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Welcome to Alex's Tip Forum. Alex has been my right-hand man for over a decade now. He makes a lot of cool stuff including most of the non-Office Tips in the Tips & Tricks section, the Glossary, and he has his own YouTube channel. He's a former handbook author, and he's been invaluable to me helping out in the Forums over the past 10 years. Alex loves to put together projects that either supplement my courses or don't really fit into one of the categories that I normally teach. I put this Forum together for him as a place where he can showcase his work.

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Icons Upload Images   Link 
Alex Hedley 
42 days ago
Abraham Breuer
42 days ago
Nice icons!
I am looking for a site where to get icons for all types of richards forms,  like Customers, orders, employees, i think that it would be nice if microsoft would update there new version of access with icons just like hey have already done on word and excell... i am just wondering if they do decide so, if it would be saved as a OLE object or not, if yes rick wont appriciate it...
i realy prefere icons rather than labels it makes it visually much nicer in my opinion...
Richard Rost
42 days ago
Cool. Yeah, I've never been much of an icon guy. I prefer text on my buttons and stuff. That's why I love tooltip text. It's text to tell you what a button is that used to be text. :/
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Convert Query SQL to VBA Upload Images   Link 
Alex Hedley 
46 days ago
Rich released a TechHelp for {Convert Query SQL to VBA} that created a way to convert a Query SQL to VBA tool inside the db. Read More...
John Davy
41 days ago
Hi Alex,
I am the person who suggested this Tech Help video. However I am experiencing
a syntax error when converting my sql to vba, Can you take a look at it and
test it to see what is happening?
John Davy
Alex Hedley
40 days ago
With the website or the db?
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For Next Loops Upload Images   Link 
Alex Hedley 
46 days ago
Rich released a TechHelp for {For Next Loops} that created a Balance Braces tool inside the db.
I've ported this to Classic ASP.
- Balance Braces
Kevin Robertson
46 days ago
That looks like a pretty cool tool.
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Genealogy Seminar Website Upload Images   Link 
Alex Hedley 
4 months ago
I ported the Genealogy Template over to the web using Classic ASP.

Watch the WalkThru videos playlist to see it in action.
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Version Control System Upload Images   Link 
Alex Hedley 
4 months ago
I'm starting a mini series on keeping you MS Access databases in a version control system using an Add-In (vcs):

Releasing video soon...
Alex Hedley
4 months ago
I'm going to make a series of videos, one will be how to setup Git, create a repo on GitHub then show how when you create a new version you can see the differences, create a new Release and easily track and share your work.
Alex Hedley
4 months ago
Originally mentioned on this Thread.
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