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Learning starts with failure; the first failure is the beginning of education.

-John Hersey
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Technical Support

Customer Service is FREE. Tech Support is NOT.

If you have specific questions about Access, Excel, VB, etc., then there are two options available:

If you wish to contact me directly for technical support, there is a fee of $50 to ask your question. This gives you 10 minutes of my time, which includes the time it takes to read your question. This does NOT include sending me files to look at.

So keep it as brief as possible while still giving me enough information to answer you. If you feel like you will need more than 10 minutes, please see my Consulting page.

Please also read my Customer Service Policy and this article on Context.

Technical Support
Your Name:
Please ask your question below. You will be taken to a payment page for the $50 fee after you submit your question.
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If your question is already answered in one of my courses, I will send you a copy of that course and apply the $50 you've paid towards it. If there is any left over, I will put it as a credit on your account. If I am unable to answer your question, for any reason, I will put what you've paid as a credit on your account. Refunds are not given. They're a pain to process.

A Quick Tip

I generally get back to people by the following business day. Yep, it's just me here answering emails, so I do my best. Here's a tip: if you want a FAST response, type a SHORT email. Honestly, if I get your email and it's fifteen paragraphs that I have to read through, I'll usually "snooze" it until I have the time to read it. Want a faster response? Keep it brief. Sorry. I get a LOT of emails every day, and it's just me answering them. Only so many hours in the day...

Email Me

If you prefer sending email over using a web form, that's OK. But be advised I sometimes get hundreds of pieces of email a day. I wouldn't want yours getting lost in my inbox. This form will get to me faster. Nevertheless, you can find my Email Address here.

Other Types of Contact

Please see my general Contact page for other forms of contact, including phone, mail, and fax.




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