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Duplicates Conditional Formatting
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   2 years ago

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Gregg Moore 
5 months ago
I Enjoyed your video on conditional formatting for duplicates. It was perfect for what I need. However, I noticed that if I filter or add criteria to the query then the numbers don't adjust to the filtered query.
For example, if I adjust the criteria to show a shorter date range the DCOUNT function doesn't reduce its numbers to reflect the smaller number of records. Is there a way to have the numbers reflect when the table/query is filtered further?
Alex Hedley
5 months ago
Are you applying the filter in the DCOUNT too?
Gregg Moore
5 months ago
I have put the DCOUNT as a calculated field in a query. Then I use a form with some combo and text boxes to filter the query. not sure what is meant by applying the filter inside the DCOUNT
Alex Hedley
5 months ago
Can you share the DCOUNT you wrote please?

If the DCOUNT is DCOUNT("CustomerName", "CustomerT") then you are adding a filter you might need to update it to DCOUNT("CustomerName", "CustomerT", "State='NY'")

=DCOUNT(Field, Domain, Criteria)
Richard Rost
5 months ago
Yeah, this method doesn't take filters into consideration. But if, like Alex suggests, you change the underlying recordset, then it should work. In other words don't just filter the form, change the underlying query that it's based on.
Gregg Moore
5 months ago
Great I will try that and let you know. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I am not used to a tech help/support group being so quick to respond to my requests. Your group is WONDERFUL!
Richard Rost
5 months ago
Yeah... my guys are pretty awesome. :)

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