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People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

-Isaac Asimov
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A lot of the time when I go to answer some of your questions in the Forums, or on a class page, I have to look up your record in my customer database so I know what level to answer your question at. If you're just a Beginner user, then I know I have to answer your question a certain way. If you're a Developer user, you might get a different answer. I've also noticed a lot of you helping each other in the Forums, which is fantastic. So this will help you also know what kind of a user you're having a conversation with, and where they're from. Plus, it's fun!

These are the people who approve your posts and help to answer your questions. Be nice to them. Richard and Alex.

More people who approve your posts and help to answer your questions... Adam, Dan, John, JuanKevin, and Scott.

Remember, the moderators are volunteers - not paid employees. They help you on their own free will from the kindness of their hearts. Be super nice to them. 

If one of the moderators has been helpful to you by answering your questions in the Forums, please feel free to donate to their Tip Jar.

Access Beginner - Started
This user has started the Access Beginner series
Access Beginner - Completed
This user has completed all of the classes in the Access Beginner series
Access Expert - Started
This user has started the Access Expert series
Access Expert - Completed
This user has completed all of the classes in the Access Expert series
Access Developer - Started
This user has started the Access Developer series
Access Developer - Completed
This user has completed all of the classes in the Access Developer series
MYOLP Beginner
A Beginner in the My Online Learning Partner Membership Program
MYOLP Expert
An Expert in the My Online Learning Partner Membership Program
MYOLP Developer
A Developer in the My Online Learning Partner Membership Program
Learning Connection Member
A member of the Learning Connection Membership Program
Insider Circle Member
Special Membership No Longer Available to New Members. Sorry.

TechHelp Members

This badge denotes TechHelp Members. Silver Members get access to my Extended Cut videos. Gold Members get access to the Code Vault and Downloads folder. Platinum Members get even more perks! Click for details.

Silver Member
Gold Member
Platinum Member


You'll get a badge once you've been a student of mine after 1, 5, 10, and 15 years. Your anniversary date is based on the day you enrolled in (purchased) your first class. I created in 2002, so we celebrated our 20th Anniversary in 2022. We've still got a few 20-year students floating around. If you think your date is wrong, let me know.

   One, Two, Three Years
Five Years
Ten Years
Fifteen Years
Twenty Years

Rank Insignia

Everyone in The Fleet gets a rank which is based on a proprietary formula. Find out more here.

Fleet Admiral
Vice Admiral
Rear Admiral, 2 Star
Rear Admiral, 1 Star
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Petty Officer

Special Badges

These are special badges given out by me to people based on various factors. 

Access Veteran - given to my Access students who have shown that they are willing and able to help other students in need in the Forums. Thanks!
Tipped the Moderators - this is special badge given to anyone who has generously tipped the moderators for helping them in the Forums. My moderators and admins are all volunteers. If one of them has helped you, please consider donating to their Tip Jar.


These are badges given to people who have received special industry-recognized certifications.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert - This person has completed the MOS certification skills test for Access, Expert level. Click here for details.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Some random things, stuff, and things...

Likes - If you like what someone has to say, give 'em a Like. If someone helps you out in the Forums, show your appreciation by slammin' on that Like button.
Richard's Gold Star - this is awarded when Richard "likes" your post. You must really be special. :)
Consider yourself a Trekkie? Take the quiz. Earn the badge.
By special request. Alex wanted it.

World Flags

I only added the flags for the top countries that my students are from (listed in order of popularity). If your country isn't listed here, just contact me and I'll be happy to add it for you. Likewise, if you don't want your location to be known, please let me know.

United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
South Africa
Hong Kong

Tell me what you think in the comments below.


Comments for Badges
Age Subject From
12 monthsWorld FlagSherwin Pajarillo
16 monthsFlagMario Mejia
2 yearsMilitary RankJohn Yeung
2 yearsTaiwanJames Chang
3 yearsNew Badge Access VeteranRichard Rost
4 yearsBadges ShortenedRichard Rost
4 yearsCustomer Since DateJames Gray
4 yearsNew Badges AddedRichard Rost
4 yearsShow CountryAlex Hedley
4 yearsBadges ChecklistAlex Hedley
4 yearsBadgesDave Ingram
4 yearsShow them ALL?Richard Rost
4 yearsBadgesAlex Hedley
4 yearsBadgesJan Holm


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