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Paid TechHelp Videos
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   8 months ago

Have a TechHelp Video Recorded

Since starting my TechHelp videos earlier this year, I have received a TON of emails asking for me to make videos and answer questions.

While I love making these videos (it's my favorite work-related thing to do!) I have to pay the bills as well. I spend most of my time recording my full Course and Seminar videos. I only have time to produce a couple TechHelp videos every week, so the list of requests is very long. At my current rate, the wait for a TechHelp video is about 2 to 3 months.

If you have a question, and you want me to answer it in a TechHelp video, and you need it NOW, then I now am offering PAID TechHelp videos. The cost is $100 for a 5 minute video. This lets you "jump the line" and I'll put your video first in the queue.

Here are the rules:

  • Mass appeal. Your question has to be broad enough in scope that other people will find it of value. You can't ask me something that is specific to your database. If other people aren't going to benefit from the video as well, then you'll have to submit it via my Consulting page. Think YouTube views.
  • Be brief. If you can't explain the problem in a short paragraph or two, then it won't make a good TechHelp video. Watch some of my other videos and you'll see the kinds of questions that I accept.
  • Use generic terms if possible. If you've got a database with tables like PrimSecAd and HG443 (yes, those are real table names a client sent me) and you want to know how to relate them together, I'm going to reject your question. Try to phrase your question in generic terms - which is what I'm going to do in the video - so that anyone can understand it. Customers and Orders is the analogy I always like to use. Do that if you can. I know databases. I may not understand your business terms.
  • You get 5 minutes. While I'm not going to be a stickler, that's a rough guideline. I'm not going to speak ultra fast like the Micro Machines guy. This includes the time it takes for me to read your question in the video. No, it doesn't include my standard "advertising" at the end of the video. I will not sacrifice the quality of my videos for time constraints.
  • Members get more. My Gold and Platinum Members already get priority in the queue. If you're already a Member, you'll get even more detail for your answer in the Extended Cut video. If you're not already a Member, consider joining. I'll be much nicer to you. LOL
  • This is NOT for troubleshooting. TechHelp videos are not to fix problems with your database. They are "How To" videos where I'll briefly explain to you HOW to do something. If you have Access database problems and need specific help, try my Access Troubleshooter first, and then use my Consulting page for more help.

If you want me to make you a custom video, USE THIS FORM to submit your payment and your question. Put the text of your question in the NOTES field. If I can't answer your question, or I can't get to it within a couple of days, your card will not be charged.

Also, if you're not a student of mine, please let me know your skill level so I know HOW to answer the question. If, for example, it's a question about Microsoft Access, let me know what kind of experience you have (novice, VBA developer, etc.). That will help me to better tailor your video to your needs.

If you need to send me a file to help me to understand your question, you can email me. Be sure to let me know in the email this is for a Paid TechHelp question. Again, remember, this is NOT for troubleshooting problems. I will not go through and troubleshoot your database for a TechHelp question. If you want to send me an image and say something like "how do I put a subform here?" then that's fine. Otherwise, visit my Consulting page for more help.

If you do NOT want your name mentioned in the video, please say so. Otherwise, let me know how you want me to introduce you. Usually I use first names and locations (Bill from Buffalo NY) for example. Screen names are OK (@Trekkie1701) as long as they're family friendly. I will not promote business names. If you're interested in that, you'll need to become a Diamond Sponsor

If you have any questions, contact me, or post them below.




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