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ABCD Core Part 5

Profile Picture, Image and Document Management

Welcome to ABCD Part 5: Core. Total running time is 4 hours, 17 minutes.

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  • Lesson 1: Creating a Profile Picture, Select a File, Copy to a Server Folder, Rename, Office 16 File Dialog, SystemValue Table, GetSystemValue Function
  • Lesson 2: Document Management, Table, Form, Make Subform, Preview on Each Record, Select Code
  • Lesson 3: Change Layout, Open Other File Types, ShellExec (make 64 bit), Create Custom Thumbnails
  • Lesson 4: Bug Fix. Helper Data Popup Not Working in Subforms. Pass Control, Not Form/Field Name
  • Lesson 5: Conditional Format Expire Date, Expired=Red, Soon=Yellow, Main Doc Form, Expire Filter Combo
  • Lesson 6: Add Multiple Documents at Once, Delete File with Record, Open Doc Folder, Update Expire Date

Database Files


Possible Future Upgrades

  • Win API for Icon Image: it may be possible to get the icon that Windows uses and display that for each document instead of using our stock images.
  • Icon Thumbnails as Helper Data: if I can't get the Windows image, we can set up the icon list in the Helper data
  • Enhanced Search Features: if enough people want the Document form to have enhanced search features, like the EntityListF has (search text boxes, sort by clicking on the labels, etc.) then let me know and I'll add it to a future module. Comment below.

Learn More

I need to start making a proper outline page for the ABCD parts like the Developer lessons. I'm posting this here for the time being:

1. Profile Picture (50:49)
Select Profile Picture
Display on EntityF
MS Office 16 Object Library
FileDialog File Picker
File / Folder Exists
Filename From Path

2. Documents 1 (63:34)
Document Management
Table, Form, Make Subform
Preview on Each Record
Select File Code Updated Global

3. Documents 2 (48:09)
Change Layout
Open Other File Types
ShellExec (make 64 bit)
Create Custom Thumbnails

4. Bug Fix HelperF (11:55)
Helper Data Popup
Not Working in Subforms
Pass Control, Not Form/Field Name

5. Document 3 (31:22)
Conditional Format Expire Date
Expired = Red
Expiring Soon = Yellow
Main Document Form
Hide Entity on Subform
Expiration Filter Combo

6. Documents 4 (40:46)
Add Multiple Documents at Once
Delete File with Record
Open Doc Folder
Update Expire Date

Enroll Today!

Enroll now you can watch the videos, download the databases, ask questions, and make suggestions!


I am recording videos showing how the database is built, but mostly so that you can understand the construction and be better equipped to make any modifications or additions you may need on your own. This will be marketed as a finished database without the need for any enhancements, but, of course, one of the main reasons to use Access is so that you can make changes yourself. The videos will be a quick run-through of how each feature is built, as I'm building it. I will be using advanced features like SQL and VBA from the start, so you may want some SQL or VBA Developer Lessons under your belt if you're going to try to follow along. This is NOT a teaching database. Free Technical Support will NOT be offered.

Tech Support

There is NO free Technical Support provided on the ABCD if you have not taken ALL of my previous Developer lessons. There are a lot of very difficult, advanced programming concepts used in the construction of this database. I do not have the time to provide free support if you get stuck trying to make modifications. All I will do is point you to the appropriate Developer lesson(s) that cover the issue. There is a reason why (a) I say this is NOT a teaching database, and (b) there are pre-requisites. Feel free to ask questions, but I can't spend half an hour explaining concepts that are already covered in my other lessons.


Unlike my other courses and seminars which provide you with royalty-free databases that you can modify and distribute yourself, the ABCD does NOT come with a royalty-free license. You may only customize the database for your business needs and for use within your organization. You may not resell or distribute it to others without express written permission. In addition, if you are using it in an organization with more than 10 users, you must purchase additional licenses. Contact me for additional information. I will post additional details when the Core database is completed.


There are two purchase options available for the ABCD.

  • You can purchase a fully editable and customizable copy of the database in addition to the video tutorials that show how it was built. This is the option you should pick if you want to make changes to the database for your own business needs, and you want to learn how the database was constructed to assist you. As a reminder, these are not teaching videos. They are simply provided to show you how the database was built. Free support is not guaranteed if you have questions. I do my best to answer questions, but I can't promise anything. You must purchase any pre-requisite parts or modules required. For example, you may not purchase Core Part 4 without first having parts 1 thru 3.
  • Once the Core is finished, you can optionally purchase a use-only version of the database. This is the best option if you only plan on using the database for your personal or business needs, but do not intend on modifying the structure of the database. Free instructional videos will be provided to teach your staff how to use it.

Your Feedback

I will be releasing new Core features and modules on a regular basis. You can see the list of features that are scheduled for development on the Coming Soon page. I would very much like your feedback on what features you think should be available. If you have a specific interest for your business type, let me know. 


DocumentF DocumentType Upload Images   Link 
Pete Santiago 
3 months ago
Hey Richard, I don't know if someone already said something, but in DocumentF - DocumentTypeCombo - Double click event is still EmailTypeCombo in VBA.  I know the code works, of course :), because you changed the HelperType. I just know how you like your codes to look good. :) Thanks again for what you do!
Pete Santiago
3 months ago
Please disregard last message.  I'm watching videos again, but with pain meds in me...neck surgery....I apologize... I just watched the part where you tried to use it and it didn't work sna you fixed..I'nve been a day late and dollar shrt this past week..
Richard Rost
3 months ago
Hey, no problem. I get it. I sustained an injury myself about a year ago that gives me real bad migraines. No worries!
Pete Santiago
3 months ago
Hey Richard, messing around with DocumentF, found that if I change an Entity in the either DocumentF or Subf the file is not moved to the appropriate folder.  Getting error message '2222' file not find. if I move the entity back to previous Entity then of course if finds it. I know just a minor bug for you, but just thought you should know if you don't.  Also, no help, just a request.  i'm attempting to put household group (list of people-children,spouse,etc) in same add.ress on the addressF in the footer.  maybe a list box so you can double click on them to go to there folder. just a suggestion. Thanks again for you and your team!
Richard Rost
3 months ago
We really didn't build in a way to MOVE a document from one entity to another. There's no code in there to move those files around. Do you think this would be important? Right now you could create a new document on a different entity and then select it in the old entity's folder and have it moved/copied. We could put a "move to a different entity" on the list of options for a document. Is this something you think would happen a lot?
Richard Rost
3 months ago
I don't understand what you're trying to do with the multiple people in the AddressF. That form is designed for one person's address. Different people should be set up as their own entities. Maybe a tool to copy addresses would be in order. I envision usually in a situation like that ONE PERSON is on the mailing list. For example, if you're dealing with students and parents, you'd make ONE parent on the mailing list and have their address in the database. The others would be linked via Relations.
Pete Santiago
3 months ago
On the DocumentF, I was importing multiple files in the Document Management (DocumentF).  Afterwards, I went down the entity list to choose which file went with the entity I choose.  The file opens fine and the form shows image of doc and description fine; however, when I choose that Entity from list, you don't notice any changes, except for the "open" button when clicked now doesn't open the file which open fine before I choose the entity. As far as this happening a lot, I don't know. I know now not to add a file or multiple files without first having an EntityID, and not adding to the EntityID 0 folder.
Pete Santiago
3 months ago
On the AddressF, my boss was wanting to have a list of people associated with the current address. Example: John Smith, 1 Main St, Fort Myers, FL 33999 and Jane Smith, 1 Main St, Fort Myers, FL 33999, kids names, etc.  When time for Mailing in the AddressF, we would go to John Smith folder and see his wife and kids in the same household with just Names in a list box.  When a mailing went out, we could put in Addressee1 Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  I'm actually using ABCD database now at my work, but the addresses are repeating. Such as example: John has auto insurance, Jane has Life Policy, Kids have 529 plans and mailing is addressed to each person, so each entity the address is typed in 4-5 times...I already found some mistakes. I'm trying to work on a EntityXAddressT now, but surgery has slowed that way down.
Richard Rost
3 months ago
Adding documents via the DocumentF and assigning to people: you're right. That will definitely have to be addressed. When you change the entity, it needs to move the folder it's in.
Richard Rost
3 months ago
Your address dilemma: I think an "include in mailings" checkbox would probably work well for your situation. This way if you don't want to include the same address twice, just uncheck the box for the wife's address. To copy an address to another person, we could add a "copy from" combo box which would copy the address data from one of their Related people. This way you wouldn't have to type it in multiple times. To have an Address with multiple Entities would involve a major rewrite of the database. It's a 1-to-many relationship from Entity to Address, not the other way around. You can't assign an Address to multiple Entities. We COULD add a "same as:" combo box to the address form which would essentially "link" two addresses together. For example, you could pick "same as: Jane Smith" and it would pull in her address info. Then any changes to Jane's would automatically show up on John's record. That might work. Linking two people together. Sound like a plan? I could add this easily.
Pete Santiago
3 months ago
I see what you are saying. I was trying to do something like GroupSubf in GroupList, but in AddressF where the AddressID was pulling Entity into list box. You are doing something like the RelationF. Yes, that sounds like plan.
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