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Access Beginner Courses

Welcome to the Access Beginner Series. I'm still upgrading all of my courses for 2024. All of my older classes for Access 2013 are still perfectly valid for Access 365, 2016, 2019, 2021, and beyond. Access hasn't changed that much. 99% of the material is the same once you're past Beginner 1.


Beginner 1
4 hours 16 minutes - FREE

Database Terminology & Benefits
Planning Your Database
The Access Interface & Ribbon
Building a Customer Table
Entering & Editing Data
Sorting and Filtering Records
Constructing Customer Queries
Designing a Customer Form Interface
Developing Reports & Mailing Labels

Beginner 2
1 hours 45 minutes - $1.00

Setup Trusted Location
Continue With Form Design
Align, Size Objects
Form Formatting, Grid Lines & Dots
Colors & Themes
Introduction to Relationships
Appointment Table & Form
Command Button to Open Form
Combo Box to Select a Customer

Beginner Lessons

Once you're beyond the basics, Access is almost the same from version to version. In fact, Access 2007 to 2019 are almost identical.

  Access Beginner 3

1 hour 19 minutes

What are Field Properties
Field Size
Caption & Description
Format Property
Decimal Places
Input Masks
Setting a Default Value
Validation Rule & Text
Using Inequalities
  Access Beginner 4

1 hour 19 minutes

More Field Properties
Required & Allow Zero Length
Text Align & Format
HTML Encoded Rich Text
Indexing Fields
Compact & Repair
Backing Up Your Database
Find & Replace
Questions From Students
  Access Beginner 5

1 hour 14 minutes

Query Criteria
Multiple AND, OR Conditions
Records Between Two Dates
Dealing with Null Values
Wildcards and LIKE
Parameter Queries
Top X Values
Formatting Query Field Output
  Access Beginner 6

1 hour 18 minutes

Missing Address Info
Is Null and Is Not Null Scenarios
OLE Objects
Storing Pictures in a Database
Align / Size to Grid
Stretch, Clip, Zoom Images
Employee Name Badges
Adding a Company Logo
Bound v. Unbound Image Controls
  Access Beginner 7

1 hour 31 minutes

Navigation Forms
Custom Main Menu Form
Sorted Customer List Form
Command Button Open Form & Report
Form Record Source Property
Creating Continuous Forms
Form Header & Footer
Open Form to a Specific Record
Allow Edits, Deletions, Additions
  Access Beginner 8

1 hour 12 minutes

Value List Combo Box
Table-Based Combo Box
Multi-Column Combo Box
Combo Box to Search Records
List Boxes
Limit to List, Edit List Items Properties
Add, Edit the Combo Box Items
Tab Order, Tab Stop
Form Cycle Property
  Access Beginner 9

1 hour 24 minutes

Tracking Contact History
Data Integrity
Report Design From Scratch
String Concatenation
Report vs. Page Header & Footer
Can Grow / Can Shrink Properties
Records from a Specific Date
Explicit Query Parameters
Report Formatting

Next up... the Expert Series...

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