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By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   3 months ago

Display Images Without Storing in the Database!

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In this video, I'll show you how to display images in your Microsoft Access forms and reports without storing them in your database. Images (or any external files for that matter) can really bloat your database, making it big and slow. Storing the files in an external folder and tracking the location of that file is a much more efficient way to handle images with Microsoft Access.

Haruki from Kawasaki, Japan (a Platinum Member) asks: I would like to be able to print out employee name badges with their name, the company logo, and their picture. What's the best way to do this in Microsoft Access?


Members will see how to use a little VBA code to make a button that we can click on and browse for the filename. This way you don't have to type in or copy/paste the path and file for the picture. Just click, select, done.

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Images in Reports:
Images from Web Sites:
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Make Images Shrink on Reports:

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Images Upload Images   Link 
Joseph Messina 
2 months ago
Hi Richard:

I was watching the free video and extended cut video how to have images in a database and I did it a long with the video.  Thank you that helped.  Is there a way I can have a sample image or something above the profile picrture field so I know or someone that uses the database to put the picture in the picture in the image box.  I know i have the button under neith to click and select a picture I just want to have the image sample above the propfile picture text box.  Ia there a way I can do that.  If you want me to i can send you a sample of what i'm talking about what i want to do
Adam Schwanz
2 months ago
Are you asking if you can just have a default value picture that's always there until someone puts in a picture? Maybe I'm not understanding what you're asking. You can use the upload images button at the top right of your post to share a screenshot of what you're trying to do.
Joseph Messina
2 months ago
Yes that what I want to do!
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External PDF Linking Upload Images   Link 
Chuck Hobbs 
2 months ago
Hi. The image video worked great to debloat my Documents DB by placing the JPG files outside of the database. However some of my documents are multiple pages and are in a PDF file and cannot be used as images. Read More...
Chuck Hobbs
2 months ago
Thanks for the advice. After a lot of research and almost understanding all the VBA coding that I found. It occurred to me That there is a hyperlink file type available to me. It works great for my purposes. My backend went from 127 meg to just 17 meg by putting all my jpg and pdf files outside of the database.


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images sideways Upload Images   Link 
Russ Phillips 
2 months ago
All my images are coming in and need to rotate 1/4 clockwise
but the file where they are stored are appearing fine. is there a way to fix this. And how can I default the path and with the Customer Id with a -A at the end. the Picture name is the Customer ID I have -A, -B,-C picture to chose from. It will take a long time to type in 500 links. Read More...
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Rotating your images: there's nothing I can do about that. Access doesn't have a lot of tools as far as processing images. I did a quick Google search and I didn't see any way to rotate the image control inside of Access. Sorry.

As far as the other stuff goes, I did show how to select a large number of files and process them (copy to database folder, change filename, etc.) like you want in the ABCD Part 5. I might add this to a Developer lesson because it's not something I've covered before. Stay tuned.
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Can Grow Shrink with Images Upload Images   Link 
Juan C Rivera 
2 months ago
Is there a way to set 4 pictures on a report and if you don't use them all can the report shrink to use the space? Also when trying to do some VBA I found a repaint.  I have never used it and wondering does anyone use it and how or when would you use it? Read More...
Alex Hedley
2 months ago
Microsoft Access Requery v. Refresh mentions Repaint
Alex Hedley
2 months ago
Are you hiding the images if they aren't set? Setting the Visible property?
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