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This is a Forum for students in my Access Developer courses. Yes, you can still post questions in the comments section of the individual courses, but I will be using this Forum to post general notifications, ideas for future lessons, etc.

I recommend you subscribe to this Forum if you're interested in getting these kinds of updates. I'm not going to send out individual emails for everything.

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Progress Bar SQL Server Upload Images   Link 
Despina Karayanni 
11 days ago
Hello Richard. I have used the code of the progress bar (the last edition with the seconds and records measurement) in the customerF form of the database that is online -ACCESS SQL Server  (using recordset and a path through  query). However, it is dramatically slow. Should I make any modifications in the code? Thank you very much.
Richard Rost
9 days ago
Things like that probably will run pretty slow over the wire. It all depends on how many records your local DB has to process.
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RSGoToRecord in recordsets Upload Images   Link 
Despina Karayanni 
18 days ago
Hello Richard, As I am new in using recordsets the ACCESS SQL, which has made my database much faster, I confront a problem due to ignorance. It's fine with the commands rs.movefirst, rs.moveprevious, etc. However if I want to specify to go to a specific record, i.e., SELECT * FROM "CUSTOMERT" where customerID = "customerID". How could I specify afterwards to go to a specific record? Read More...
Adam Schwanz
18 days ago
If you have a unique identifier like a primary key, you can do rs.movefirst and then rs.findfirst to go to a specific record
Despina Karayanni
18 days ago
Thank you for your prompt reply. What I need is when I am in form customerlistF to press a command and direct to the specific customer file of the customerF form, which is a recordset. And as such, the customerID field in the recordset is unbound. So, the customerID is not defined.
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Manipulating Recordsets Upload Images   Link 
Glenn Taylor 
43 days ago
A complex query produces a Recordset which is very useful in a report. But to refine the data to serve another purpose requires the removal of one or more records from this Recordset based on refined criteria. Using the rst.Delete command (VBA) to remove an unwanted record causes a "read-only" error (3027). I suspect the only way around this might be to write the records from the Recordset you want to keep to a temp table and then send the resultant temp table records to the report. Can anyone think of another workaround where the creation of a temp table is unnecessary?
Alex Hedley
43 days ago
What is your criteria for removal?
Why can't that just be added to a new query which is based from your original?
Glenn Taylor
43 days ago
The Recordset has 5 fields and if three of these fields are the same the second and subsequent records are thrown away. The query is a UNION query, quite complex. I really need to evaluate each record against it's adjacent (sorted) record for duplicates in these three fields so VBA seems to be a logical choice. I have the VBA working fine except it throws the error when I do find a record which needs to be discarded and make an attempt to delete it. I'm about ready to create the temp table to just get through this issue and move on. It would just be elegant to just run through the Recordset and toss those which aren't wanted and then feed the report with the modified Recordset. I guess that would make it too easy :-)
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Adding appts to Google calendar Upload Images   Link 
Rajashree Natarajan 
2 months ago
Hi Richard,

My office uses Google Calendar to make appts for my patients. . Is there a way to make an appointment directly into the calendar using the info from access. This is so we can have their contact, email, alternate contact in Google in case we have to reschedule in an emergency. Read More...
Adam Schwanz
2 months ago
From my understanding, to work with external programs like this you need an API. In this case, google calendar API.

Have you thought of using SQL server instead to work remotely?
Richard Rost
41 days ago
Like Adam said, I know that Google does have an API for using their calendar, Gmail, contacts, etc. I've personally never done anything with it, although I am curious and will probably experiment with it... one day...
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Need a simple VBA code Upload Images   Link 
Rajashree Natarajan 
2 months ago
SO FRUSTRATED that I am just not getting it right. I have two field HADelivery date and 90dayFU date. I am so proud that I figured out VBA code to populate 90 days from delivery date and automatically fill the 90dayFU field Read More...
Alex Hedley
2 months ago
Adam Schwanz
2 months ago
Yea just use the HAdelivery field after update event

If HAdelivery="" or IsNull(HAdelivery) Then
  'Field is blank, change the 90dayFU
  90dayFU = ""
  'Field isn't blank, update the 90dayFU
  90dayFU = HAdelivery + 90
End If

And VBA can be hard, but you just have to keep getting exposed to it, keep practicing. If you move along to the developer lessons Richard does a great job teaching it, if you don't give up anyone can be taught :).
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Syntax for DoCmdRunSQL Upload Images   Link 
John Lucas III 
2 months ago
I thought that SQL statements had to end in a ;"
In Developer 5 there are several DoCmd.RunSQL statements that do not end with a ;"
    DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE CommissionT SET IsSelected=FALSE " & _
Alex Hedley
2 months ago
Normally ; is used to terminate a line so you could have multiple commands. If you only have 1 then it isn't needed.
Richard Rost
2 months ago
In Access you generally only use single-command SQL statements and like Alex said, the semicolon isn't required.
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Comment Block Upload Images   Link 
Scott Axton 
2 months ago
Hey guys does any one know if there is a key combination to do block comments in VBA?

I have used
more stuff

in another language but have not found the equivalent here. Read More...
Adam Schwanz
2 months ago
Found this online to make a shortcut for it. Done in the Code screen.

    Right-click on the toolbar and select Customize...
    Select the Commands tab.
    Under Categories click on Edit, then select Comment Block in the Commands listbox.
    Drag the Comment Block entry onto the Menu Bar (yep! the menu bar)
    Note: You should now see a new icon on the menu bar.
    Make sure that the new icon is highlighted (it will have a black square around it) then
    click Modify Selection button on the Customize dialog box.
    An interesting menu will popup.
    Under name, add an ampersand (&) to the beginning of the entry.
    So now instead of "Comment Block" it should read &Comment Block.
    Press Enter to save the change.
    Click on Modify Selection again and select Image and Text.
    Dismiss the Customize dialog box.
    Highlight any block of code and press Alt-C. Voila.
    Do the same thing for the Uncomment Block or
    any other commands that you find yourself using often.

Scott Axton
2 months ago
Smart alek  -  I swear I did a search and didn't find anything.
Thanks for that.
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VBA Command Listing Upload Images   Link 
Mark Pierce 
2 months ago
Does anyone know of a list of VBA commands that have a definition of what they do that I can use for a reference?
Alex Hedley
2 months ago
I started filling up the Glossary with functions etc from each video, there's still lots to add but it's getting there.
Mark Pierce
2 months ago
you are the best Alex!
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Possible IIf function Upload Images   Link 
John Muir 
2 months ago
In a form based on a query, i want a date field, [DocumentsDiary], to either populate if currently null or change if an existing date is in the field by + 7days, based on the selection of "POST-SETTLEMENT DOCUMENTS" from a field called [CasePhase]. Read More...
Adam Schwanz
2 months ago
Sorry I have a hard time following along what you're trying to do with all the field names that mean nothing to me.

So in general, not sure what you want to do if documentsdairy is null, so I just threw the current date in


For the second part, you just want to have an afterupdate event that sets the date.

If Date() - DocumentsDiary <= 7 Then ' something to catch so can't spam the date up if you change the combo box on accident
'do nothing
  DocumentsDiary = DocumentsDiary + 7
End if
John Muir
2 months ago
Sorry my question wasn't clear.

For the [casephase] field, I have a combo box where I can select the phase such as Case Intake. When I change that field to "Post Settlement Documents" to populate the [CasePhase] field from the Combo Box, I want the [DocumentsDiary] date field to be seven days in the future or seven days from today.

Something like if the CasePhase is currently "Case Intake" and today i change to "Post-Settlement Documents" i want the DocumentsDiary date field to show 8/23/2021.


Does my question make sense?



When the
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ListBox sets SubForm filter Upload Images   Link 
Adrian Spickler 
2 months ago
I'm putting together a basic setup for a Food Pantry.  Client_Info_Table and Event_Log_Table are much like RR's CustomerT and ContactT with the field Client_ID linking the 2 tables.  I have a Search/Listbox form for finding the client.  A subform is supposed to show the Event_Log for each client as you click on them in the listbox.  At the moment, the subform only seems to work for the first client in the list (Client_ID=1).  Clicking on any other client only shows a blank new record for Client_ID=1.  There are no errors.  I went through the troubleshooting except for reinstall Access and reinstall Windows.  The Event_Log_Query has [Forms]![Client_Search_Form]![SearchList] as the Client_ID criteria.  SearchList is the name of the listbox.  The OnClick event runs the following: Read More...
Alex Hedley
2 months ago
If you MsgBox [Forms]![Client_Search_Form]![SearchList] in your onclick event what shows?
Alex Hedley
2 months ago
Report Listbox might have some tips
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