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Access SharePoint Seminar

Sharing Your Access Database Online with Microsoft SharePoint

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I get asked all the time: "How can I share my Microsoft Access database with others online?" This seminar covers sharing your Microsoft Access database online using SharePoint. If you've got a small team and a small database, then a SharePoint solution might be right for you.


Topics Covered​​​​​​​

  • What SharePoint is good for
  • What it's NOT good for
  • What YOU will need to get started
  • What your USERS will need
  • How to set up a SharePoint Site
  • Creating a SharePoint List (Table)
  • Sharing Your List and Setting up Permissions
  • Connecting Your Access DB to SharePoint
  • Linking to SharePoint Lists
  • Publishing Access Tables to SharePoint
  • Distributing Your Database to Other Users
  • How Non-Access Users can View/Edit Data

In Lesson 1, you will learn what SharePoint is good for, what it's NOT good for, and what both you and your users will need to get started using a SharePoint Access solution.

In Lesson 2, you will learn how to create your first SharePoint Site, how to create a new List (analogous to an Access Table), and how to enter and edit data using the SharePoint web interface.

In Lesson 3, you will learn how to connect Access to your SharePoint Site, how to log in, export your CustomerT table to a SharePoint List, and then link to that list form your database.

In Lesson 4, you will learn about permissions in SharePoint, how to distribute your database, giving other users access to your SharePoint List, sending email invites, and distributing an ACCDE encrypted Access file.

In Lesson 5, you will learn to see what user modified records in your database, the hidden table fields, and how to remove and change permissions.

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Feel free to post your questions or comments below


Hosting Access on OneDrive Link 
Jason Steward    
58 days ago
Can't you just host the split application on OneDrive and forward a copy of the frontend to whoever you want?  Seems much easier.
Richard Rost    
58 days ago
Jason, excellent question. The answer, in a nutshell, is NOPE. Unlike Word and Excel files, Access requires a continuous connection to the record-locking LACCDB file for it to work properly with multiple users.

I've tried with OneDrive and with Google Drive. The only way this works is if you can "check out" the database. In other words, User A downloads the file, DELETES it from the server, uses it, re-uploads it, and then the next person can use it.

I've had SOME success with a synched Google Drive folder on your local PC. This only works with REAL small databases. Essentially, you can install Google's synch software which keeps all the files in synch between your desktop PC folder and your Google Drive. You can share this folder with other users, but the files aren't synched in "real time." So what you can do is create a lock file (a simple .TXT file for example) to indicate that the database is in use. When you close the database it deletes the lock file. It's not perfect, but it works for small files that can synch up quickly.

This is a good solution if you are the only user and want to share it with yourself between multiple locations. Use the database in the office. Close it. Drive home. Use it there. Close it. Drive to work the next day. The file should stay synched during your drive time AND if you accidentally leave it open at work (or a colleague goes to use it) then the lock file will let you know. I've actually built this as a solution for a client, and it works pretty well. If anyone wants to see how it works let me know and I'll post a lesson on it.
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