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Seminars are lessons that cover a specific topic, or have a singular goal, such as learning how to search for information in your database, or work with SQL. They do not necessarily fall into line with the regular sequential courses. Check the specific Seminar page for more information on what's covered, and if there are any pre-requisites.

New Releases
Access Genealogy Seminar

Do you want build a database for Genealogy? This 8-hour seminar will allow you to track your ancestry, build a graphical family tree, and lots more. Also available as just a template.
Access SharePoint Seminar

Do you want to share your Microsoft Access database online with other users? In this seminar, I will teach you how to set up a SharePoint database, publish your tables to it, distribute your database to other users, and lots more.
Mailing Label Seminar

Add mailing labels to your database. Enter individual labels manually, add directly from your customer form, insert blank labels on top of the sheet, delete all labels with one click, duplicate labels, print all active customers selected to get your mailing list. More!

Access 2019 for Beginners

Everything the absolute beginner needs to know to get up and running with Microsoft Access in about 30 minutes. Build basic tables, queries, forms, and reports.


Easy Access POS Seminar

An easy to use and fully customizable Point of Sale system built completely in Microsoft Access. Currently in development with the Access Developer students. You can participate in building this database by enrolling in Access Developer 14.
Coming Soon
Popular Seminars
Search Seminar

Learn just about everything there is to know about searching, sorting, and filtering in your Access databases. We'll cover everything from basic find & replace to advanced query parameters, working with NULL values, custom SQL forms, and lots more.
Email Seminar

Learn just about everything there is to know about sending and receiving Email with Microsoft Access - with and without Microsoft Outlook.
Loan Amortization

Learn how to calculate monthly payments, a complete loan amortization schedule, and generate reports such as an aged accounts receivable.
Relationship Seminar

Learn just about everything there is to know about relationships in Microsoft Access. We will build eight (8) different database projects so you can see how to set up good relationships between your tables.
Calendar Seminar

Manage your appointments in Access. Create printable monthly calendar reports and more, right from inside of an Access database. 
Work Order Seminar

Although the title of this course says "Work Order Seminar," it's much more than that. You will learn everything you need to design a database to run a service-oriented business. Learn everything from work orders and scheduling to invoicing, job costing, and more.
Payables Seminar

Design a database to manage the accounts payable and bill payments for your small business and personal finances.
Security Seminars
Access Security Seminar

Learn how to properly secure your databases. Control and monitor everything your users do. Manage the "work flow" of your database
Split Database Security Learn how to set up a database with multiple back-end files: one that every database user can access, and another for sensitive information, such as financial data, that only a small, select group of users can access.
Data Encryption Seminar Lock down the data in your tables so that nobody can see your private information. Scramble & encrypt sensitive data to keep it from prying eyes. This is a good solution for securing data without the need for an expensive database server platform. Works great with the techniques taught in our Access Security Seminar.
SQL Seminars
SQL Seminar Part 1 Learn how to program using the SQL language to greatly enhance your Access databases. Learn the basics of SELECT queries, WHERE conditions, and ORDER BY clauses.
SQL Seminar Part 2

Supercharge your Access databases with the full power of SQL. This seminar will focus primarily on action queries to manipulate the data in your tables, but lots of other topics are covered as well. Learn the one type of query you need to use SQL for: UNION queries. Tons of examples.
SQL Seminar Part 3 This seminar is all about manipulating the structure of your Access database - building and modifying tables and queries with SQL commands. The techniques in this seminar are especially useful for the administrator or developer who has to support remote database files. You can now update them (add a table, change a field, etc.) with simple SQL commands.
Other Seminars
Registration Seminar Learn how to protect your Access database so you can give or sell it to others, and they will be required to register their copy of the database with you. This prevents theft and piracy, and protects your intellectual property.
Asset Management Seminar Learn how to build a database to manage your assets. You will learn how to create grouped assets (with unlimited grouping levels), track locations, owners, values, and keep a complete log of changes to the asset's history.
DateTime Seminar Learn how to count the number of work days between two dates, determine if a date is a week day or a weekend day, calculate holidays, time stamp edited records, use event timers in your database to create popup notifications for reminders, generate recurring appointments, and calculate the number of a particular weekday (Friday) in any period (January). Lots more.
Open Other Programs Learn how to open external files and programs from Access. Load Word for documents, Acrobat for PDF files, etc. Open Google Maps directly to specific addresses. Lots more.
Fiscal Year Seminar Learn how to perform fiscal year calculations and summaries in Access database queries and reports.
Imaging Seminar Learn how to work with images and other objects (OLE, pictures, etc.) in your Access datbases. Learn how to work with images and other objects in your Access databases. Learn how to use images without having to store them in your database.
Web Database Seminar Share your Microsoft Access data on the Web. Build a web-based interface for your Access database using HTML and ASP (Active Server Pages).
Web Sync Seminar Use Access to pull data from Web sites, or publish your data back up to the Web.


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