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Welcome to the Access Developer Network. If you are looking for someone to help you with your Microsoft Access database issues, troubleshoot problems, or even build a database for you, then you have come to the right place. For complete information on the Access Developer Network, please click here for details and instructions for posting.

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As a disclaimer, I take NO responsibility for any work provided by ANY person you may meet through this Forum. This is simply a meeting place I have arranged to put people who NEED help together with people who want to PROVIDE help. I, Richard Rost, assume NO liability for any services provided. Use at your own risk. Same goes for both users and providers. You are both responsible for your own interactions, work to be done, and any payments promised. 


ZipCode LookUp Changes Upload Images   Link 
David Pierce 
8 months ago
Hi All,
Maybe you would be interested in makeing some changes to the ZipCode LookUp Paid version that is on this site. What I would like done is the following:
Remove Edit Button
Replace Txt box "Zip" with a combo, add a not in list event to add, dbl click event to edit.
Replace the Txt Box "City" with a combo, If more than one city is in table for that zip, then auto expand (drop) to choose a city. Also adding a not in list event to add a new city if typed over..... If that makes sense?
Let me know if interested and a cost to complete it.
Ray White
8 months ago
Hi David
Just a thought on the Txt Box " Zip "
Why would you want a Combo Box?
It will slow down the forms load time having to load all of the Zip Codes in that Combo Box.
After you get 1000s of Zip Codes in that database you will see.
The Zip field already has code to check if the Zip Code is in the Zip database
and if not it will open the ZipLookupF form so you can add the new Zip Code.
And for the " dbl click Zip field event to Edit"
just take the code form the Edit button and place it in the Dbl click event in the Zip field.
Hope this helps.
Richard Rost
8 months ago
I agree with Ray. Making it a combo box will slow it down a lot once you get lots of records in there. If anything you could make the ZIP lookup text box a search as you type box that populates a listbox or something.
David Pierce
8 months ago
Thanks all,
I did some playing with it and it actually does what it's supose to. Me Bad! Also, I wasnt aware that a combo would slow it down either so that is nice to know.
Thanks again...
Ray White
8 months ago
"Search as you type" is exactly what I had to do with my Zip, City Combo  box.
I had 9000K records and you talking about slowing down a Combo box. Sloooow.
"Search as you type" is the way to go with that many records.
Richard Rost
8 months ago
What Ray said. :)
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