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Access Mailing Label Seminar

Welcome to the Microsoft Access Mailing Label Seminar. Total running time is 52 minutes

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Topics Covered

In this Seminar, you will learn how to work with mailing labels. You will:

  • Build a standalone Mailing Label Table & Form
  • Design Mailing Labels
  • Insert Blank Fields on Top
  • Create Multiple Blank Labels (Loop)
  • Delete All Labels with One Click
  • VBA to Add Customers to Labels
  • Make X Copies of a Label
  • Full Sheet of the Same Label
  • Add Active Customers to Labels for Newsletters
  • Total Run Time: 53 Minutes



Purchase Now

You can purchase the full seminar, which includes 53 minutes of video instruction covering how the database was built, an explanation of all the features, and tips on how to integrate it with your database. Click on the Buy Now button to order.

Template Only

Click here if you just want to purchase the database template alone, without any instructional videos.


Got questions or comments? Post em below!


Hide Label Image Upload Images   Link  
Maggie M 
4 days ago
Thanks for the label mailing template & seminar, Richard. Nicely done as usual. I want to put a Logo on my labels. Can I hide that image to make a blank label at the beginning of the sheet? The problem I have with the label wizard is that it will not recognize a field if you change the field name in the table. I used the wizard to make my labels before getting your seminar, & I was unable to change a field originally named "Description" to "ItemTitle." Another Access "peave" to add to your list.
Richard Rost
17 hours ago
It's possible, but it will involve some programming. Perhaps I'll make an addendum lesson.
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postal bar codes Upload Images   Link  
Scott Arnopol 
55 days ago
Can Access insert postal bar codes on the label, either above or below the address? If so, how can this be accomplished?
Scott Axton
55 days ago
Scott -
I had a mailing service for 19 years before I closed my business about a year ago.

Yes -  Access should be able to print the Postal Barcode no problems.  I used to merge from Word all the time in addition to the specialized machines I had.
You will need a special font - The fonts I have on my computer are USPS4CB and USPSIMBStandard.  Google those.

Be aware that the requirements are quite complex to create  a valid IMB Bar Code.  It's based on Address, Zip Code, Check Digits, and a number of other things to create the "string" that the barcode uses.
Not quiet as simple as the old PostNet bar code that used to be used.

Also do a search on the USPS website for IMB Barcode.
This web site will give you a taste for what is needed in creating the IMB.
Richard Rost
54 days ago
Wow. That's all new to me, Scott. I haven't done anything with postal barcodes since PostNet back in Word 2003, I think. LOL
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Record Count Upload Images   Link  
Alex Hedley 
2 years ago
Although we've got the record count along the bottom in the selector I think it would be handy to have a large number in the top section showing so you know when your ready to print a full page
Might need a settings table where you put Page Count so you can have 25/30 (5 remaining) or some helpful calculations.
Richard Rost
2 years ago
Good idea, but this would have to be something the user would have to enter. Every label size produces a different number of labels per page. I thought about making multiple label reports and a list that users can pick from. Maybe one day you want the 30-per-day sheet of small labels. Another day you want larger quarter-page labels for shipping. Anyone interested in that?
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