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Access Gantt Chart Planner
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost  

Project Management, Gantt Chart Planner for Access

Now Available

Since posting this, I have finished and released version 1 of the Access Project Management Template, complete with a video walkthru and sample database that you can download to try.

Old Post

Hey folks. This is just a quick post to see who's interested in something like this? I put this together for a personal project, and figured some of you might be interested in it. I'm probably not going to take the time to record a step-by-step video on building it. It took me a few hours and I really don't want to do it again, but I'd do a quick walk-thru video to show you the code in case you want to make modifications.

I did a quick Google search and I'm not seeing a lot out there for this in Access, and the few solutions I did see look like you have to install 3rd party components. What I build it strictly using native Access controls (labels, text boxes, etc.) and is fully customizeable.

Let me know, and if there is enough interest I'll package it up as a template. Also, let me know what features you'd like to see added. Right now it's just a simple proof of concept. You enter in a task description and set the start and end dates (with the mouse if you like). Buttons move left and right in time. What else?

Feature Requests

  • Timeline in 15min, 30min, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters - I guess the best thing to do would to pick an interval (minute, hour, day, etc.) and how many of those to make each block.
  • Hide weekends
  • Assign category, each with color
  • Mouse hover tooltips with description
  • Mouse drag to assign hours (not sure I can do this)
  • Complex Scheduling
  • Tasks can optionally have a ProjectID and a CustomerID if assigned to a project/customer
  • Tasks can optionally have one or more EmployeeIDs (analogous to shift hours for scheduling)
  • Option to not have same employee scheduled for more than 1 task at once (for scheduling purposes - no overlaps)
  • Add your ideas here.


Gantt Finished Upload Images   Link  
Richard Rost 
4 months ago
I've released version 1 of a Project Management database template. Check it out.
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Planner Ideas Upload Images   Link  
Alex Hedley 
12 months ago
Grouping (see below) to see how complete at different levels

Tasks and Sub-Tasks (Expand should be easy :p)

Assignments - To an actual person or a Type, you dont know whos free yet but you know youll need 1 of type x, 2 of type y. Can then auto assign free people or be prompted with who is available and choose them. Read More...
Richard Rost
12 months ago
You trying to kill me? LOL. Just kidding. All great ideas. Some of these may have to wait for v2.0 though.
Alex Hedley
12 months ago
I know you can't say no to a challenge :p

Just wanted to jot stuff down, no urgency for when they get added, tomorrow seems fair...
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I Added a Download Upload Images   Link  
Richard Rost 
12 months ago
I added a download file for this so you can see what I have so far. It's just the ACCDE but you can download it and play with it and give me feedback if you like.
Juan C Rivera
12 months ago
Sorry, this is a 32 bit ver.  Comments and you most likely already have this in the works if I pull up a client, will I see all project loaded under them or only 1?  Will this be able to look out as far as 2 years? What I see on the picture is a cool schedule but will I be able to see a one-line total project start date end date and click on it to zoom in and see what you have on the screen?  Something tells me this is going to be real fun, even more than the genealogy.

Richard Rost
12 months ago
Yeah sorry. I still run 32 bit in my office (why). You'll be able to use the final template by pulling the objects into a 64-bit empty DB which I'm sure you already know. I'm going to make the scale up to you: showing days, weeks, months, quarters, etc. I have the form set up for 21 intervals (currently days) so if you change the scale to months, you'll see almost 2 years.
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