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Access Genealogy Seminar

Do you want to learn how to build a database for tracking Genealogy in Microsoft Access? If so, this seminar is for you.

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What's Covered?

This seminar is over 8 hours long and will teach you everything you need to know to build a Genealogy Database from the ground up. We'll start by building the basic tables and forms needed, and learning about self-join relationships. You will learn how to create clickable fields so you can quickly jump to a person's parent or child records. We'll make quick-add buttons so you can add people to the database who aren't already in there without leaving the current record.

We will see how to store dates of birth and death, and have the database automatically calculate their age. If they're still alive, you'll get their current age. If they're deceased, you'll get their age at death. You'll also see how to colorize the gender combo boxes accordingly.

You will learn a quick way to store profile pictures in your database. Then you'll learn a better way to have access store them in an external folder customized for each person. We will build a graphical family tree that you can use to quickly move up through your ancestors and down through your descendants. Click on someone and the tree reorganizes around that person. A great way to navigate through your family.

We will track life events for people in our database. You can log their birth and death dates, marriages, divorces, jobs, education, name changes, and anything else you wish. You can specify which events, such as marriages, get linked to another person – for example a person’s spouse.

We’ll build a main menu, and a master list of people. You can search, filter, and sort by names, gender, birth and death dates. And we’ll throw in a ton of enhancements, such as customized delete warning messages, and showing or hiding fields and buttons based on the data shown.

Template Only

If you want to purchase the database template but don't need the video lessons that go with it, you may do so here. However, please note that the template by itself does not come with any support. If you have questions about the construction of the database, that's what the Seminar is for. 


Lesson 1 (32:53)
Create Person Table
Person Form
Self-Join Links
Parent Combo Boxes
Child Subform

Lesson 2 (1:02:30)
Double-Click Follow
Add Child in Subform
Quick Add Person Form
Can't Delete w Child

Lesson 3 (25:14)
Family Tree

Lesson 4 (24:53)
Date of Birth, Death
Calculate Age
Color Gender Combo

Lesson 5 (36:48)
Add Pictures & Documents
Navigate Family Tree
Lesson 6 (53:16)
Unknown Gender
Life Events

Lesson 7 (25:12)
Count of Events for Person
Children on Family Tree

Lesson 8 (54:21)
Replace Attachments
Use Linked Images
Create a File Folder
Select File Dialog Box
Copy Files to Person Folder

Lesson 9 (31:20)
Update Family Tree
Use Linked Images

Lesson 10 (47:51)
Master Person List
Filter, Search, Sort
Main Menu

Lesson 11 (1:18:11)
Bug Fixes

Possible Future Updates

These are topics that are on my list for potential future upgrades of this Seminar in Part 2:

  • A report showing the relationship between any two people. See this


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