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ABCD Part 2: Core Database

Welcome to ABCD Part 2: Core. Total running time is 4 hours, 17 minutes.

In lessons 1 and 2 we build the HelperF form. This allows the user to double-click on any of the combo boxes using Helper data to open a form that lets them edit or add items quickly. Then that form will update the underlying combo box and send the value back to it when closed. In lesson 3 we create the Helper Data Editor. In Lesson 4 we set up Groups so we can categorize people however we choose (students, faculty, employees, parents, etc.) In lessons 5 and 6 we set up Relations (parent/child, co-workers, etc.)

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Database Files

I'm only posting the 32-bit versions for now. That's what I use. If you are using 64-bit Access, just create a new blank database file and import all of my objects into yours. I'll post a 64-bit version when the Core is finished. If you experience any code that doesn't work under 64-bit let me know. Click here for more information about 32 v 64 bit.


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On Not In List Link 
Chris Bezant 
26 days ago
I dont have this wonderful helper form set up, so what have always done is on not in list I offer an are you sure box and if yes just add the new value to the helper table.
Richard Rost
26 days ago
That is also another way to do it. I used that method for years. I taught it in the old AC300 classes. I think this new method is a little more user friendly. :)
Chris Bezant
26 days ago
I probably learned the method from you all those years ago, but I am definitely going to adopt your new method of using the the helper system from these lessons.
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ABCD Part 2 Lessons 5, 6 Link 
Richard Rost 
33 days ago
OK, lessons 5 and 6 are uploading now. These lessons tackle relations (parent/child, spouses, co-workers, etc.)
Richard Rost
33 days ago
Transfer queue says about an hour left. They're big lessons - over 45 minutes each. So be patient. Should be online by 2am (Eastern).
Richard Rost
32 days ago
The final database ZIP files are uploaded. The ZIP for the videos is 863 MB and is uploading right now. Transfer queue says about 2 hours until it's ready.
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ABCD Part 2 Lesson 4 Link 
Richard Rost 
33 days ago
Posted Lesson 4. It's uploading now. Should be done in about 30 minutes (it's big - over 50 min long). Developed groups for entities to be in (students, parents, vendors, employees, whatever you want to create!) Many to many relationship, so people can be in multiple groups, and groups can have multiple people. Forms to jump between them. Good lesson!
Michelle Maughan
33 days ago
Hi Richard
Me again! Lesson 4 keeps stopping at 14.31.
Richard Rost
33 days ago
OK. I'll recompile and re-upload it. That happens sometimes with these big video files. You can skip ahead in the video if you catch it before it locks up, but you'll miss a little. Recompiling it usually fixes it. Give me about an hour.
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ABCD Part 2 Lesson 3 Link 
Richard Rost 
33 days ago
Posted a new lesson. Made a Helper Data Editor form with side-by-side continuous forms. Helper Lists on the left, Helper Data for each List on the right.
Michelle Maughan
33 days ago
Hi Richard
My account has been refreshed but i still can't open Lesson 3.
Richard Rost
33 days ago
Thanks for letting me know. Apparently the transfer crapped out at 20%. I didn't realize that (FTP software was minimized and didn't pop up an error.) Uploading now. Should be done in about 10 to 15 minutes.
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ABCD Part 2 Link 
Michelle Maughan 
3 months ago
Hi Richard
I have finished Lesson 2, and eagerly waiting for the next lesson to appear in my inbox.
I noticed that you have Schedule & Calendar as one of the upcoming Modules. I am willing to pay for my circumstances if it is not covered in the module. Read More...
Richard Rost
3 months ago
Sounds good. I'll be getting to it as soon as I can. :)
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ABCD Part 2 Outline Link 
Richard Rost 
3 months ago
I'm just sticking this here for now until I have a chance to set up a separate Outline page for this class.

Lesson 1. Helper Form Part 1 (26:26)
HelperF Form
Combo DoubleClick
Requery OnGotFocus
Michelle Maughan
3 months ago
Hi Richard, i can't open Lesson 2. Is there a problem?
Love everything so far.
Richard Rost
3 months ago
Problem with the URL. I fixed it. Enjoy!
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