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This is a Forum for students in my Access Developer courses. Yes, you can still post questions in the comments section of the individual courses, but I will be using this Forum to post general notifications, ideas for future lessons, etc.

I recommend you subscribe to this Forum if you're interested in getting these kinds of updates. I'm not going to send out individual emails for everything.

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Many to Many Upload Images   Link 
Edwards Christopher 
25 hours ago

I watched Richards Many-to-Many video. I want to add another layer to the many to many relationship where depending on the group assigned to the customer, certain trainings will be available in the sub form. I am at expert level 3 so this is already beyond me. Can someone point me to a resource on this site or provide guidance? Will I pick this up in expert 7?
Richard Rost
25 hours ago
Can you be a little more specific? Do you mean if the student is, for example, in the Physics group (major) he only sees Physics classes?
Adam Schwanz
24 hours ago
Yea unless your talking about something else. A many to many junction table is all that you need. One table with classes and another with the students. Now if your saying you want to filter your results down, that can be done in numerous ways. I dont know how your database is setup but if you have the customer and classes table setup. I would just add a field to the customers table that you could enter in a major. Then you could make a one to many relationship between major and the classes. You could then limit what courses are offered to him by his major.

You could also just use a filter or where clause, or you could just manually assign the classes to the student with the junction table. Access always seems to have lots of ways to get to the same end result. Just depends how your tables and form is setup now and what you want to do.
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Vba Syntax Upload Images   Link 
Abraham Breuer 
18 days ago
Hi Richard

I am currently going through the developer lessons, I love them its brilliant,
I would like to ask you if you can put on your tech help list to explain everything about syntax in VBA, Read More...
Adam Schwanz
18 days ago
Im just imagining this being far far beyond a tech help video. Maybe even beyond a seminar. There is so much to review, i don't even know if you could go over this being so broad. I would recommend continuing the classes and most of all practicing it yourself. I used to have problems remembering stuff but working with it everyday makes it a lot easier. You get used to it really quickly that it becomes muscle memory to just throw them in where they are needed.

A couple times of why doesnt this work? Maybe i need a & in front of the field? Yep that was it  Really nails it in to remember that next time.

With the & sign your usually adding a field or text to a statement. With  your usually saying this isnt a function or integer  i want to say a string. But they have sooo many other uses.
Scott Axton
17 days ago
Adam Breuer -
   I  agree 100% with Adam Schwanz reply.  There just isn't any amount of watching videos or even reading hand books that are a good substitute for actually doing the work.

Unfortunately the best teacher is often fixing your own errors.  I (we) could take a look at some code and tell you right away you are missing a quote or you need an & but you won't learn from it.

That said different people learn different ways.  I suggest getting a spiral note book an actually writing down some of the tidbits that are important to you.  Don't type it in.  Writing things down helps "insert it into the brain"

For instance - using your example above:
  & is an operator used for concatenation.  Used to bring together two pieces of text or to join the text values in two field names.

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DMax DLookUp CommissionRate Upload Images   Link 
Abraham Breuer 
28 days ago
Hi Richard
Just finished the Dev4,
the technique you use to log the commission rates for each rep into the commisionT is by appending one order at a time,
how about when I want to append multiple orders at a time for some period of time, for example, a quarter of a year, and after calculating the orders then dlookup the commission rate? Read More...
Richard Rost
28 days ago
You'd need a loop. I'd recommend a Recordset.
Abraham Breuer
27 days ago
thank you for your reply
I will need to have patience until getting to Dev16...
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Developer 27 Finished Upload Images   Link 
Richard Rost 
2 months ago
In the can. Over 4 hours of stuff. Enjoy!
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VBA in VSCode Upload Images   Link 
Abraham Breuer 
2 months ago
Does anyone know about vsCode if it's a good place to write VBA code?
Have a look at the screenshot it looks to be a neet place for VBA...
What do you say about it???
Abraham Breuer
2 months ago

Richard Rost
2 months ago
Looks kinda neat. I haven't used it. That's more up Alex's alley. :)
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Create Sequential Numbering Upload Images   Link 
Despina Karayanni 
2 months ago
I am working on creating sequential numbering in an order database. Here is the problem I have. I enter data in the orderF form, and as soon as I close this form, the OrderT table has been appended (it shows the new entries), but when I open the OrderF again, it is blank (it doesn't keep the data). Can you advise why this may happen? Thank you in advance.
Despina Karayanni
2 months ago
In the meanwhile, I replaced the form, which functions as it should. However, I keep wondering how could this have happened!
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Very strange. Sounds like you got some errant code in there somewhere. Many times I've found solutions by just scrapping a form and starting over. :)
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Added QR Codes to D27 Upload Images   Link 
Richard Rost 
2 months ago
I added the QR Code video to Developer 27 as well. Probably not going to do too much more with them, but I do cover the new WebBrowser control which I haven't shown much in the Developer lessons (more in this is coming) and the URLDownloadToFile function which is completely new and lets you grab a file from a web site. Very cool stuff.
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Developer 27 Started Upload Images   Link 
Richard Rost 
2 months ago
I've posted the first 4 lessons to Access Developer 27

So far this is all FREE bonus material. It does not count towards your hour of new material for this class. That's coming shortly. Read More...
Juan C Rivera
2 months ago
This is awsome stuff, can we track who took the inventory out and will it be able to print hand recipts? Maybe even track location of Item - like Deck 5 area 51 top self... Ok I need to back off I get going and never stop.... Let me know when I gone toooo far.

Richard Rost
2 months ago
You done messed up A-A-ron. :)

Yes, if your goal is not to simply sell stuff, but you want to track where stuff is, you could add a location, EmployeeID, or whatever other information you need. That's all you. LOL
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ABCD Helper Tables Upload Images   Link 
Antony Lee 
2 months ago
I'm absolutely loving the Helper Forms and Tables as it has massively streamlined two projects I have been working on for the last few years.

You previously stated that once the HelperT gets past several hundred records there could be issues. Read More...
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Nah, you're fine with 179. Heck, you're probably OK with a couple THOUSAND items in the HelperT. You start getting up to 10,000 items and noticing a slowdown, then worry about it. Only over a really slow network or online with a crappy connection would you have a problem with less than 1000 items.
Richard Rost
2 months ago
It's all relative to the speed of your computer and your network connection. If you notice someone getting slow, then you can address it then. Either upgrade their network connection or optimize the database. In fact, when I show how to move this puppy up to SQL Server, it won't be a problem because the server will only send the 8 records in the current combo box across the wire. Right now Access has to process ALL of the records (over the wire) and show you the 8 you need. A database server solves that issue.
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Saved Imports Upload Images   Link 
Vicent Mnaya 
3 months ago
I can't get saved imports in RunSavedImportExport macro command, how can I solve this problem. I only get a list of saved exports but imports do not show up.
I'm using access 2016.
Richard Rost
3 months ago
Honestly, I haven't used that function in a LONG time. I'll have to review it and get back to you.
Alex Hedley
3 months ago
X22 and X24 if that's any help.
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