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Microsoft Access Developer Network

Welcome to the Access Developer Network. I get tons of requests for help. Too many. While I love helping people, there are only so many hours in the day. I quite simply am stretched pretty thin between my various projects, and I would honestly spend my time doing what I do best: recording new video tutorials. I'm more than happy to take on TechHelp questions in the "how do I...?" format, or even projects that I can turn into new courses, templates, or modules for the ABCD.

As of February 2021, I no longer want* to accept projects that involve me working with databases that I haven't built myself. I'm happy to show you how to do something new in a video, but I'm not troubleshooting problems anymore. Plus, about a year ago I suffered an injury that left me blind in one eye and gives me random migraines, so it's difficult for me to work too many hours at a stretch. I feel bad promising people help and not being able to deliver on time. I'll still offer consulting services if you want me to build something new for you, or show you how to do something, and I can make it into a video lesson.

However, I know that there are a TON of other Access developers out there looking for work. Some of them are my students! I know that a lot of my more experienced students would love the opportunity to help out the new guys. So, that's why I'm starting the Access Developer Network. This is a Forum where people who need help with their databases can post what they need, and other Developers can help them out - for free, or for a fee. That's for you to decide amongst yourselves. To start out, I'm going to keep this informal as a way to help out both problem seekers and solvers. It's not work I want to do anymore, and I know a lot of you need help, and a lot of you have help to offer. Win/win/win. If this starts to take off, we'll make it more formal later on with an appropriate project management system. But again, let's keep it friendly to start. Help each other out. Feel free to negotiate.

So, if you need help with a database, post your needs below. Be as descriptive as possible. I can't promise that someone else will be able to provide you with assistance, but I've got a lot of Developer-level students who I know can handle most tasks when it comes to Access. If you see the Developer Badge (above, right) next to their name, you know they've completed most of my Developer classes. I'm ONLY allowing my Developer students who have completed most of my classes to big on projects here. I'm also inviting a few other select Access Developers who I know and trust to do good work (a few other MVPs and people I know from other Groups and Forums around the Web). Not just anyone can sign on here and offer assistance (so if you're a developer and I don't know you, chances are you won't be accepted).

Yes, only my students can post in my message forums. So if you're looking to post a project here, you'll need a student account and logon. The good news is, you can become a student for just $1 by enrolling in any of my Beginner Level 1 courses. If you don't need the course, consider it the fee for posting your project in a Forum visited by some of the best Access developers on the Web. I know. I trained them. :)

Developers: if you're interested in picking up some consulting work, subscribe to this forum and receive an email update whenever new posts are added. You will also be notified by email if any conversations you are involved in receive new comments.

* I'll still provide troubleshooting services if you really, REALLY, want me to. However it's not the kind of work I want to be doing. Therefore, I'll be raising my rates for this kind of work considerably. Everyone has their price, after all. 


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Kimya Wyatt 
6 days ago
We are a trucking company and have brokers/shippers and our contract drivers.  I've started a database where we can input load and shipper information via a form and create invoices.  I want to now implement pay stubs for our drivers which would include all their loads for a given pay period, charge backs and their net pay.  I'm looking for someone willing to support me through the many road blocks I came across as I build, and of course am willing to pay for the support. Thanks!
Adam Schwanz
5 days ago
I would be willing to help if you want to contact me at to discuss what you need and costs

Kimya Wyatt
5 days ago
Thank you!  I will send you an email now.
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