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Access Check Register Seminar

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The Check Register Seminar is over 5 hours long and covers everything you need to know to build a database in Microsoft Access to manage and maintain your checking, credit card, and other accounts.


Topics Covered

In Lesson 1, we will build the basic check register table, a query to calculate the transaction amount, and to show whether or not each transaction has cleared the bank. We will build a continuous form for check register data input with a form footer and totals.

In Lesson 2, we will learn how to calculate running balances, both in a printable check register report and on our data entry form using the DSUM function.

In Lesson 3, we will build a report to print single checks. We will learn about a function to convert a currency value into printed english words, like "one thousand fifty-two dollars and six cents." We will calculate the next available check number, and write code to hide the "print check" button if the check has already been printed.

In Lesson 4, we will learn how to batch print checks. We will build a separate form showing all of the checks that have yet to be printed. You can select individual checks, or select all. We will calculate the total amount to be printed. Once printed, we will update the "has been printed" field.

In Lesson 5, we will add a list of payees and categories to track expenses. We will add payee address information to our printed checks. We will set up our check register so that once a check has been printed, or any transaction has cleared the bank, it cannot be edited.

In Lesson 6, we will make our database handle multiple accounts. You can use it for multiple checking, savings, petty cash, credit card, or other types of accounts. We will create an account summary on the main menu so you can see your balances at a glance. We will set up the batch printing so you can print all checks from one account at a time.

In Lesson 7, we will add a ton of miscellaneous enhancements. First, we will make it so each transaction can either be a debit or a credit, but not both. We will conditionally format so that credits show up green and debits red. We will add a triple-state checkbox to filter cleared transactions (cleared, not cleared, and all). We will add filter by date range text boxes, and a sort A-to-Z or Z-to-A buttons to sort by check date. We will hide the batch print button if no checks are waiting to be printed. We will add the ability to select 1-up or 3-up checks to be printed (1 per page, 3 per page). We will show the number of checks waiting to be printed from each account on the summary on the main menu. Whew. That was a lot. 

In Lesson 8, we will add report menu. We will create a form-based pie chart to show your account balances at a glance. You can filter by account and date range. We will use the classic Access pie chart object first, and then I'll show you the new Metro chart added in Access 2016. 

In Lesson 9, we will add additional reports. We will make an expense report which is grouped by category and then by payee, with group totals. We will create a custom build event for the report header so it will show the account info and dates if any filters exist. You will see how to put the date the report was printed in the form footer, as well as the page and total number of pages. Finally we will create a transaction report showing all transactions between two dates for any account.


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