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Backup Template

Microsoft Access Backup Database Template

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If you are concerned about making good backups of your database, then this template is for you. Most backup solutions don't properly backup Access files. They have a hard time copying files that are open or in use. This is an Access-based solution that deals with that problem. This template includes a form that you can copy into any database which will ensure that all of your database files are backed up from the source folder to a specified destination folder.

In addition to just the template, there are also several videos which give you a good background on how to perform proper backups, how to use Google's Backup and Sync cloud service, how to perform automated backups, how to kick other users out of the database at a specified time (if they leave the office and forget to close Access) and how you can run your automated backup at a specific time, like 4am. Watch the first two free videos above for more information.

Sample Database

If you'd like to download a sample copy of the database template, you can do so here. This is a NON-EDITABLE version of the backup template which will let you see it work in action.

Full Purchased Database

Once you have purchased the full database template, come back to this page and click on the Download button below. This will give you access to the ZIP file containing the Template ACCDB file. You will also have access to videos 2 and 3 above. Please watch them.



  • Does the Backup Template require me to know VBA? You'll have to know how to use a little VBA if you want to customize the Backup Template to run at a specific time of day. If you want to run the event manually then all you have to do is drop my form in your database and click RUN yourself. However, if you want to have it kick off at, say, 4am, then you need to insert just a few lines of code into an event on your main menu form. I show you how to do this in the videos, but I do recommend you at LEAST watch my Intro to VBA video.
  • How often per day does the Template back up? I show you how to kick off the event once per day, however with a little modification you could run it as many times as you want. For most businesses I think once per day is just fine.
  • Will it backup to my NAS (Network Attached Storage)? Sure. It basically performs a file copy of all of your database files. You can copy it to another hard drive, a networked hard drive, a Google Drive backup folder like I recommend, or wherever else you can copy files normally.
  • I have continuous back to the Cloud. Is this better? Continuous cloud server backups are nice. Consider this a supplement. I use Google Backup & Sync myself as I show in the videos. The problem is that Access keeps ACCDB and MDB files open and locked when they're in use. Sometimes they'll copy just fine. Sometimes they won't. I had a client who was using a Cloud-based backup and really needed to restore yesterday's file, but found out it wasn't properly backed up. This solution takes care of that problem.

Customize For Your Needs

If you would like to discuss customizing this database for your needs, and integrating it into your current setup, please see my consulting page for details on rates and other information.


Got sales or customer service questions about this template? Feel free to post them below. If you have a questions, or you discover a bug or want to suggest a new feature, then please by all means post your comments below.


Backup Manager Upload Images   Link  
Brad Weekley 
7 months ago
So the way I have to utilize the BackUp DB is to have it open on my laptop.  (Not sure of another choice)  It works great as long as I have it open and I'm on the network.  However, there are times, trips, weekends, etc. when I take my laptop with me and of course the BackUp does not run.  So this last week, the BackUp did not run for three days and then it ran on Monday.  When this happens, all my back ups were deleted except the first one (since I started this in the same month) and then a new back up was made.   Read More...
Richard Rost
7 months ago
You can't run a backup event on the server? Just keep a little "backup only" database running. If not, and the laptop is the only way to go, then I guess you could just program a loop to count how many of the previous daily backups exist and NOT delete them until that count is over 3. Sure - anything is possible. :)
Brad Weekley
7 months ago
I'll check into the backup only database running on the server.  I'll need IT's ok, but that sounds like the best way.
Thank you.
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Integrate with Updater Upload Images   Link  
Brad Weekley 
7 months ago
Hi Richard,
Will the Backup Template integrate with the AccessUpdater?  
Anything to look out for that my cause a conflict?
Brad Weekley
7 months ago
So far no issues for me.  They both work soooooo nice!
Brad Weekley
7 months ago
Question. Since I have both the Updater and Backup DBs and my database is split, and I have my FE (copy that gets updated) and BE in the same folder on another server, would it make sense to  have the BackupDatabase as a separate DB altogether, always open on my (the developers) computer?  
That way I would only have one FE to work from and not have to manage to FEs, one with the back up form and one without that would be for updates.  The FE on all DBs would close and the BackupDatabase would be able to to its work.
Does that make sense?
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Very useful and simple app Upload Images   Link  
Despina Karayanni 
8 months ago
This application has simplified my database backup procedure. Very useful. Thanks.
Richard Rost
8 months ago
Glad you like it! :)
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