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Active Server Pages

Start here: watch my introductory course: ASP 101 - FREE!

 Standard ASP Lesson Series
  ASP 101 
If you are new to ASP, start with my free beginner lesson that teaches you all the basics of how to program in ASP. 96 minutes. FREE!
  ASP Lessons
The rest of my series of ASP lessons will teach you the details of programming in this powerful web design language. They are a little older (from 2004-06) but the fundamentals of ASP haven't changed much.

  • ASP 101 - Intro to ASP, Tags, Loops, Variables
  • ASP 102 - Arrays, Select Case, Functions, Subs
  • ASP 103 - Math, String Functions, Response Obj
  • ASP 104 - Request, Session, App Variables
  • ASP 201 - Server-Side Includes, Files & Folders
  • ASP 202 - Permissions, Error Handling, Emailing
  • ASP 301 - Setting up Database, ODBC, Records
  • ASP 302 - SQL Statements, Edit, Delete Records
  • ASP 303 - Securing Web, Search Form, Header
  • ASP 304 - Contact Mgr, Relational Tables
  • Web Database Seminar - Build Web DB
  • ASP Upload - Add File Uploads to Your ASP Website

Old ASP Course List


 Seminars, Templates, and More
  ASP Upload Template This is a followup template for the Access SQL Server Seminar. This will allow you to add file and image uploads to your ASP website.
  Access SQL Server Seminar This seminar is to teach Microsoft Access users how to get their data moved up to SQL Server online and view it in an ASP website.
  ASP Web DB Seminar This is an older seminar from 2006 that was designed to teach you how to move an Access database online and view/edit the data with ASP. Getting updated soon. While it's still valid, I prefer using SQL Server now.
  ASP Forum Got questions? Our knowledgeable admins, moderators, Developer students, and even Richard himself will do their best to help you.


 Learn how to build ASP websites the way they should be built.

Hello. My name is Richard Rost. I have been teaching computers and programming in the classroom since 1994. I was contract Access database developer for nearly 20 years.

In 2014, and again in 2015, I was awarded the honor of becoming a Microsoft MVP for Access.

You will learn practical, real-life examples taught by a professional software developer, and published author.

These are real website examples for real projects. You will build functional sites for real-world scenarios from the ground up.



 More than just a tutorial, additional resources help you while you learn.

In addition to my video tutorials, I have many additional resources available to assist you if you're having trouble with Access.

I have a series of Forums where students, such as yourself, can post questions and comments and receive help from me directly, as well as my Forum Admins and other students as well. While support isn't guaranteed, we do our best!

Each lesson has an interactive student message board attached to it - so you can ask questions about specific lessons, and read comments from other students.

I also publish an "almost" daily video series called TechHelp where I answer questions sent in by students like you. ASP Learning Zone is here to provide you with a complete learning solution.


 Got questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me directly or post in the Forums, or even feel free to post a comment below at the bottom of the page.

Ready to begin your first lesson? Click here to get started.


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