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Microsoft Access Developer 14

Easy Access POS, Lessons 1-5 (2 Hours, 40 Minutes)

Lots of people have asked me to build an easy-to-use and easy-to-customize POS system in Access. Access Developer 14 covers just that. We will begin building something that I call the Easy Access POS. This will be a full-featured Point of Sale system that is built completely in Microsoft Access that you will be able to customize to your needs. Whether or not you need a POS system, the techniques and concepts covered in these lessons are a must for any Access developer. 


Begin Course: Lesson 1


What's Covered

In Lesson 1 we will begin by learning about the database we're going to be building: The Easy Access POS. We'll talk about the features it will have, see the layout of the screens, and discuss possible future upgrades. Lots of you have asked me to spend more time on planning and laying out databases ahead of time. Here you go!

In Lesson 2 we will review the comments from Lesson 1, go over some changes, and begin building the tables for the POS database.

In Lesson 3 we are continuing with building the tables for our POS database.

In Lesson 4 we we will start building the Order Form, adding the Category, Product, and Option Lists.

In Lesson 5 we will build the form that allows us to select a Group and then the Person from that group to be saved on the Order Form.



Developer 15 Next Link 
Richard Rost 
Sun 7/19
OK folks, that's all for Developer 14. I've got the page up for Developer 15. I'm going to send out emails today to everyone letting you know whether or not you're enrolled already (some of you have pre-purchased it, and members will get it automatically, of course).
Richard Rost
Sun 7/19
I am hoping to have the first lesson for Developer 15 published in the next couple of days. Again, this is an estimate, not a promise.
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Lesson 5 Posted Link 
Richard Rost 
Fri 7/17
Lesson 5 is finished and online. I built the Group and Person Select Form so you can pick who the order is for. We'll get to Multi-Select List Boxes in the next class, Developer 15.
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Lesson 4 Posted Link 
Richard Rost 
Tue 7/14
Sorry for taking so long to get Lesson 4 ready. I've had some fires to put out (personal and professional). But it's ready for your viewing pleasure.

Some of you have also asked for links to download the videos so you can watch them offline. You'll now find a link to download each lesson below it. Sorry, I'm not going to ZIP them up like I used to. Now that I'm recording in HD, the video file sizes are much larger. A single ZIP file for a whole course will be over 300 MB. Plus, MP4 is already a pretty well compressed file format, so ZIP won't be saving much space. Read More...
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Sorry for the Delay Link 
Richard Rost 
Hey guys, sorry for the delay getting the next lesson out. I had a huge fire on the web site I had to put out and it took most of my holiday weekend to fix it. I've spent 3 days working on something that is because one of my vendors (a major corporation who shall remain nameless) has absolutely HORRIBLE documentation and something that should have been easily fixed took me (a seasoned IT expert) way more time than it should have to get working. Anyhow... I plan to spend tomorrow doing some recording and should have the next lesson and some other goodies ready ASAP.
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Lessons 2 and 3 posted Link 
Richard Rost 
OK folks. Lessons 2 and 3 are online. Enjoy
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