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Learning Connection

Receive a new class every week. Save 50%

Ready to learn Access, Excel, Word, and more? With a membership to Learning Connection, you get a new hour-long video tutorial every week with an automatic 50% discount. You can cancel at any time.

  • Step 1. Pick which courses you want to learn (Access, Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Step 2. Each week you get one (1) new hour-long course
  • Step 3. Pay my lowest possible price
  • Step 4. Enjoy your lessons!

As a member, you're saving 50% OFF the full retail price of the class. You get the first two levels (Beginner Levels 1 & 2) of each topic (Word, Excel, Access, etc.) for $1. After that you get a new course each week at a 50% discount. There's no limit to the number of classes you can receive with this discount. This is a fantastic deal.

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How does it work?

Signing up for Learning Connection is quick and simple. First, you select which topics you're interested in. For example you might select Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word. You will get Beginner Levels 1 and 2 for $1. Then, each week, you will get another tutorial from the list of topics you have chosen at a 50% discount. You'll get a new tutorial each week, and you can cancel at any time.

What does it cost to join?

There is no cost to join the Learning Connection. This is a discount membership. In other words, as long as you're a member, you get a 50% discount off the normal retail prices of my courses, seminars, and tutorials.

What do the lessons cost?

You can find the full retail prices on my Order Form.

Why should I join?

You can always purchase courses one-at-a-time whenever you'd like. However, as you move from beginner to expert, and then advanced lessons, the cost of the courses goes up. More difficult material is more expensive, per student, for me to produce as fewer people sign up for more advanced lessons, like the developer series. Why? See this. However, as a member of Learning Connection, you lock in your 50% discount as long as you're a member. Every week, you'll get a new lesson and my best possible price. No surprises. No need to wait for a special or sale.

Can I start with advanced lessons?
No. You have to start with Beginner Level 1 & 2 courses in each topic. Then, after you've taken the Level 1 & 2 courses, the following week you will receive Level 3, then Level 4, and so on (or 101, 102, 103 for the older lessons). You can't skip lessons. The Learning Connection membership is for the beginning learner who wants to advance with a new lesson each week. You will, however, get a 50% member discount on any advanced tutorials if there is a specific lesson you want to skip ahead to.

What if I don't need Beginner lessons?

Some of my Beginner lessons really should be called "Fundamentals" because there is a lot of good foundational information in there - especially in my Access classes. It's a lot of stuff you might not know, even if you've been working with Access for years. I'd rather have you watch all of the Beginner lessons up front, even if you don't think you need them, then come back later frustrated. Why should you not skip lessons? See this.

What about Seminars and Templates?

The Connection program doesn't include Seminars or Templates. You will, however, get a 50% member discount on any seminar you wish to purchase. Just contact me.

What about discounts from other membership types?

Membership discounts are not cumulative. Sorry. You will get the best possible discount from all of your different membership types. So if you're a Gold TechHelp member and a Learning Connection member, your discount will be 50%. 

What if I already have some of your lessons?

If you've already purchased some of my lessons, then you can skip over the ones you already have. My database is programmed to automatically skip them when you get to them. If, for example, you've already purchased Access Beginner 1, 2, and 3, then You'll start at Level 4 for your Learning Connection membership. If you've purchased classes in the middle, my database will automatically skip over those for you. I take care of everything.

What if I take all of the courses in one topic?

If you manage to watch all of the courses in the topics you've selected, then your Learning Connection account will be placed on hold until more courses in those topics are released OR you decide to add more topics to your account.

How many lessons are there for each subject?

That's different for each topic. Can find the complete course listing on my Order page or the Courses pages. For example, right now (as of 2024) for Microsoft Access there are 9 Beginner courses, followed by 32 Expert courses, 6 Advanced courses, and 45 Developer courses. New courses are released regularly.

Can I get my courses on CD?

I no longer ship courses on CD. Everything is available online only.

In what order will my courses arrive?

You will receive courses from the categories you select, starting with the most basic levels, then moving up to the next levels as soon as all of the beginner courses are completed. For example, let's say you pick Word, Excel, and Access as your three topics of interest. In week 1, you'll get Word 1. In week 2, you'll get Excel 1. Week 3, Access 1. Then in week 4, you'll get Word 2, followed by Excel 2, then Access 2. This will continue until all of your selected topics are exhausted. This is only a guideline, however. If you want to finish all of one topic before moving to another, that's OK too. Just let me know when you sign up.

Do I have to remain a member to keep my courses?
No. The courses you receive each week as a Learning Connection member are yours to keep. If you cancel your account, you can still keep all of the courses you've paid for up to that point. They are added directly to your account. You do not have to remain a member to keep them.

Can I really cancel at any time?
Yes. There is a link on your My Account page to cancel your membership. If you do decide to cancel your membership, you will have to start over from the Beginner courses again. I do this because a lot of people sign up for a month, cancel, come back 3 months later to get one free class, cancel again, etc. They do this just to get the discount. I would rather have you keep your membership active.

Can I pause delivery of courses?
Yes. There is a link on your My Account page to pause your account for up to one month. If you have a hardship (loss of job, medical, etc.) and need to pause for longer, then just contact me and let me know. I'll be happy to pause your membership for you if that's the case, as long as you don't abuse it.

Can I get more than one class per week?
Sure. You can take the classes faster than one per week if you want to. There is a link on your My Account page to have the next class sent immediately (you'll get it within a few minutes). If you want to take a long weekend to binge-watch lessons, you can get the next 3 or 4 in a row all at once. The key is that you watch them in order, and don't skip levels

What if once a week is too fast?
If you're having a hard time keeping up, you can slow the delivery down to once every two weeks, or even once a month. The default is once per week, and I recommend you give that a try first. If you can't keep up, there is a link on your My Account page to slow down delivery. You must get at least one course per month to remain a member. I find that getting a new class once a week is best because it might prompt you to get off your butt and start learning. If you have 2 or 3 of them piling up in your inbox, it might give you that nudge to get working.

What if I'm going on vacation for a few weeks?

There is a link on your My Account page to pause your account for up to one month.

What about new topics?
When new topics are released, we'll add them to the Learning Connection list and you'll be able to add those as topics of interest for your course queue. At any time you see a new type of course released on the web site, just let me know you're interested and I'll add it for you.

Will I qualify for upgrades?
Most likely, depending on the course, yes. As long as the material is similar to what was covered in the old version, then yes, you will get a free upgrade if it has been less than a year since you purchased the original. If it's been longer than a year, you pay $1 for the upgrade fee. If the course is significantly different than the original, you can purchase it with your 50% discount.

What about course handbooks?
There are printable PDF handbooks that supplement most of my video courses. They are available as part of your Learning Connection membership as well, for a small additional charge. If you don't want the handbooks on your account, let me know. I can remove them. However, they do make an excellent resource to follow along with as you're watching the video, or to reference later. I no longer offer printed (paper) handbooks.

Is there anything that is not included?
You can use your Learning Connection discount for any of my regular full courses, PDF handbooks, seminars, and templates. Just use the discount link that you will receive with your welcome email to place your order. Your discount can not be applied to other memberships (TechHelp, MYOLP, etc.) or with other discounts (holiday promotions, specials, etc.)

Why are you doing this? Aren't you losing money?
I decided to create the Learning Connection program for a couple of reasons. One of the biggest complaints I get is that my advanced developer lessons cost a lot of money. Some of them are over $60 for an hour-long tutorial. Since far fewer people purchase the advanced lessons than the beginner lessons, I have to charge more to make it worth while to develop the lessons. You can read more about this here. So, this new Learning Connection program will allow more people to afford my advanced lessons.

I don't want new customers to just be able to buy the advanced lessons cheaply, so this program ensures that the people who are benefiting have already purchased all of the previous lessons, and have already invested their time with learning all of my previous materials. I'm OK with that.
Plus, from a business-model viewpoint, memberships allow me to regulate my revenue stream, while at the same time greatly benefiting my customers with lower prices. It's a win-win situation for you and me. It also helps me to determine what courses to work on next. If I have a bunch of people signed up for Access lessons and I can see they are ready for another Developer class, that's what I work on next.

Got questions?
Do you have a question about the Learning Connection that I haven't answered here? Contact me or feel free to post it here below for everyone's benefit.

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Technical Support Not Provided

Signing up for a Membership of any kind gives you access to specific perks as listed. If you have questions about the material covered in a specific course, feel free to post them in the Student Forum for that course. If you have other non-related questions you would like to submit to be considered for a TechHelp video, you will be given priority consideration over non-members, however an answer is NOT in any way guaranteed. Even in the event your question is accepted, the waiting list is generally several weeks long. I will answer your question IF I think it makes for a good video. Otherwise, I will do my best to point you to another video (free or paid) that may answer your question.

Membership does NOT include free technical support for your database problems. I do my best to answer questions for my students as I have time, however it is NEVER guaranteed. As of June 2021, I no longer provide Technical Support. If you are looking for someone to help you with your database, whether it needs troubleshooting or you want someone to add something to it for you, feel free to post your request in my Access Developer Network. I've got a group of very knowledgeable Developer students who love helping people.

TechHelp is for generic questions that I can make videos to answer for lots of people to enjoy. "How do I...?" type questions. It's not to get support for your database issues. Sorry. There are only so many hours in the day, and I can't help everyone myself.


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