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This is a Forum for students in my Access Developer courses. Yes, you can still post questions in the comments section of the individual courses, but I will be using this Forum to post general notifications, ideas for future lessons, etc.

I recommend you subscribe to this Forum if you're interested in getting these kinds of updates. I'm not going to send out individual emails for everything.

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Multi Fields in a Table Upload Images   Link 
David Pierce 
2 months ago
Good afternoon,
I am wondering on your oponions of a table with a multi record field? I have a db that i made a while ago and i used two fields in table to store multi values in. Is this a really bad practice or ? Asking as i am not sure what i will run into down the line. I used it for WorkAreas, which give me all the states and i can easly drop down a combo that lets me select what ever state i want and stores them. Easy to adjust, add, remove any i dont want but worried about the effects to the db as a whole.... Any suggestions? I can do it many ways but for the two i used it for it was a great tool. Will it allow me to search on that field?
Richard Rost
2 months ago
The next comment will state my opinion on whether or not you should use multi-valued fields in your tables...
Richard Rost
2 months ago

Richard Rost
2 months ago
They're horrible. Do not use them. They were added in there to give beginner users a "cheat" for storing lists to select from when in reality you should be using Relationships and Relational Combo Boxes.
Richard Rost
2 months ago
It's funny you asked this because someone else just asked me this same question a few days ago. I added it to the TechHelp list. I'm going to be putting together a PROPER video explaining why you should never use these. Stay tuned.
David Pierce
2 months ago
Thank you, i figured they were a bad option but didnt really know so again, thank you for that
Richard Rost
2 months ago
That's the problem. People don't know. They see this cool feature in Access and decide it's a good idea. It's not. I don't like that Microsoft added it. I see where they were going with that. It's a handy feature for someone who doesn't plan on being a developer and doesn't care about learning THE CORRECT WAY to build a database. You need to pick from a list of options? Sure. Use a multi-valued field. You need to store a resume in an employee's record? Sure use an attachment. Don't blame us that your ACCDB file just tripled in size! If you have any desire to be a REAL developer and learn Access the RIGHT way these are features to avoid. I didn't emphasize this enough when I recorded my Access 2013 classes and these features were still new. I've learned a lot myself over the last 8 years. Now that I'm re-recording the Beginner series again, I'm making it clear: I'll show you how to use these things, but you shouldn't use them!
David Pierce
2 months ago
Thank you
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