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Access Not Editing SharePoint Upload Images   Link  
Guillermo Baltazar 
7 months ago
Hello! I split an Access Database where the back-end is a SharePoint List. The Access Front-end Form has a feature to locate a previously entered record and display the contents in the form. When I try to edit the contents of the form and then save / close, I receive the following message, Cannot update. Database or object is read-only.. What can I do to allow the SharePoint List to be updated?

After I click the OK Button, I get another error message, You cant save this record at this time. Program Strategy Form may have encountered an error while trying to save a record. If you close this object now, the data changes you made will be lost. Do you want to close the database object anyway?

I just click on the Yes Button to get out of that screen.
Alex Hedley
7 months ago
Can you edit it directly in the Table?
Guillermo Baltazar
7 months ago
Yes, it can be edited directly on the List in SharePoint. I want users to edit on the form itself. That way users can do everything they need to do by using the Access Front-End.
Alex Hedley
7 months ago
But the Table you have linked in Access, can that be edited in Access?
Guillermo Baltazar
7 months ago
When I attempt to edit the data directly on the Access Table, I receive the same error message.
Richard Rost
7 months ago
Sounds like a permissions problem in SharePoint.
Alex Hedley
7 months ago
Are you logged into your Microsoft account in Access?
Guillermo Baltazar
7 months ago
I'm logged into my Office 365 Account. Is this what you mean? The Access File itself doesn't require a password.
Guillermo Baltazar
7 months ago
I've also tried testing it on a separate SharePoint Site; that is, it's separate from the SharePoint Site used by my team. I get the same results on using the test SharePoint and I have owner permission on that SharePoint.
Guillermo Baltazar
7 months ago
Also, I can open the form and enter data to create a new record, which is then entered into the SharePoint List.
Guillermo Baltazar
7 months ago
There is a feature in the SharePoint Menu for the list called "Edit in Grid View". While in SharePoint, the only way to edit a record is to click on "Edit in Grid View". I suspect SharePoint just doesn't allow edits of existing records unless you are on the SharePoint List itself. Or do you think otherwise?
Richard Rost
7 months ago
No, you should definitely be allowed to edit the record from Access. This is one of the reasons I prefer SQL Server over SharePoint. Permissions can be a nightmare.

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