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ABCD Core Part 1

Access Business & Contact Database Part 4

Welcome to ABCD Part 1: Core. Total running time is 3 hours, 27 minutes.

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This is the foundation of the database. We will construct the tables and forms necessary to store information about people, organizations, and companies (called Entities). Each entity can have an unlimited number of phone, email, and physical addresses. We will use Helper data tables to store all of the minor information like name prefixes, suffixes etc. so that we don't clutter the database with dozens of tiny tables. We will create a function to assign EntityCode values to each person so we don't expose our AutoNumbers.

Database Files


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Pre-Requisites Required

In order to purchase any level of the ABCD, you MUST have purchased all previous levels. For example, you cannot buy only Level 5. You must first have Levels 1 through 4, then you can buy Level 5. Sorry, but this is a hard pre-requisite.


I am recording videos showing how the database is built, but mostly so that you can understand the construction and be better equipped to make any modifications or additions you may need on your own. This will be marketed as a finished database without the need for any enhancements, but, of course, one of the main reasons to use Access is so that you can make changes yourself. The videos will be a quick run-through of how each feature is built, as I'm building it. I will be using advanced features like SQL and VBA from the start, so you may want some SQL or VBA Developer Lessons under your belt if you're going to try to follow along. This is NOT a teaching database. Free Technical Support will NOT be offered.

Tech Support

There is NO free Technical Support provided on the ABCD if you have not taken ALL of my previous Developer lessons. There are a lot of very difficult, advanced programming concepts used in the construction of this database. I do not have the time to provide free support if you get stuck trying to make modifications. All I will do is point you to the appropriate Developer lesson(s) that cover the issue. There is a reason why (a) I say this is NOT a teaching database, and (b) there are pre-requisites. Feel free to ask questions, but I can't spend half an hour explaining concepts that are already covered in my other lessons.


Unlike my other courses and seminars which provide you with royalty-free databases that you can modify and distribute yourself, the ABCD does NOT come with a royalty-free license. You may only customize the database for your business needs and for use within your organization. You may not resell or distribute it to others without express written permission. In addition, if you are using it in an organization with more than 10 users, you must purchase additional licenses. Contact me for additional information. I will post additional details when the Core database is completed.


There are two purchase options available for the ABCD.

  • You can purchase a fully editable and customizable copy of the database in addition to the video tutorials that show how it was built. This is the option you should pick if you want to make changes to the database for your own business needs, and you want to learn how the database was constructed to assist you. As a reminder, these are not teaching videos. They are simply provided to show you how the database was built. Free support is not guaranteed if you have questions. I do my best to answer questions, but I can't promise anything. You must purchase any pre-requisite parts or modules required. For example, you may not purchase Core Part 4 without first having parts 1 thru 3.
  • Once the Core is finished, you can optionally purchase a use-only version of the database. This is the best option if you only plan on using the database for your personal or business needs, but do not intend on modifying the structure of the database. Free instructional videos will be provided to teach your staff how to use it.

Your Feedback

I will be releasing new Core features and modules on a regular basis. You can see the list of features that are scheduled for development on the Coming Soon page. I would very much like your feedback on what features you think should be available. If you have a specific interest for your business type, let me know. 


Core 1 Lesson 9 Person Code Upload Images   Link  
Ron VandeVelde 
3 months ago
The current project I am working on only has 2 possible Organizations in it. I would like to design the code for the Entity Code creation to start with something other than P, I would like the value assigned to depend on which Organization is selected. For example, if I have Organization A and Organization B as the possible Organizations. If you create an Entity with Organization A, the Entity Code would be "OA" + the numbers, if you select Organization B, the Entity Code would be "OB" + the numbers. Can you help me with the IF statement to accomplish that, and where I would need to put it so that it runs AFTER the Organization is selected? Or would that part be easier to just move the the Organization to be the first thing on the Entity Form?
Ron VandeVelde
3 months ago
I just realized an issue with the way I was doing this. I had OrganizationID with a list of the Organization's in the HelperTypeT/HelperT. This was causing me an issue with the Address form with the TempAddress. So if somebody knows what I would need to do to make everything work with my current set up I will just change it to have them have to type in the Organization Name for each entity in a text box.
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Person Entity table Upload Images   Link  
Scott Axton 
7 months ago
I just finished watching the Core 1 videos and I'm a bit confused. Maybe this is answered in future videos but...

It's kind of sounding like the intention is to have all entities in one big table rather than several.  Such as customers, vendors, others...? Read More...
Richard Rost
7 months ago
Scott, you're correct. An entity can be designated as being part of one or more groups (Part 2). You can have vendors, employees, sales reps, parents, softball team, customer, lead, Star Trek fan, whatever you want. Then later on, if you want to make an order form where the sales rep is selected from a list of just your sales reps, you can pull from members of that group. This essentially prevents multiple tables that essentially all store the same thing: information about entities (which can be individuals, families, companies, etc.) I tried to keep it as generic and flexible as possible.
Scott Axton
7 months ago
Thanks for the clarification.  Haven't had time to move on to the nest core yet.
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Helper Form Upload Images   Link  
Joseph Messina 
10 months ago
Hi Richard:

I have helperT and HelperF for my HelperType ID and I have some combo boxes in my contactf and I double click on them whhen i needd to add smething to the list is there a way i can add a button to set and close afte4r I add new item to the list?
Richard Rost
10 months ago
You want to use a button instead of the double-click event? Sure. That should work fine. Just put little buttons next to each of the fields you want to do that with. I used to use little buttons too for searching on fields until I decided I preferred dblclick events.
Joseph Messina
10 months ago
Thank you for letting me know.  Can you make a helptech video how to do that with the buttons.  I already have combo boxes in my form already I double click on the combo box and had item to the list and I close the helperF and tab off the field that I was adding item to.  I have dbl clickk event and on got focus event for the combo boxes.
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