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Access Developer 19 Lessons

Welcome to Microsoft Access Developer 19. Total running time is 2 hours, 24 minutes.

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Database Files



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Spelling Errs Link 
Chris Bezant        
32 days ago
Hello Rick
Following your guidance, I also use the capitalisation method for variable names, but in addition I always compile after entering code to help catch errors.
I don't remember seeing youcompile during lessons.
Richard Rost        
32 days ago
That's because I never have errors. LOL. Ha ha. No... I'll compile when I'm DONE with a database, before I release a version to a client, or if I've got unexplained errors that I can't figure out. It is a good idea to compile often. Having "option explicit" pretty much makes sure that you declare all of your variables, and will catch misspellings of field names.
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Referential Integrity Link 
James Gray       
33 days ago
Seems like it would be essential to set up the relationship between Recipes and Products so that you cannot delete a product from the product table if the recipe still exists. That does beg the question of what happens if your recipe changes however.
Richard Rost        
33 days ago
Of course. I assume by the time you're at this level you understand the need for referential integrity - as you obviously do. Obi Wan has taught you well. I'm not going to take the time in every lesson to show you all of the stuff I've already taught you. Again. That's a lowly Expert-level concept. LOL. If the recipe changes, then what you require will also change. If someone changes it AFTER you make your shopping list, well, "dem's the breaks, kid."
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D19 File Sizes Link 
Richard Rost         
34 days ago
Well, today I discovered there's a bug in the software that I use to compile my videos: Bandicut. It's a good piece of software, but I recently upgraded to a new version and it's making the videos FIVE TIMES LARGER than they should be. They work, so I didn't catch it right away. I didn't realize there was a problem until I went to upload the final ZIP file that contains all the video files and it's 1.35 GB in size. I've never had one that big. Read More...
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How Many Can I Make Link 
James Gray       
34 days ago
It would be great to see how many of each recipe can be made from the products on hand.  Maybe put it along side the recipe name in the What Can I Make list???
Richard Rost        
34 days ago
Excellent idea. I actually had something like that in my notes. I might cover it in D20.
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POS Database Link 
James Gray       
35 days ago
Just a question...Recordsets and the lessons surrounding them seem to be essential to the development of the POS system.  I assume that is still the objective, correct?  It will be nice to see a complete, functioning POS system as I can use those processes to build databases for local merchants.  Thanks.
Richard Rost        
35 days ago
Yes, that is why I branched off into the recordsets during the Easy Access POS lessons. I was initially going to try to do it without RS, but it quickly became evident that they would make life SO much easier. I'm going to continue the POS, but as a separate Seminar. From the feedback I received, not everyone is interested in the POS, and I'm going to continue with more new topics in the Developer lessons. Look for the POS to continue soon. I have a couple other projects I need to get finished first.
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Developer 19 Finished Link 
Richard Rost         
36 days ago
Access Developer 19 is now finished. I just posted lessons 3 thru 7. They are still uploading right now, but should be done within the hour.
Michelle Maughan       
36 days ago
Thanks Richard
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Completing Lessons Link 
Eric Dale      
39 days ago
Hi All,

Just wondering when all these lessons will be completed.
Richard Rost        
39 days ago
Aiming to finish up D19 this week and start on D20. Been busy with a couple of other issues (business and personal). I hate making time tables because it's difficult for me to keep a scheduled routine. I suffered an injury back in February which left me blind in one eye, and some days I get real bad migraines which force me to lay in the dark and avoid screens. So I have lots of plans for things I want to get finished, and I know how long things SHOULD normally take me to finish, but I never know if I'm going to be able to work on any particular day or for how long. Even on a good day I can usually only work for 3 to 4 hours before the headache sets in.
Richard Rost        
39 days ago
If you meant "all these lessons" meaning all of the Developer series, I have no idea. There is no end in sight. I literally have dozens of real good books on Access VBA Programming and I've barely scratched the surface on what Access can do. I wouldn't be surprised if there are 30 to 50 levels by the time I'm happy calling it "completed."
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Recordset Clone Link 
Selby Halfpenny       
2 months ago
Dear Richard, Can you explain what a Recordset Clone is and how they are used.
Thanks. All the best Selby
Alex Hedley         
2 months ago
See this forum post.
Richard Rost        
2 months ago
Thanks, Alex. Selby, you can see from my previous post how much I use Recordset Clones. That post was 12 years old and I haven't used once since. :)
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