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This is a Forum for students in my Access Developer courses. Yes, you can still post questions in the comments section of the individual courses, but I will be using this Forum to post general notifications, ideas for future lessons, etc.

I recommend you subscribe to this Forum if you're interested in getting these kinds of updates. I'm not going to send out individual emails for everything.

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Vba Syntax Upload Images   Link 
Abraham Breuer 
22 days ago
Hi Richard

I am currently going through the developer lessons, I love them its brilliant,
I would like to ask you if you can put on your tech help list to explain everything about syntax in VBA,
for a beginner its hard to remember all these Rules to each command
when you need to put just a &
when you need to put "
when you need to put both
dlookup you explained beautifully ("""[FieldName]"""")same to # signes when it comes to dates but those above needs to me more explnation

with many appreciation
Adam Schwanz
22 days ago
Im just imagining this being far far beyond a tech help video. Maybe even beyond a seminar. There is so much to review, i don't even know if you could go over this being so broad. I would recommend continuing the classes and most of all practicing it yourself. I used to have problems remembering stuff but working with it everyday makes it a lot easier. You get used to it really quickly that it becomes muscle memory to just throw them in where they are needed.

A couple times of why doesnt this work? Maybe i need a & in front of the field? Yep that was it  Really nails it in to remember that next time.

With the & sign your usually adding a field or text to a statement. With  your usually saying this isnt a function or integer  i want to say a string. But they have sooo many other uses.
Scott Axton
21 days ago
Adam Breuer -
   I  agree 100% with Adam Schwanz reply.  There just isn't any amount of watching videos or even reading hand books that are a good substitute for actually doing the work.

Unfortunately the best teacher is often fixing your own errors.  I (we) could take a look at some code and tell you right away you are missing a quote or you need an & but you won't learn from it.

That said different people learn different ways.  I suggest getting a spiral note book an actually writing down some of the tidbits that are important to you.  Don't type it in.  Writing things down helps "insert it into the brain"

For instance - using your example above:
  & is an operator used for concatenation.  Used to bring together two pieces of text or to join the text values in two field names.

Scott Axton
21 days ago
Got cut off Sorry!
Last but not least - There is a great resource,  here that in my opinion is too hard to find, under utilized,  and often overlooked.  (Richard and Alex  Maybe this can be made more up front on the web pages)
That is the Topic Glossary:

Access Glossary
Michelle Maughan
21 days ago
Hi Scott, thanks for the Glossary Link, very informative. I thought I had seen everything on this website but can't recall ever seeing this before.
Cheers Michelle
Michelle Maughan
21 days ago
Just found the link in the footer under Info ;)
Richard Rost
15 days ago
Yeah it would be tough to put together one big SYNTAX lesson since there are a lot of different things to remember. Maybe one of those single-page laminated cheat sheet thingies would be helpful. You've seen them at the book stores. Shortcut keys and whatnot. Well, I'm not going to laminate them. I'll make the sheet and YOU guys can print them out and laminate them yourselves. LOL. I've actually had something like this on my (overly long) to-do list for a while now.
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