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Access Developer 23 Lessons

Welcome to Access Developer 23. Total running time is 94 minutes plus 184 minutes of FREE bonus material.

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Database Files



Please feel free to post your questions or comments below. If you have a questions about a specific lesson, please specify the lesson number and the time index in the lesson where the issue occurs. Thank you!


Various currencies in invoice Upload Images   Link  
Despina Karayanni 
9 months ago
Hello Richard,
I'd very much appreciate if you could help with the problem that I have three different currencies in my billing process, namely, euros, dollars and CHFs.
How could I handle this issue?
Juan C Rivera
9 months ago
I do this also I use a field for JP and US, in another field I enter the amount.  Then set up your filter by JP or US.  Now if you are going to start conveting currency that will be another ball game.  I recoment the tech help video of setting up a helper table to set up defaults for diffrent customers.

Despina Karayanni
9 months ago
Thank you very much for your reply.
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Two different series of order Upload Images   Link  
Despina Karayanni 
10 months ago
First, thank you for the very instructive videos. I have a question. I need to pool order numbers from two different ordering series. E.g.  order# type 1 and order# type 2 (same customers and providers pool). Is there an elegant way to do this with ACESS? Read More...
Richard Rost
10 months ago
I'm sure there is, but I need to know more about your setup. What exactly are these order number types and how do you derive them?
Despina Karayanni
10 months ago
Hello Richard,
Actually, first, all quotations/orders follow a common series company reference # (e.g. DES20210203, DES20210204 and so on). Afterwards, because one b2b customer group is billed locally, we issue local orders/invoices (one order/invoicing series), whilst, the second b2b customer group is global, and we issue (keep) a different series of orders/invoices #. Our customers may belong to both customer groups (depending on the job case: local vs. global) and we refer to the same providers for all of them.
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Alternating Background Fix Upload Images   Link  
Chris Bezant 
12 months ago
Hello Rick

Many tines you have commented about the alternating background colour. You asked for any help about this so here is my solution.

I adopted your idea of a template database and added a few features. The template database was saved as an Access template, so it appears on my Access start screen. I also adopted the idea of single and continuous template forms using the underscore naming convention to put them at the top of the form list. Read More...
Richard Rost
12 months ago
That is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. This would be a great thing for the Developer students. Unfortunately it's way over the head of 90% of the other Access students though. I love it though!
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