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By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   11 months ago

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DOS Upload Images   Link  
Juan C Rivera 
11 months ago
Good Morning Richard
You dated yourself when you mentioned DOS... LOL

Recall the old Autoexec.bat.... OMG we are old.

Scott Axton
11 months ago
I still use Command Prompt for things.  Just easier in some ways.

And yes Juan I'm old too!
Alex Hedley
11 months ago
Have you tried the new Terminal?

MS Article: Introducing Windows Terminal
Scott Axton
11 months ago
No I haven't.  That looks pretty cool - I'll check it out.  Thanks for the link.
Richard Rost
11 months ago
Juan: I remember having to make sure MOUSE.SYS, HIMEM.SYS and EMM386.EXE loaded in CONFIG.SYS - and those damn Creative SoundBlaster CD-ROM drivers were a pain in the ass.

Scott / Alex: That looks pretty cool, but I honestly have to say I rarely use the command prompt anymore. The only thing I use it for is to mass-rename files. "ren *.csv *.txt" or something like that.
Scott Axton
11 months ago
I think I have you guys beat.  I cut my teeth on IBM punch cards.  If you messed up a line of code you started over no back space or auto correct.  God forbid you should drop the card tray and get them out of order.

In the late 80's built hard drives for DEC.  65# - 18" disks. State of the art - they held a ground breaking 480 MB!

Lotta water under the bridge since then.
Richard Rost
11 months ago
Yeah, you got me beat. The first computer I used was a Radio Shack TRS-80. They had one in my school when I was in 2nd grade and I fell in love with it. Learned how to program in BASIC when I was 8 years old. Then of course I had to have one for Xmas, so I talked my grandpa into buying me a Color Computer. It came complete with a - gasp - 5.25" floppy disk drive! That's all she wrote. I was hooked. I saved up all next summer to buy a 300 baud modem, a printer, the ROM extension pack, and some joysticks. LOL
Scott Axton
11 months ago
Tandy!  TRS-80 was a great machine.
Did the modem have the rubber cups you put the handset in while using it?

You know  when you think about the advances that have been made it's pretty amazing.
For instance did you know the average phone these days has more computing power and storage than the computer in the space ship that landed on the moon?
Juan C Rivera
11 months ago
TSR-80 ... I cut my teeth on Commodore with 5.25 floppy..  Did anyone else punch holes on the floppy to use both sides?  D-base was my 1st, along with Wordstar and Enable the big 3 in the AF back then.  True we have it so much better now.  But the skill of how it works is missing in todays youth.  Kind of like new math recall multiplication tables?  
Richard Rost
11 months ago
Scott: No, I didn't have the acoustic coupler modem. Mine was actually the one that had little RJ-11 in and out ports for your phone lines. I missed the old War Games style modem by a few years. LOL. And yes, my Samsung Galaxy Watch has 1000 times more computing power than Armstrong had available. Crazy, huh? Most of the first lunar trajectory calculations were done BY HAND.
Richard Rost
11 months ago

Richard Rost
11 months ago
Juan: Yaaas! I remember buying the little punch tool to make my SS DD floppies into DS DD ones. (Single Sided, Double Density). As far as programming goes, I started with BASIC on my CoCo and then got into C programming when I got my first PC (Amstrad) around 1989. The whole reason I learned C was because I was running a BBS at the time (Bulletin Board System - precursor to the Internet). It was called "The Dungeon" and had a D&D Role Playing theme (I was 18 at the time). Anyways, the BBS software was called WWIV and it was written in C. For a small price you could buy the source code and modify the BBS any way you like. That got me hooked on C. It really is a great language, but it's harder to learn than BASIC or VB.
Richard Rost
11 months ago
I didn't get into Access until 1994 when version 2 came out and I was working for a PC sales/service company. We had clients want customized databases for their business. I knew NOTHING about databases at the time, and actually tried writing a few custom DBs directly in C. Ha ha. That took forever and had little functionality. So I decided to learn Access. I was already pretty familiar with Excel. Bought a book (if memory serves it was the Access 2 Bible), tore apart the Northwind database, and taught myself Access. Who would have known it would end up being a career...
Juan C Rivera
11 months ago
WOW- I had a BBS (Wild Cat) and Modem (US Robotics) love the doors games I also had D-n-D.  Them were the days.
Richard Rost
11 months ago
Yeah... I was one of the first BBSes in the Buffalo NY area to upgrade to 56k on 3 lines! I was super kewl. Plus we were part of WWIVnet which was a network of interconnected BBSes that would share message boards and email. Before the days when people were just automatically connected to the Internet, a BBS would queue up new message posts, emails, and even some game data from the awesome multiplayer games like TradeWars. Then at night (to keep long distance charges to a minimum) you would call the next "node" in the network and transfer your packets. This way your messages would show up nationally, and your email would get to its destination USUALLY in a couple of days. :)
Juan C Rivera
11 months ago
OMG Trade wars... Spent many hours playing

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