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Old Access Index - 2003 - 100s

Access 2000-2003
Access 101

1. Introduction
Welcome to Access 101
Important concepts

2. Terminology
What is a database
Database components (tables, queries, etc.)
Describe each component and it's function

3. Planning Your Database
Planning your database on paper
Plan for needed tables
Plan for needed fields in each table

4. Getting Started
Starting Access
Parts of the interface
Creating a blank new database

5. Customer Table, Part 1
Creating a customer table using design view
Creating the FirstName field

6. Customer Table, Part 2
Brief description of basic data types (text, memo, etc.)

7. Customer Table, Part 3
Adding additional fields to your table (phone, address. etc.)
Brief description of basic field sizes (long int, decimal)

8. Customer Table, Part 4
Creating a CustomerID Autonumber
Moving fields in order
Saving your table
Setting the primary key

9. Entering Data
Adding data to your table
Deleting records

10. Customer Query
Building a query in design view
Adding fields to your query
Sorting your query (LastName, FirstName)
Moving fields in your query
Using criteria (e.g. show all customers from NY)

11. Customer Form
Building a form using design view
Selecting a data source
Adding fields to your form using the field list
Lining up your controls
Switching to Form View and back to Design View
Using navigation buttons to navigate records
Moving controls with the Hand
Selecting a block of controls
Deleting controls
Trick to add all controls from the field list to the form
Saving your form

12. Form Formatting
Changing colors of your form and objects
Deleting a label, keeping the text box
Editing your label text
Resizing a text box
Moving a block of controls together
Moving a label independent of it's text box
Resizing your form
Object borders and special effects
Deleting a record from the form

13. Mailing Labels
Using the mailing label wizard
Desigining a prototype label
Report Print Preview
Zooming in and out

Access 102

1. Welcome
Versions used
How to learn

2. Review
How to find sample database files
Review topics from Access 101

3. Field Properties
Text field sizes
Number field sizes
Format property
Date formats
Text formats
Number formats
Input masks
Required property
Default value
Validation rule
Validation text

4. Search Sort Filter
Find & Replace
Filtering data
Both tables and forms

5. Queries
Multiple OR criteria (NY or CA)
AND from different fields (NY and Active)
AND across, OR down
Saving a query with a different name
OR from different fields (NY or 200 credit)
Between keyword
Date criteria (>#1/1/1998#)
LIKE keyword
Parameter Query

6. Forms
Creating an Employee table
Using OLE Objects
Creating the employee form
Adding a picture field to your form
Resizing your form
Intro to object properties
picture size mode: stretch, zoom, clip
The toolbox
Combo box with static data (M/F)
Using the combo box wizard.
Change to: Combo box into a List Box
Selecting and copying a record
Tab Order
Form fields: align left
Zoom with shift-F2
Command button: Close Form

7. Reports
Query for people not missing address data
Is Not Null: AND condition
People who are missing address data
Is Null: OR condition
New Mailing Labels
Building a report with design view
Building a report based on a query
Page header & footer

8. Compact & Repair
Why compact your database?
How to compact & repair

9. Review
Review topics
Skills check
What's Next?

Access 103

l. Introduction
Versions used
How to learn
Included files

2. Main Menu, Part 1
Creating a form with no data
Unbound form instead of a Switchboard
Command button to open a form and show all records
Form properties
Form caption
Record selectors
Navigation buttons
Scroll bars

3. Main Menu, Part 2
Form background color
Label control
Label properties (font, size, bold, effects, etc.)
Resizing a label
Putting an image on a command button
Button properties
Send to back / bring to front
Format painter
Setting a database startup form
Application title
Hiding the database window
Unhiding your database window
Creating a shortcut to your database on your desktop

4. Customer List Form
Query: sorted list of customers
Building a form based on a query
Lining fields up horizontally
Continuous forms v. single form
Optimizing form space
Form header & footer
Using the rulerbars to select across/down
Cleaning up your labels
Command button to open a form and show specific records
Opening the selected customer record
Filtered results in your form
Removing a filter
Autoform: Tabular
Autoform: Columnar

5. Tracking Lead Sources
Adding a lead source field to the customer table
Combo box with static list of lead sources
Making at table to store a dynamic list of lead sources
Creating a combo box based on a table
Adding new valves to your table
Updating our Main Menu with the new buttons
Using the Form Wizard to create a quick form
Create a form for lead sources using the wizard
Renaming your form
Create a button to close the database

6. Review
Review topics
Skills check
What's next?

Access 104

l. Introduction
Sample Database Files

2. Contact Table
What is a "Contact"
Using the customer notes field for contacts
Creating the Contact
Duplicate data problem
Setting the default date with the Now() function

3. Contact Query
Listing contacts by date
Show only a specific date between two dates
Between keyword
Let the user enter the dates with a parameter
Creating Full Name field by merging two fields
String concatenation
Formatting a query field
Format property

4. Contact Report
Using the page header
Selecting objects using the ruler bar
Notice an & disappears in label
&& in Label
Adding a line object
Keeping your line straight
Text boxes with large amounts of data are truncated
Can Grow / Can Shrink textbox properties
Can Grow / Can Shrink section properties
Sorting and Grouping
Sorting in the report
Group Header & Footer
Keeping a group together on a page
Report header / footer
Adding page numbers to your reports
Showing total number of pages

5. Miscellaneous
Put contact report on Main Menu
Control Tip Text

6. Review
Review topics
Skills check
What's next?


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