of your employees based on start date (if they have varying amounts), and then tell it what to do with any that's already in there before you run it (if PTO <> 0 then PTO = PTO + NewHours kinda thing). Then just manually run it when it's time to add new PTO time.
Adam Schwanz
16 days ago
Alternatively, I'm not sure how soon Rick has this on the table, but there is also AccessDev.NET as an option.
Richard Rost
16 days ago
It's definitely on the list. It's not on top, but it's on there. I've never done this kind of a database before, so I need to know what kinds of crazy rules ya'll have for giving and using vacation time. Building the database is a piece of cake (for me, at least). Understanding all of the rules are the hard part. Once we have those down, I can code it. I built a payroll system years ago for a client. Didn't know anything about payroll at the time. He gave me a concise list of all the rules, deductions, percentages, etc. and that made it super easy for me. So, Lisa and John, if you guys can give me an EXACT list of what all the rules are, I'd be happy to put something together - and yes, definitely by the end of the year. I think this would sell well as a template.
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