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Access Survey Seminar

Surveys in Google Forms. Collect, Analyze in Access.

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Welcome to the Microsoft Access Survey Seminar. This seminar is 4 hours, 6 minutes long.

You will learn how to build surveys & questionnaires in Google Forms for anyone to fill out. You will then see how to collect the responses using Microsoft Excel and directly into Microsoft Access. We will then build lots of queries, forms, and reports to analyze and summarize that data. 


Seminar Goals

  • Create Surveys in Google Forms
  • Connect w Excel
  • Direct Download CSV to Access
  • Import to Access
  • Parse Multiple Responses
  • Tons of Queries
  • Respondent Form
  • Response Form
  • Grouping Report
  • More!!!

Topics Covered

In Lesson 1 we will learn how to create surveys and questionnaires in Google Forms. We will learn how to import the response data into Access.

In Lesson 2 we will learn how to connect to Google Sheets from Excel. Then we will use a little VBA Automation to make Access tell Excel to update the data in the background, which we can then get into Access via a linked table.

In Lesson 3 we will skip Excel entirely and learn how to download a CSV text file from the web automatically with Access and a single click. Goodies from the Code Vault

In Lesson 4 we will create tables to import the data from the CSV file directly into Access instead of using a linked table. We'll create helper data tables to store all of the different types of survey responses. 

In Lesson 5 we will learn how to import the multiple-item responses into a related helper data table. This way a response such as "queries, forms, reports" will be split up into 3 properly relational records. 

In Lesson 6 we will make a whole bunch of different queries to analyze the response data: are there any duplicate respondents, are there non-customer responses, show the surveys with all the helper data, what are the popular responses, and lots more.

In Lesson 7 we will build a survey form to show all of the results along with the helper data info, and a subform to show the multiple response answers. We will be able to link the surveys to existing customers. On the survey list form we can open the survey response form or the customer form. We can open the survey data directly from the customer form. 

In Lesson 8 we will go in the opposite direction. Whereas in Lesson 7 we wanted to see the response data from a specific customer, in Lesson 8 we want to pick a specific survey response and then see all of the customers who responded with that answer. This would be handy to show, for example, "which customers said they wanted to refinance their mortgage within the next 5 years."

Finally, in Lesson 9 we will do some reporting. We'll see how to create a report with sorting and grouping levels to display each survey response with the multiple-answer questions and their responses grouped.


This is a Developer-Level Seminar. There will be a lot of VBA and SQL. It is strongly recommended that you have completed my entire Access Beginner and Expert series. My Developer 1 class is highly recommended so you understand the basics of programming in VBA. If not, at least watch my free Intro to VBA video. Developer 16 is recommended if you want to learn about Recordsets. I strongly recommend these lessons before you watch this Seminar. I also recommend my Access SQL Seminars which will teach you how to work with the SQL language. 


I am using Microsoft 365, roughly the equivalent of Access 2016 or 2019. Everything in this seminar should work with every version of Access back to 2007.


Please note that this seminar is NOT downloadable. You must watch it online.

Enroll Today

Enroll now so that you can watch these lessons, learn with us, post questions, and more.


Please feel free to post your questions or comments below. Thanks.


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Company Checklist Upload Images   Link  
Lhora Talon 
12 days ago
Hello Richard,
Trying to create internal checklist where you have different owner (drop down), locations and listed all questions (like 10 questionnaires) that needs to respond with Yes or No, responsible team (each questionnaire), notes and date conducted. Is this gonna be the right seminar to attend? I'm just lost and overwhelmed with all the trainings. Appreciate your quick response as my boss wants to get this done asap for me start the seminar as well. Thank you very much. Read More...
Richard Rost
9 days ago
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I was out of the office all week. Can you show me an example of what you're trying to do? Upload a screen shot.
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