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Access Developer 15 Lessons

Welcome to Microsoft Access Developer 15. Total running time is 1 hour, 45 minutes

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Please feel free to post your questions or comments below. If you have a questions about a specific lesson, please specify the lesson number and the time index in the lesson where the issue occurs. Thank you!


Transfer Button Upload Images   Link 
Joe Hood 
54 days ago
Hello Everyone,
I apologize in advance for the length of this question. I completed this lesson. Using the Customer template Before D15 L01. I was able to follow along, understand what was being done, and easily make everything work perfectly. However when I built the same form using the exact same techniques, (VBA Code), using the PC Resale database that I have building since Beginner level 1. It simply will not work. When I select multiple items and click the transfer button it only moves the first item selected. When I use the status box to see what has been selected, it does show multiple items have in fact been selected. Any idea what I am doing incorrectly its driving me a little crazy? Thanks Joe
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Lesson 1 Dev15 Upload Images   Link 
Abraham Breuer 
2 months ago
Passing a Control as a Parameter is explained very quickly and I can't understand it even I listened to it many times do you cover this method in future lessons?
thank you
Adam Schwanz
2 months ago
Passing a control is awesome. Its used in a lot of the more advanced stuff. A big advantage of it is you don't have to rewrite long code 50 times if you have a lot of buttons using it. What dont you understand? Do you have any questions about it?

What your doing in the button is saying i want to run the function and then i want it to replace the value with what im sending it wherever its at.

ChangeCustomerStatus is saying i want to use the function and then im sending ActiveCustomerList for the C value. Now if you go up to the function with all the code. Anywhere it says C it will now act as if C says ActiveCustomerList.
Abraham Breuer
2 months ago
Thanks, adam
can you explain what means ' I'm sending ActiveCustomerList for the c value '
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Value instead of true false Upload Images   Link 
Austin Ritner 
6 months ago
A little different for my database. currently, i have each unit listed as either "in service", "busy", or "out of service".

can I do an if/then statement based on that value?

if it says "in service" and i click the button, would it change the value to "out of service"
Alex Hedley
5 months ago
if / else if / else, switch, there's a few options
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Status Box Reference Upload Images   Link 
James Gray 
9 months ago

You showed us the status box method way back in Access 328, lesson 4 on making purchase orders.  I use it all the time as well so I can monitor variable values and what is going on with things.  Great tool.
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