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Deniece Ingram 
8 months ago
I have purchased Access courses through the years... all your beginner, advanced and expert courses and 14 of the developer courses.  I'm trying to see what benefit the Platinum membership would be (I realize I can purchase the rest of the developer courses at 50% off).  I have been MIA for a while, so it seems much has changed.  Thank you so much!
Adam Schwanz
8 months ago
Do you mean the benefit over being silver/gold? If you look above

Silver Members get access to all of the Extended Cut videos. This is the major perk, and the main reason to sign up. As of today, there are nearly 100 of these, and I've been averaging 3 or 4 new videos every week. They cover lots of topics that I don't normally cover in my regular classes. People ask me all the time, "I'm already a student, why should I subscribe to this?" Well, that's why! Consider this my almost-daily video blog where I cover all kinds of various topics about Access (and other titles too, more coming). I don't do live sessions that often, but when I do, Silver Members and up get access to them. I plan on adding more of these in the future. Silver members also get a 10% discount on all of my courses.
Adam Schwanz
8 months ago
Gold Members get the Silver perks, plus access to my Code Vault (a repository of VBA code from a lot of my projects that you can reference at any time) in addition to being able to download all of the databases I build in the TechHelp Extended Cut videos. Gold members also get a 20% discount on all of my courses. I'm also now starting to do some additional Gold Member Bonus Extended Cuts too! Like this one: Appointment Database

Platinum Members get the Gold and Silver perks, plus access to all of my Beginner and some of my Expert courses. Platinum members also get a 50% discount on all of my courses. Best of all, your questions go to the top of the TechHelp queue!
Deniece Ingram
8 months ago
Thank you.  I guess I haven't seen the extended cut videos.  I just was thinking since I already own the classes that you get access to with the Platinum, I wondered if that would be worth it.  I do like the idea of a 50% discount on all courses though.  Plus the Code Vault access.  I will likely sign up this week.  Thank you.
Adam Schwanz
8 months ago
The extended cut videos are AMAZING. By far the best bang for your buck that Rick offers, and there's a ton of them now. You'll have your hands full with stuff to watch, and wont be disappointed ;).
Deniece Ingram
8 months ago
One more question.  When it says Platinum Members get all beginner and some expert courses.  Is that only in one section (i.e. only Access)?  or does that mean ALL beginner courses.  Turns out I don't have all of the Access beginner courses, but I do have all the expert courses.  I would love to start from the beginning and see what I may have missed.
Adam Schwanz
8 months ago
Im not completely sure, Rick might have to chime in on that. Im sure it includes the access beginner stuff though.
Deniece Ingram
8 months ago
Thank you - I went ahead and did the Platinum.  I appreciate your help!!
Adam Schwanz
8 months ago
No problem, enjoy ;)
Richard Rost
8 months ago
Platinum members get ALL of the Beginner courses for ALL topics (Word, Excel, Access, etc.) and Expert 1 & 2 for Access. The major benefits for picking Platinum over Gold are that you get a bigger discount and your questions go higher up in the queue for consideration of my next video. If I have two questions that I like and only have time to make one video, I'll take the Platinum member's question over the Gold. :)

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