Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.
-Nelson Mandela
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My Online Learning Partner

My Online Learning Partner (MYOLPis a membership program where you can learn from any and all of my video courses and eBooks for one low annual price.

What's included?

When you join MYOLP, you get access to ALL of the standard course video tutorials and PDF handbooks in your membership level that are currently available. Please check my Course Outline for a complete list of available courses. My most popular course offering is Microsoft Access, but this membership type includes ALL of my topics including Word, Excel, and lots more. So if you want a well-rounded education, this is the membership type for you. If you're looking for JUST Access, then you may want to consider my Learning Connection program.

What are membership levels?

There are three different membership levels: BeginnerExpert, and Developer.

  • The Beginner level includes all Beginner courses (100-level for older materials).
  • The Expert level includes all Expert courses (200-level) and some Seminars & Templates.
  • The Developer level includes all Advanced and Developer courses (300-level) plus some additional Seminars.

What does membership cost?

You can either pay for an annual or lifetime.

Duration Beginner Expert Developer
Annual $79 $369 $999
Lifetime $299 $1999 $5999

What's included?

Membership levels include everything below them too. So, for example, if you become a Developer-level member, you get access to ALL of my Beginner courses, ALL of my Expert courses, ALL of my Advanced and Developer-level courses, ALL of the PDF handbooks for those lessons, and some Seminars & Templates. That's a LOT of material.

How can I view my courses?

You can log on any time right here on my web site and watch your courses whenever you wish. As long as you remain a MYOLP member, you have full access to all of the materials in your membership level. You watch your lessons right in your web browser using the Online Theater.

Can I cancel at any time?

You must agree to remain a member for a minimum of one year. After that, you can cancel any time you wish. Of course, once your membership is canceled, you will no longer have access to your lessons. If you experience a hardship and need to pause your membership, contact me. I can always to put your account ON HOLD. I know things happen - loss of a job, sickness, global pandemic, etc. I will work with you as best I can.

After the first year, annual members will be billed monthly at 1/12th their annual rate. This is to make it easier on your when renewal time comes around. You won't have to come up with another large annual fee. Essentially, you pay month-to-month after your first year at a reduced rate. Of course, if you wish to cancel, contact me before your year is up.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, of course. You can upgrade your membership at any time to the next level. You will just pay the pro-rated difference in the membership types for the remainder of your current billing period. If you sign up for a single year and wish to upgrade to a lifetime membership, I will apply what you paid for your first year to the lifetime membership, provided you do so before your first year expires.

May I share my account?

No. Like my regular lessons, MYOLP memberships are sold on a PER-USER basis. You may not share your account with others. It's only fair. I don't mind if you share your account with your spouse or kids that live at home, but that's all. Immediate family living with you only. Business users may NOT share one account between multiple users. I do offer discounts for businesses and educational institutions that want to sign up multiple users. Contact me.

Will I get newly released courses?

Yes. Absolutely. I try to release new courses every week. As these new courses are released, you will have access to any courses that fall within your membership level. In addition, you'll sometimes have access to special members-only pre-release events where you can watch videos before they're finished, submit questions, and participate in development of the class!

Are Seminars and Templates included?

Some, but not all of my Seminars and Templates are included in MYOLP. Some are not. Contact me for specifics. Even for those items that are not included, you will still receive a 50% discount (digital items only). 

Is the ABCD included?

Sorry, but the ABCD (Access Business & Contact Database) is a separate non-teaching product. It is considered a Template and is not included in the MYOLP program. 


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New Pricing Link 
Richard Rost         
7 months ago
Hey folks. A few people recently have asked me about memberships. I just updated the pricing on MYOLP memberships AND I've added a new Monthly option (it was only Annual and Lifetime before). If you're not looking for an "all-you-can-eat" option like this, I also have the Learning Connection available where you get one new course per week (or any interval) and get 50% off. Read More...
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