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Access Index - Advanced

Access Advanced 1


00. Intro (2:31)

01. Macro Basics (13:40)
What is a Macro?
Benefits of Macros
Limitations of Macros
Review of Macros in our Database

02. Building Macros (14:47)
Create a Standalone Macro
Create > Macro
Macro Builder
Action Catalog
Beep Command
Delete a Command from Macro
MessageBox Command
Command Arguments
Hello World Example
OpenForm Command
Where Condition v Filter
Embedded Macro in Form Button
Build Event
On Click Event

03. Making Macros Smart (16:58)
Macro to Open Form to Specific Record
On Dbl Click Event
= Sign Required in Where Condition
Blue Fields Double-Clickable
ControlTip Text
Open Specific Contact
If Then Command
IsNull Function
If Not IsNull
Add Else Condition
MessageBox Command
StopMacro Command
Show Orders for Specific Customer

04. Form Open Events (15:29)
More With Conditions
Open Specific Order from OrderListF
Requery a Form when you return to it
On Activate Event Example
Discussion of Other Events:
On Open, On Close
On Resize
On Activate, On Deactivate
On Load, On Unload
On No Data Event for Reports

05. Review (4:44)


Access Advanced 2


00. Intro (2:33)

01. Add New Order Button (7:28)
Open Form to New Record
GoToRecord, New
Add New Order Button on CustomerF
Add New Order Button on OrderListF

02. Add Details Before Order (20:29)
Adding Child Records Before Parent
Missing Parent ID
Before Insert Event

03. Quote or Invoice Caption (28:23)
Toggle Button
Bind Button to Data
SetProperty Command
On Click Event
Caption Property
Change from Record to Record
Change on Form Open
On Current Event
External Macros
RunMacro Command
Reusing Code / Macros
SetValue Command
Enabled Property

04. Review (4:05)


Access Advanced 3


00. Intro (2:48)

01. More Control Properties 1 (19:20)
#FFFFFF Colors
Use VAL() Function
How Hexadecimal Numbers Work
RGB() Function
Access Color Codes
Command Button to MessageBox Color Code
Discussion of Color Constants in VBA
vbRed, vbBlue, etc.
Theme Colors v. Standard Colors
FontSize Property

02. More Control Properties 2 (21:14)
FontName Property
Visible Property
Height, Width Properties
OnGotFocus, OnLostFocus Events
Make Notes Field Larger When Clicked On
Top, Left Properties
BackStyle Property
Have Access Tell You the Numeric Values
BorderStyle Property
Changing Form Background Colors

03. Locking Paid Orders (35:14)
Enabled Property for Controls
Lock Subform
Difference Between Locked and Enabled
Store Data in Temporary Variables
SetTempVar Command
InputBox Function
MessageBox TempVars!Variable
Check for Password
BeforeUpdate vs. AfterUpdate
Cancel BeforeUpdate Event
CancelEvent Command
Don't Run Event on PAID only UNPAID
RunMacro Command

04. Review (4:13)


Access Advanced 4


00. Intro (3:48)

01. Password to Open Form (14:23)
InputBox to Collect Password
SettingT Table for Global Settings
SetTempVar to DLOOKUP Password

02. Full Sheet of Same Customer Label 1 (9:02)
Non-Macro Method
Create Mailing Labels Using Wizard
Use Forms!CustomerF for Data
Set up Bogus Table for 30 Records

03. Full Sheet of Same Customer Label 2 (20:22)
Individual Labels with SendKeys Method
OpenTable Command
GoToRecord Command
SendKeys Command
Loop Method with External Macro
Create Label Form
SetValue Labels from Customer Form
RunMacro Command
Repeat Count to Loop
Repeat Expression

04. New Method Quote v Invoice (6:07)
Quote or Invoice Word on Report
Build Event of Detail Section
SetProperty Caption
Make IsQuotation Invisible

05. Macro Groups and Submacros (9:49)
Macro Group
RunMacro MacroName.SubMacro
Default Macro Action
One Macro to Open Multiple Forms

06. Review (3:59)


Access Advanced 5


00. Intro (3:14)

01. Separate Shipping Address 1 (14:59)
Add ShipTo Fields
Ship Same as Billing Checkbox
Macro to Copy Billing to Ship Address

02. Separate Shipping Address 2 (15:21)
Add Fields to Order Table
Copy Ship Bill Fields to Order Form

03. Move Items Between List Boxes (21:13)
Access Drag and Drop Limitations
Form Showing Active and Inactive Employees
Button to Move From Active to Inactive List
RunSQL Command
Put Move Code in On Double Click Event
Click to Preview Employee Record

04. Miscellaneous (15:03)
AutoExec Macro
Bypass the AutoExec
Error Handling
Simple Calculator Form
OnError Command
VAL() Function
Setting 0 on NULL Values
Error Submacro
Macro Design Tab
Run Button
Single Step Toggle

05. Review (5:55)


Access Advanced 6


00. Intro (4:38)

01. SQL Search Boxes (35:50)
Create Unbound Search Text Boxes
SQL Statement to Replace RecordSource
Build SQL Statement in a Text Box
Separate WHERE Clause Box
Multiple Conditions

02. Data Macros (17:40)
If NumEmployees < 0
ProductT Add UnitCost, Markup
Auto Calculate UnitPrice
If [IsInsert] For Adding Records
After Update
Create a Log Table
="Updated " & [CustomerT].[CustomerID]
Macro Shortcut on Desktop

03. Review (7:42)


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