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Access Index - Developer

Access Developer 1


00. Intro (4:14)

01. Intro to Access VBA (8:42)
What is VBA
Visual Basic for Applications
Visual Studio
Visual Basic .NET
Benefits over Macros

02. Our First VBA Code (12:51)
Hello World
Turn off Project Explorer
Turn off Properties Window
Turn off Immediate Window
MsgBox Command
Optional Parameters
Multiple Parameters

03. DoCmd.OpenForm (12:46)
Open Form Command
Arguments List
Where Condition
Open Specific Record
Duplicate Code
Preview of Creating Subs

04. Subs with Multiple Commands (5:59)
Archive Contacts Button
MsgBox Command

05. Add Product Button (12:01)
If Then Statement
End If
Else, ElseIf
Docmd.GoToRecord acNewRec
SetValue in VBA

06. AfterUpdate Event (10:19)
Add New Customer Button
After Update Event
Always Use Event Procedures
Boolean Values TRUE is Assumed

07. Review (3:53)


Access Developer 2


00. Intro (2:20)

01. Calculator 1 (20:05)
Naming Buttons
String Concatenation
VAL() Function
Change Button Name, Edit Code
Add, Subtract Buttons
Multiply, Divide Buttons
Square Root, Exponents
Nth Root
Divide by Zero Error
On Error Resume Next
If Then Else
Exit Sub

02. Calculator 2 (12:59)
Create Private Sub
Parameters to a Sub
Right Click > Definition for Sub
Select Case Statement
End Select
Proper Indenting
Tab / Shift Tab Multiple Lines

03. Commission Form 1 (27:00)
Sales Rep Combo Box
Commission Rate in Columns
AfterUpdate Event to Copy Rate
Calculate Commission Button
Create a Function
Return a Value
Boolean Values
Subs vs. Functions

04. Commission Form 2 (15:57)
VB Line Continuation _
MsgBox vbInformation
Warning if Sale Amount $0
Set to Null after logging

05. Review (4:18)


Access Developer 3


00. Intro (3:07)

01. Variables (22:12)
Exit Sub
Line Continuation Character
DIM ID As Long
On Error Resume Next
On Error Goto 0
Initializing Variables
MsgBox as a Function
vbYes, vbNo, vbCancel

02. Random Numbers (9:33)
Const - Constants

03. For Next Loops (21:47)
Looping Math Quiz
Set NumLoops
For Next
Format Function, Percent
Format Function, 0.0%
Data Types in Access VBA
Integer, Long Integer
Single, Double
Date, Date Time

04. Quick Add Sales Rep (21:10)
Add Link on Commission Form
InputBox First, Last, Com Rate
DCount, DMax, CDbl
Run Another Objects Event

05. Review (5:43)


Access Developer 4


00. Intro (3:09)

01. Add Notes to Order Details (22:15)
DLOOKUP Long Text Memo
Notes Field in OrderDetailT
Add to OrderDetailF
Make Size Change in OnGotFocus
Height, Width Properties
Change Detail Section Height
Variable Scope - Sub vs Form
Form Scope Variable to hold Height, Width
OnDblClick Event to Grow

02. Commissions by Order Amount 1 (22:33)
Modify CommissionT
Base Commission on Order
Employee Commission Table
Set up Brackets for Commission Ranges
Fix Sales Rep Combo Box
Query to Link Orders, Commissions, Cust
Order Picker Combo Box

03. Commissions by Order Amount 2 (43:50)
Change Order Combo to List Box
SQL Statement to Load List
Limit by Sales Rep
Query Employees w Unpaid Commissions
Limit Employee Combo to Unpaid Only
Lookup Order Total for Selected Order
Look that up in Commission Table
Log to Table with SQL INSERT INTO

04. Review (4:06)


Access Developer 5


00. Intro (3:58)

01. Pay Commissions 1 (15:21)
Add Commission Check ID to Com Table
Create Commission Check Table
Commission Select Query
Commission Check Employee Query
Commission Check Form
Combo Box to Select Employee

02. Pay Commissions 2 (20:38)
Commission List Box
Is Selected
Copy Between Two List Boxes
Drag and Drop Discussion
Click and Drag
Create ComList2
SQL UPDATE to Select Items
Totals for each List Box
DSUM Function

03. Pay Commissions 3 (20:17)
MsgBox vbYesNoCancel vbYes
SQL INSERT Check into Table
Add EmployeeID to CommissionT
Database Theory v Practice
Update CommissionT for Changes

04. Printing Checks 1 (15:23)
Convert Currency or Number to English
SpellNumber Function
Create a Global Module
Look up Largest Check Number in Table
Create New Check Number

05. Printing Checks 2 (20:30)
Create Check Report
Blank Laser Printer Checks
Process Current Check
Print All Checks
Mark Printed
DoCmd.OpenReport acViewPreview
OnNoData Report Event
Mark ALL Commissions Selected

06. Review (4:27)


Access Developer 6


00. Intro (4:36)

01. Converting Macros to VBA (29:41)
Quotation or Invoice in Report
Examine old Macro from Advanced 2
Label.Caption Property
Detail_Format Section
Report Detail Build Event
TRUE assumed in IF statements
VB Editor Auto Capitalization
vbRed, vbBlue
ForeColor Property
Quote or Invoice Toggle Button
Global Module for IsQuotationCode
Enabled, Locked Properties
IsPaid Password Code to VBA
Convert Macros to VBA

02. Enhanced Timer Form (16:35)
OnTimer Event
Timer Interval
One Second Ticks
IsPaused Checkbox
Checkbox to Control Events Firing
Specifying Timer Interval Text Box

03. Cascading Combo Boxes (9:47)
Dynamic Combo Boxes
Control Wizard Not Starting
Product Category SQL Rowsource
Select Category, Products Filtered

04. Automated Backups (34:26)
Trusted Locations
Backing Up Critical Tables
You Should Have Separate Backup
Use This to Backup Critical Data
Backup With Timestamp
Current Date Time Field
Last Run Field
Run Every X Minutes or Hours
86400 Seconds
FileCopy Permission Denied
CopyFileA Windows API
Replace Function

05. Review (3:44)


Access Developer 7


00. Intro (3:24)

01. Partial Payments 1 (30:54)
Create PaymentT
Create PaymentMethodT
Create PaymentF
SUM in Form Footer PaymentTotal
DSUM Payment Total
Popup, Modal Forms
Refresh Subforms
Forms!FName!Subform.Form!Field Notation

02. Partial Payments 2 (13:36)
Don't allow Payment if PAID
Don't allow Payment if QUOTATION
Add Payments to Invoice Report
If No Payments, Handle NULL Value
NZ Function

03. Partial Payments 3 (22:29)
Add Horizontal Line over Payments
Hide Payments, Due if Null or Zero
CTRL-Y to Delete Line of Code
Visible Property
Section Header Build Event Code
Can Grow, Can Shrink for Section Header
Can Grow, Can Shrink for Text Boxes
Labels Don't Shrink
IsQuotation Not In Subform
Duplicate Fields in Both Tables
Specified Field Could Refer
Refer To More Than One Table
Add IsQuotation to OrderDetailQ

04. Review (2:35)


Access Developer 8


00. Intro (3:30)

01. Payment Mods 1 (23:48)
Default to Amount Due
Combo DropDown Method
Add Amount Due to PaymentF
Refresh Amount Due
Refresh Total Payments
On Unload Event
Mark Order Paid
Check for Overpayments

02. Payment Mods 2 (27:25)
Don't Allow Edits if Paid
Manager Override Password to Edit
Create a Public Global Function
IsManager Function
Returning a Value from a Function
Replace Password Elsewhere
Globally Search All Code
Search Code Entire Project

03. Search As You Type (23:11)
Create Search Query
On Key Press Event
What is ASCII?
CHR Function
OnChange Event
Len, Nz

04. Review (2:32)


Access Developer 9


00. Intro (6:31)

01. Miscellaneous (27:19)
Add Search Form to Main Menu
Open Customer from Search Form
Show/Hide Manager Button If Paid
Delete A Payment Problem
Form Current Event from Top Menus
Mark Unpaid if Payment Deleted
Lock or Unlock if Paid Unpaid
Enabled v. Locked Properties
Properties of Subforms

02. Test Taker 1 (38:48)
Build Tables
Table Relationships
Enforce Referential Integrity
Multiple Choice v. Fill In Blank

03. Test Taker 2 (20:07)
Create Forms for Data Entry
Department, Class, Test Forms

04. Test Taker 3 (19:00)
Question Form
Set Caption On Open
Form with a Subform DefaultView
Continuous Forms Problem

05. Test Taker 4 (37:41)
Begin Taking Test
Combos to Select Student, Test
Disable on Selections
Begin Test Button
Check for Questions on Test
Create Test
Create a TestResult Record
DMAX to Look Up ID

06. Review (2:42)


Access Developer 10


00. Intro (2:51)

01. Test Taker 5 (22:09)
Figure Out Which Question to Ask
Show Unanswered Questions for Test
Set Order Default to Max +1

02. Test Taker 6 (9:40)
Get the Question
Fields to Display Q&As
Add Scroll Bars to Text Box
Display Next Question Sub
Required Order Value
Validation Rule >0

03. Test Taker 7 (36:26)
Answer Given Text Box
Answer List Box
Determine if Multiple Choice
Display Text or List Box
Check Answer for Correctness
NZ with False
StrComp() if Case Sensitive

04. Test Taker 8 (15:31)
Calculate Grade
Store in TestResultT
ROUND Function

05. Review (3:30)


Access Developer 11


00. Intro (5:39)

01. Test Taker 9 (32:21)
Hide Begin Test Button
Display Question 1 of X
Take This Test Button on TestF
DoCmd.Close acForm Options
acSaveYes, acSaveNo, acSavePrompt
IsLoaded Check if Form Is Loaded
Cascade Close Child Forms
OnCurrent Close and Reopen Child

02. Test Taker 10 (38:44)
Tracking Test Start End Times
Answer Start End Times
Display Timer on Form
Timer Interval
RGB Function and Colors
Max Time to Take Test
Calculate Elapsed Time

03. Universal Dialog Box 1 (23:52)
Custom Prompt

Enhanced MsgBox 
OK Button
Modal, Popup
Create a Global Public Module
uDialog Sub
PromptLabel.Caption Property
uDialog.Title Property of Form
Optional Parameters
BackColor RGB
With / End With
FontSize Parameter

04. Review (3:54)


Access Developer 12


00. Intro (5:01)

01. Universal Dialog Box 2 (21:28)
OK, Cancel, Yes, No Buttons
Turn Sub into Function
Global Variables
While Loops
While Wend
Return Function Value

02. Custom Form Positioning (23:49)
Height and Width of Forms
Twips = Inches * 1440
Twentieth of an Inch Point
Design Time Width of Form
Runtime Width of Form
OnResize Event
WindowHeight, WindowWidth - Read Only
There is no OnMoved event
You can use a timer event
Twips Round to 15
Center Form On Screen

03. Universal Dialog Box 3 (35:14)
Not exactly in the center of the screen
uDialog Left, Top, Height, Width
Size of Controls in Form
Resize Prompt Label on Form Resize
Border Style Sizable, Dialog
Move Buttons as Form is Resized
Button Top, Left
One or Two Buttons Visible

04. External String Manager (21:59)
Multi-Language Database
Don't Design Multiple Forms or Databases
Different Prompts on Forms and Reports
Create User Settings Table
For Multiple Users See Security Seminar
Create String Table
Dynamic Labels on Customer Form
Label Caption Property
Dynamic Labels on Customer Report
Create External Module GetString Function
Use GetString as a MsgBox String

05. Review (2:31)


Access Developer 13


00. Intro (3:32)

01. Search Between Dates (26:01)
Search Records Between Dates
Begin Date, End Date
SQL To Requery Form
Combo Box for Before, After, Between
Select Case
Visible and SetFocus
Limit To List
Allow Value List Edits

02. Tuition Levels 1 (32:27)
Tuition for a Private School
Same as Products With Multiple Options
Billing on Grade Level
Add Tuition Discounts
Add Discounts Per Child
Multi Field Indexing
Composite Key
Composite Index
Create Pricing Form to Add Schedule

03. Tuition Levels 2 (47:58)
On Dbl Click to Add Tuition to Order
OpenForm, GoToControl
GoToRecord, Set .Form!Pricing
Pricing Wizard Form
Show Only Tuition Levels for Grade
Aggregate Query
Requery, SetFocus, DropDown
Change to List Boxes
Variable Pricing
Check if Form Open
On Error Resume Next
On Error Goto 0

04. Conclusion (2:23)



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