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You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.

-Conrad Hall
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Here at Computer Learning Zone, I have several different types of Memberships available, based on what you are interested in, and your learning needs. Here is a brief summary of what each one entails. Click on the links provided for more information on any of them.

Membership Not Required

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "do I need to be a member to buy your lessons?" No. You do not need to purchase a membership. You are perfectly free to buy whichever course lessons, seminars, or templates you want individually from my Order page. Members, however, do receive a discount of up to 50% off. Plus, TechHelp membership is the only way to get my Extended Cut videos and Code Vault.

Learning Connection

The Learning Connection is my most popular membership option. If you want to learn any of my topics (Word, Excel, Access, etc.) you start at the beginning. You get Level 1 for free. Level 2 is just $1. After that, you get one lesson per week at a 50% discount. You can increase or decrease the frequency if you like. You have to take the courses in order, but if you do wish to purchase anything else, you get a 50% discount as long as you're a member. You get access to new courses before they're officially released and can participate with them while they're in progress. There is no cost to join, you just agree to have courses automatically delivered and charged to your credit card. 

TechHelp Memberships (Silver, Gold, Platinum)

This is my newest offering. For the past year I have been posting almost-daily TechHelp videos which are short question & answer lessons on a variety of random topics. There are over 100 of them now, most of which have Extended Cut videos just for TechHelp Members. There are multiple levels of membership, each with it's own perks. Silver members get access to the Extended Cut videos in which I go into a lot more detail about the day's topic. Gold membership gets you that plus you can download the databases I build in the Extended Cuts and you get access to the Code Vault. Platinum members get access to all of the above plus all of my Beginner lessons on the web site.

My Online Learning Partner (MYOLP)

MYOLP is the membership option for someone who wants the ability to watch whatever they want, whenever they want to. Instead of getting a new class once a week, you can jump around as you desire. It's my "all you can eat" option. There are four levels: Beginner, Expert, Developer, and Developer Plus! You can access all of the material at your level for all topics. Upgrade when you're ready. The new Developer Plus! membership gives you access to everything that I produce, including all of the other memberships listed on this page.

Should I Get Learning Connection or TechHelp?

I get asked this a lot. If you are NEW to Access, I recommend start with the Learning Connection. My regular courses (Beginner, Expert, etc.) are structured so that you watch them one after the other, in series. You learn topics in the order with which I feel you should, and get a solid education. This is akin to taking a traditional college course. Start with the basics, and move up through the levels. 

The TechHelp videos, on the other hand, just cover whatever random topic I feel like covering that day. It could be combo boxes today and queries tomorrow. It's based on the questions that I get from my students. But, these also tend to be questions that aren't covered in the regular lessons. Either I didn't think of them at the time, they explain a unique situation or problem, or it's something that doesn't fit with the "normal" topic material. TechHelp tends to be geared towards intermediate to advanced Access users who already know the basics. I cover simple stuff in most "free" videos, and then the more advanced stuff (VBA, etc.) goes in the Extended Cut

So… I recommend stick to the Beginner lessons and at least the first 10 or so Expert lessons. Then you should have enough knowledge under your belt to start diving into the TechHelp videos to supplement your learning. Hey, a Silver Membership is cheap, and there are hundreds of videos to watch, so I think it's a bargain and worth getting both once you're past the Beginner stage.

TechHelp Questions

TechHelp questions are answered in this priority:

  • Insider Circle Members
  • MYOLP Members
  • Platinum, Gold, Silver Members
  • Learning Connection Members
  • Developer Students
  • Expert Students
  • All other paid students
  • Non-students

If you're looking to have a TechHelp question answered more quickly, I do offer Paid TechHelp videos as an option. You'll go to the top of the list.

Technical Support Not Provided

Signing up for a Membership of any kind gives you access to specific perks as listed. If you have questions about the material covered in a specific course, feel free to post them in the Student Forum for that course. If you have other non-related questions you would like to submit to be considered for a TechHelp video, you will be given priority consideration over non-members, however an answer is NOT in any way guaranteed. Even in the event your question is accepted, the waiting list is generally several weeks long. I will answer your question IF I think it makes for a good video. Otherwise, I will do my best to point you to another video (free or paid) that may answer your question.

Membership does NOT include free technical support for your database problems. I do my best to answer questions for my students as I have time, however it is NEVER guaranteed. As of June 2021, I no longer provide Technical Support. If you are looking for someone to help you with your database, whether it needs troubleshooting or you want someone to add something to it for you, feel free to post your request in my Access Developer Network. I've got a group of very knowledgeable Developer students who love helping people.

TechHelp is for generic questions that I can make videos to answer for lots of people to enjoy. "How do I...?" type questions. It's not to get support for your database issues. Sorry. There are only so many hours in the day, and I can't help everyone myself.

Regular Courses Not Included

Some people have emailed me saying that they were under the impression that they get access to all of my regular courses when they become a member. This is not necessarily the case. Your Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership does NOT entitle you to all of my regular courses, seminars, or templates. You do get ONE free class each month, IN ORDER, depending on your membership level. See the Perks page and the Free Courses for Members page for details.


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