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Welcome to the Access Developer Network. If you are looking for someone to help you with your Microsoft Access database issues, troubleshoot problems, or even build a database for you, then you have come to the right place. For complete information on the Access Developer Network, please click here for details and instructions for posting.

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Consultation required Upload Images   Link 
Jim Baldner 
2 days ago
Hello developers,

I have a time sensitive project, Im looking for some help with. Specifically a form to assign tickets to invoices and reconcile same. Another to assign services to tickets in a granular sense. I have a few requirements for these forms that require a higher level of knowledge than I process. I will no doubt have other requests in the near future as well. Im certainly willing to reimburse you for your time. Read More...
Adam Schwanz
40 hours ago
Hello Jim, you can email me at to talk more about what you're trying to achieve and costs.
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Project Upload Images   Link 
Shreyans Ghia 
3 days ago
I have built a Purchase Database based on what i have learnt from Richard's various videos. It seems to work quite ok. However I would like have some professional help for the following:
1. Fix some minor aspects of my database which I am just not able to figure out. Read More...
Adam Schwanz
3 days ago
We'll have Richard or Alex move it to the AccessDev.NET

I'll shoot you an e-mail to discuss your needs and pricing.
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Property Management Database Upload Images   Link 
Stephanie Brandow 
7 days ago
I am in need of a consultant to build a property management database to be used by my company.  We manage around 500 properties with both long and short term rentals.  We are located in Florida and having someone close would be a plus.  I already have the specs in mind.
Adam Schwanz
7 days ago
Im nowhere near florida but could built it all remotely. If you want to email me at to discuss needs and cost
Richard Rost
6 days ago
Hi Stephanie. I actually AM in Florida - not too far from you, in fact. About an hour drive south in Fort Myers. However I don't do custom consulting work anymore. Adam is a great developer, however, and I'm sure he'll take care of you.

I've been thinking about putting together a property management database template. I think it would be something that would sell well. However, my plate is VERY full for the next couple of months, so if you need it in a hurry, definitely work with Adam.
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Absence Tracking Upload Images   Link 
Eric Wallace 
15 days ago
I am working on an HR database application. We track time in 3 categories: PTO, sick and leave. Sick time and leave time are based on the calendar year. PTO however, is tracked by service date. Currently my design includes an employee table with relationship to the absence table that contains fields for employee, occurrence date, category and amount of time. I have a single form set up for entering occurrences. My goal is to set up a single form to display an individual employees occurrences with balances remaining. I am trying to build a table using a query to produce the appropriate start date for tracking PTO. Meaning, if today is 9/8/2021 and they reset 11/20/2021, the query needs to set the PTOreset date to 11/20/2020. I have tried DateAdd with my best guesses at an IIf statement in the query but, it either changes all years or leaves the fields blank. Any help or suggestions for another way are welcome. If I can get that piece right I think Ive learned enough to setup the queries for the end result form with totals using criteria but I just cant figure out the date problem. Any suggestions are welcome. Read More...
Alex Hedley
15 days ago
Can you share what you've tried code wise?
Adam Schwanz
15 days ago
What are you trying to have happen? How does service date affect the PTO reset date? I'm assuming you store a "start date" in the employee table? What's stopping you from using that or is there some other strange calculation that you can't just use an if statement to pick the current year if todays date is before the start date or current year+1 (next year) if todays date is after the start date?
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New Database Help Upload Images   Link 
Ray Marotta 
18 days ago
Hi, Im trying to build a fairly elaborate database from scratch that I currently have in Azure DevOps and Smartsheets. We have a lot of external users, which is why we use Smartsheets. I would like to find someone that is knowledgeable in online databases (which I know are complicated) to answer my initial questions to see if Access can do exactly what I need it to do. Thank you!
Adam Schwanz
18 days ago
What is your initial question? SQL server can probably do it.
Ray Marotta
18 days ago
Hi Adam, thanks for your response!

Several questions:
1. Can I make it so anyone vis web link can add data to my tables via a link to a form entry? From what I read, SharePoint is not the way to go for public data entry/reports.
2. Can I make reports accessible to the public vis web link?
3. I am all about learning, trying, filing and doing the dirty work, but is there someone that help me with the initial framework so I don't waste time setting up something the wring way initially?
4. Is Power Bi best for dashboards?

Thats the big ones.  Thanks Adam
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Vendor Database Upload Images   Link 
Jim Baldner 
18 days ago
Hello folks, I'm looking for sum "some" assistance with the following, pictures to follow.

I have a main form "VendorActive" with three seperate subforms each displayed as continuos, "subTicket", subTicketDetail", and "subService".  The three subs are independent of each other. I have specifically chosen not to nest the subforms in a hierarchy within the main form. the subs are linked to the main. Read More...
Jim Baldner
18 days ago

Jim Baldner
18 days ago

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MS Access Sharing Forms Upload Images   Link 
Kirsten Allen 
20 days ago
I have built a db with 12 tables with relationship mapping.  I have built several associated forms & queries.

Ideally, I would like for my team members to only have access to the forms & queries without the tables.  We already have a sharepoint site.  I am registered for the MS Access Sharepoint seminar, according to the seminar I need to migrate the tables to sharepoint, but want to make sure I am on the right track before I actually do this migration. Read More...
Scott Axton
19 days ago
Kirsten -
Disclaimer:  I have not ever used Sharepoint.  I don't know the ins and outs of it.

That said:
Microsoft announced quite some time ago that the were depreciating Access and Sharepoint for Microsoft 365 / Access 2019.
Sharepoint Roadmap Article

For that reason I quit going down that branch of my learning path.

Can you describe your organization and it's needs?  What are your requirements based on ?

For instance, if you are all in the same building on the same LAN,  I would suggest differing alternatives than if you are in multiple buildings or even different cities wanting to access your database via web browser over the internet.  (The latter is way beyond my skill set at the moment by the way)

How many people are currently accessing the db.  What does the potential user needs look like in the next 5 years?
Scott Axton
19 days ago
Last but not least.  If you were wanting to hire a developer to help you make this move.  This is the correct spot to place this question.

If you were asking questions prior to doing the work yourself, I will ask Richard or Alex to help us move this post to the appropriate forum.
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Database design help Upload Images   Link 
Paul Sikkila 
37 days ago
Im looking for help setting up an Access database for house construction inspection checklists. Each checklist would contain a list of inspection points with a pass/fail/NA/note entry for each item on a list.  There could be 100 or more categories (framing, roofing, trim, etc.), therefore many checklists (tables), resulting in MANY one-to-many relationships. At least thats the way I envision it. I dont want to start too far into this without making sure the database is laid out correctly. Im not sure if Ive provided enough info here but would gladly discuss cost of consultant work for help with database design.
Adam Schwanz
37 days ago
If you want to e-mail me at to discuss costs and what you need.

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Nested Subforms Upload Images   Link 
David Cooke 
46 days ago
Apologies if this is a double post as I wanted to post here first.

Followed the video for nesting one to many subforms, however I have 2 many to many tables (I believe) that I cannot for the life me get to work.  I can get the bottom half to work but then when I add them in the subforms half the subforms don't change when I change the top record.  3 lookup tables that match two junction tables (2 table to one junction and 2 tables to the other junction. Looking for live assistance.  thanks Read More...
Alex Hedley
46 days ago
Richard Rost
46 days ago
Hi David. I don't allow links to external sites for various reasons. Please use the Upload Images link at the top of the thread. Thanks.
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Automation Of Reports Upload Images   Link 
Jeremy Guenthner 
49 days ago
I am a trucking company with a database that I had started and have been using for 3 years.  I would like to have a report that pulls from multiple query's and run a end of year Report.  I have started but don't really have the time to learn and rework the database at the same time as running my business.  If any advance students or those that do this on a daily bases I would be happy to pay for the service.
Adam Schwanz
49 days ago
If you want to e-mail me at to discuss what you need and costs, I'd be willing to work on it

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