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Access Developer Courses

After you've finished the Beginner, Expert, and Advanced series, move up to the Developer Lessons to learn how to super-charge your databases with programming in Visual Basic for Applications. Most of these courses work with every version from Access 2007 thru 2021 and 365.


Developer 1
1 hour 5 minutes

Introduction to Access VBA
Statements, Procedures, Parameters
Multiple Command Arguments
SetWarnings, OpenQuery
If / Then / Else Statements
GoToControl, GoToRecord
Add New Customer Button
AfterUpdate Events in VBA

Developer 2
1 hour 22 minutes

Building a Calculator Form
Basic Debug, On Error Resume Next
Creating Subs with Parameters
Select Case Statements
Creating Functions
Returning Values from Functions
Comments, Line Continuation
More MsgBox Options
RunSQL, Insert Into

Developer 3
1 hour 23 minutes

Variables, Dim, Initializing
MsgBox as a Function
Random Numbers, Rnd, Randomize
Constants, Const Keyword
InputBox Function
Math Quiz Form
For Next Loops
Data Types in VBA
Quick Add Sales Rep

Developer 4
1 hour 35 minutes

Notes on Order Details
DLOOKUP from Product Table
Change Size of Field in OnGotFocus
Constants, Const Keyword
OnDblClick Event
Sales Commissions by Order Amt
Commission Range Brackets
DMAX and DLOOKUP together
Use SQL to Load Order List

Developer 5
1 hour 40 minutes

Pay Employee Commissions
Commission Check Form
Move Between Two List Boxes

Drag and Drop Alternative
Printing Checks
Convert Currency to English Text
Find Largest Check Number
Format Laser Printable Checks
Processing Commission Checks

Developer 6
1 hour 38 minutes

Converting Macros to VBA Code
Quote or Invoice Button & Report
Enhanced Timer Form
One Second Timer with Countdown
OnTimer and TimerInterval
Cascading Combo Boxes
Select Category, Limit Product
Automated Backups
Backup Specific Tables, Database

Developer 7
1 hour 12 minutes

Partial Payments on Invoices
Refreshing Subforms in VBA
Form ! Subform Notation
vbExclamation, vbCritical
Don't Allow Payments if PAID
NZ Function to Handle Null Payments
Hide Fields on Invoice by Criteria
Can Shrink Issue for Hidden Fields
Adding Missing Fields to Subforms

Developer 8
1 hour 20 minutes

More Partial Payments Invoices
Combo DropDown Method
On Unload Event
Locking Invoices if Paid
Creating a Public Global Function
Globally Search VBA Code
Allow Additions, Edits, Deletions VBA
Search As You Type
On Key Press, On Change Events

Developer 9
2 hours 32 minutes

Add Search Form to Main Menu
Fixing Delete a Payment Problem
Lock or Unlock if Invoice Paid
Test Taker Database, Part 1
Table Setup, Relationships, Ref Integrity
Dept, Class, Test, Question, Answer
Multiple Choice v. Fill in the Blank
Continuous Form with Subform
Begin Taking Test, Save All Results

Developer 10
1 hour 30 minutes

Test Taker Database, Part 2
Determine Which Question to Ask
Display List Box for Multiple Choice
Display Text Box for Fill-in-the-Blank
Check Answer for Correctness
Store Results in Session Answer Table
Calculate Student's Grade
Store Results in Answer Table
NZ, StrComp, Round Functions

Developer 11
1 hour 44 minutes

Test Taker Database, Part 3
Display Question 1 of X
Close Child Forms if Parent Closed
Tracking Start and End Times
Display Timer on Form, Timeout
RGB Function and Colors
Calculate Elapsed Time
Universal Dialog Box, Part 1
Customized uDialog Box with Options

Developer 12
1 hour 50 minutes

Universal Dialog Box, Parts 2 & 3
Add OK, Cancel Buttons
DoEvents in Timer Loops
Global Variables, While Loops
Custom Form Positioning
Move, Resize Form Windows VBA
Twips, InsideHeight, InsideWidth
External String Manager
Dynamic Labels on Forms and Reports

Developer 13
1 hour 52 minutes

Search Between Dates
Before, After, Between Date Search
Select Case Control Structure
Tuition With Multiple Options
Billing on Grade Level
Variable Discounts Applicable
Same as Products w Different Features
Multi Field Index / Composite Keys
Pricing Wizard Form

Developer 14
2 hours 40 minutes

Easy Access POS Part 1
Planning the Point of Sale System
Advanced Design Preparation
Detailed List of Features
Building the Tables, Relationships
Barcode Scanner Considerations
Main Order Entry Form
Category, Product List Boxes
Group, Person Forms

Developer 15
1 hour 45 minutes

Move Between Two List Boxes
Passing a Control as a Parameter
Advanced Debugging
Custom Error Handler
Immediate, Watches, Breakpoints
Multi-Select List Boxes
ListCount, ItemData, ItemsSelected
For Each Loops
db.Execute vs. DoCmd.RunSQL

Developer 16
1 hour 58 minutes

More Multi-Select List Boxes
Visual Glitch in List Box Selection
Formatting, Colors in a List Box
On Mouse Move Event
Recordsets, Part 1
Looping Thru Records in a Recordset
Adding Records to Unbound List Box
RemoveItem from Single List Box
Dealing with No Records: EOF, BOF

Developer 17
1 hour 24 minutes

Remove from Multi-Select Listbox
Single-column, Multiple-column boxes
Export Single Customer PDF Files
DoCmd.OutputTo, acFormatPDF
DLookupPlus Function
Example: Sales Reps and States Covered
    Joe: NY, TX, FL
    Sue: PA, CA

Developer 18
2 hours 46 minutes

Progress Bars
What's Faster: SQL or Recordset
Calculate Elapsed Time
Show Time Remaining
Navigating Recordsets: Move First
   Previous, Next, Last
Edit, AddNew, Update, Delete, Sort
Developer 19
2 hours 24 minutes
Bound Multi-Select List Boxes
Nested Recordset Loops
Chef's Kitchen Helper
What Dishes Can I Make w Ingredients
Remove Ingredients from Pantry Inventory
Developer 20
2 hours 26 minutes
OpenDatabase Command
Recordsets to External Database
Multiple Nested Loops
TreeView Control
Self Joins
Developer 21
1 hours 57 minutes
Scrubbing Data
Nested Continuous Subforms
Side-by-Side Subforms
Parent Breadcrumbs
Developer 22
2 hours 51 minutes
Tag Property
For Each Loops
Apply Payments to Multiple Orders
Numbering Rows with Counter
Manual Order, Auto Renumber
Me.SelHeight Property
Developer 23
4 hours 38 minutes
Rental History Tracking
Scan Items Out by Customer
Batch Scan Items Back In
Order Entry, Printable Invoicing
Inventory Tracking, Ship Products
Lock Order, Remove on Hand
Developer 24
1 hour 54 minutes
Reservation System
Rules For Reserving (dates, length, etc.)
Conflict Resolution
Copy Record with Children
Recordset Copy
Loop through Fields Collection
Developer 25
2 hours 14 minutes
ByRef v ByVal
Return Multiple Values from Function
ActiveForm, ActiveControl
Product Groups
Add Packages / Bundles to Orders
Hide $0.00 on Invoice
Developer 26
2 hours 20 minutes
Two Search Forms
Dynamic SQL Statements
Filter Boxes, Sort by Column Header
Criteria Table: Unlimited Conditions
TableDefs, Fields Collection
Field Properties, Data Type
Developer 27
4 hours 57 minutes
Scanning & Printing Barcodes
QR Codes
Download Images from Web
Scanning Items In/Out of Inventory
Tracking Individual Serial Numbers
Printing Full Sheets of Labels
Developer 28
3 hours 28 minutes
Time & Billing
Report Criteria from Open Form
Customer-Specific Pricing
Send Email using CDO
Batch Print or Email Invoices
Round Up to 15 Minute Increments
Developer 29
1 hour 37 minutes
Product Components
Assemble a Product from Parts
Calculate Margin from Markup
FIFO Stock Rotation
Remove from Invoice
Back to Inventory
Developer 30
2 hours 30 minutes
Classic VB File Input/Output
Read & Write Text Files
Import Files Over 2 GB in Size
Open, Close, Print, Line Input
Customer Data Changes by Text
Load Responses from Surveys to Table
Developer 31
2 hours 24 minutes
Classic VB File Handling
Navigate Files & Folders
Dir, GetAttr, FileLen, MkDir, Kill, Name
ShellExecute to Open Files
FileCopy, FileExists, FolderExists
File, FolderNameFromPath
Compact Multiple Backend Files
Developer 32
3 hours 1 minute
Export Report as HTML
Auto FTP Files to Web Server
Currency Conversion
Get Value from Web API
Customer Groups
Search in ANY or ALL Groups
On Delete Event Handling
Developer 33
2 hours 21 minutes
Relinking Back-End Files
Auto Send and Relink Access, SQL Server
File System Object, Lessons 1 & 2
Early v. Late Binding
Create a Folder, Subfolders
Determine Size of Folder
File / Folder Properties & Attributes
Developer 34
1 hour 47 minutes
File System Object, Lessons 3 - 5
Copy & Move Folders
Read & Write Text Files
Outlook Send Email Attachments
Convert Early to Late Binding
Customer Export & Import Changes
Track Changes Log

Developer 35
1 hour 20 minutes

File System Object, Lessons 6 - 7
List of Drives, DriveLetter, Available Space
Drive Serial Number, DriveType
GetDrive, GetDriveName
GetParentFolderName, GetFile
On Not In List Event
Adding Items to Combo or List Boxes
List Items Edit Form

Developer 36
2 hours 31 minutes

Preventing Duplicates
Composite Keys
Have Not Ordered
Single Product
Any, All, No Products
Lots More!

Developer 37
2 hours 53 minutes

Custom List Box Columns
Store Field Data in Table
Selected, Width, Name, Caption
Change Record Source
Use Any Table or Query. QueryDefs
Dynamically Resize Form & Fields
Custom Label Headings that Move!

Developer 38
3 hours 7 minutes

Working with Multivalued Fields
Reading MVF Data with VBA
Replacing MVF with Relational Table
Multi-Select Listbox for MVF Selection
Creating an Image Gallery
Multiple Columns in a Continuous Form
Functions as Event Handlers
Passing Variants to Allow Null Values

Developer 39
2 hours 54 minutes

Searchable Document Index
Store Document Text, Search Keywords
Microsoft Word Automation
Convert PDF to TXT, DOCX to Text
Index Individual Keywords
Search In Open Recordsets
rs.FindFirst, rs.NoMatch

Developer 40
3 hours 26 minutes

Build a Countdown Timer Form
Program Custom Color Schemes
Change Conditional Formatting in VBA
Windows Color Picker Dialog
User Created Color Schemes
Windows Font Dialog

Developer 41
2 hours 9 minutes

Form Zoom
Resize Controls & Font Sizes
Sections, Subforms
Form On Error Event
Form-Level Error Handlers
Error Numbers & Response

Developer 42
3 hours 46 minutes

Parameter Arrays
Pass Unknown Number of Variables
Loop with For Each
Products With Options
Clothing Database
Shirts with Multiple Sizes, Colors
Update Order Entry System

Developer 43
3 hours 46 minutes

Append Only Property
Better Alternatives
Reading Application.ColumnHistory
Save to Related Secondary Table
What, Why, How of TempVars
Adding, Removing, Looping Thru

Developer 44

This course is currently under
development. Enroll now and you can
join in, ask questions, and provide
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